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Issue #66
Jim Willie CB, 
“the Golden Jackass”
16 September 2009

"Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant" -- James Madison

"When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed." -- Ayn Rand

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." -- Margaret Thatcher


$$$ AN UNEXPECTED DISCUSSION TOOK PLACE WITH A CONNECTED MAN WITH TIES TO THREE IMPORTANT ARENAS. BIG EVENTS ARE COMING TO MAJOR U.S. BANKS. THE EVENTS WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF AMERICA. $$$ This is powerful news on a few extremely important fronts, toward climax. My source is a very reliable fellow with much experience and key relationships. He has 12 years of direct elite experience with the USMilitary, knows several midranked people in the CIA, and has a lifelong family friend who is an executive banker at Wells Fargo. Here is a summary of his main points:

  1. Wells Fargo is bankrupt but will shed a raft of bad assets to the USFederal Reserve. Citigroup will soon announce a major split of its subsidiaries, but the Citi name might remain with some core unit. Wells Fargo will be revived, after it picks up the choicest pieces of Citi business segments, with Bank of America grabbing the rest.

  2. Both Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan will undergo a death experience before end of 1Q2010. Bankers generally are preparing for the event. Their credit assets and derivative games will erupt in a series of explosions, made worse by the next round of credit losses. The leverage they abuse will backfire finally. Their entire assets will be carved up at the morgue.

  3. The USFed will serve as the 'Bad Bank' since no official USGovt sponsorship will be approved. It will accept another full bounty of toxic assets in order to avert a collapse of the US banking system. They feel badly exposed already by their balooned balance sheet. The USFed balance sheet will zoom past $3 trillion fast.

  4. The USDollar will vanish sometime next year 2010, but will NOT be replaced by the Amero. The Amero was described as 'nothing but smoke & mirrors' in clear terms. It is unclear what the US$ will be replaced by, since paper currency cannot replace paper currency. The US$ is set to undergo a massive devaluation with a new name to disguise that devaluation.

  5. The CIA fellow claims before end of 1Q2010, everything tied to the US will break, in a general expectation. He did refer specifically to the overseas military adventures and US financial structures for ruin. That should mean the USTreasury Bond, the USDollar, and the bank system. He called it all unsustainable and in the process of breaking now, saying "It will all blow up early next year, and the key players are all preparing."

  6. The Wells Fargo executive banker bought 250k oz silver bullion a few years ago in a personal account. He admitted that he has vastly increased his silver holdings since the original purchase. When asked of the future silver price prospects, he said "it will rise beyond your imagination."

The part that sounds inconsistent is that JPMorgan will suffer a death, but the USFed will continue to accept toxic assets from major US banks. In many respects JPMorgan is the US Federal Reserve, at least JPM covers the USFed managing arm for monetary policy and market intervention controls. One possible explanation is that could mean JPM will morph into the Bad Bank that the USGovt cannot find the fortitude to create (or political license), after its solvent business is consumed by its impaired insolvent growing portions. The other part that is inconsistent is that the USFed itself seems destined to sink into oblivion. Its insolvency will become apparent soon, not at risk of bankruptcy, since it has monopolized assured cash flow. Its runs a balance sheet with truly toxic garbage in ever increasing quantities. The commercial mortgage wave and prime Option ARMortgage wave will deliver likely death blows. An end to the road might actually be a resignation of the US Federal Reserve from its contract with the USCongress, after recognition of its ruined condition. People who believe the USFed can construct a toxic tree to the heavens are in serious error. Rumblings abound that Bank of America is teetering toward failure as a bank, even under seige politically. Their rescue would cost the USFed dearly, and their death would cost the FDIC dearly. My opinion is that a USDollar devaluation will NOT revive the USEconomy, which has far too small an industrial base. The higher resulting cost structure would further depress the USEconomy without much benefit from expanded exports.

Some commentary as corrollary. The US-UK Sphere is collapsing, shattering, and crumbling. Use the dam imagery, which has visible cracks. The stresses grow each month from home foreclosures, job losses, falling property prices, and recognition of fatally impaired assets. Leaks and weak structural underpinning come in the form of insolvent banks, as their condition worsen. Foreign isolation has forced the river pressures to grow to insurmountable levels from the USGovt debt monetization dependence. The great dam cannot bear the stresses, as forces are gaining strength. In probability, a certain model commonly was excellent to explain, track, and forecast the growth of cracks. It is called the lognormal model (the logarithm of the path was bell-shape distributed, i.e. Normal). Its main feature was that the crack grew with a speed proportional to its current progress to that point. So if a crack had grown twice as big versus several months ago, its speed in furthering the big crack would be twice as fast now. This leads to an acceleration toward a climax event, and such clearly is the case now. The deep damage to US financial structures assures that the pace of continued further destruction has grown over time, not lessened. The talk of Green Shoots, Nascent Recovery, Return to Stability, and Exit Strategy obstruct the view of the heightened risks from accumulative damage. The more banter heard about such deceptive distractions, the more assured and powerfullly damaging disruptive events are to come. Anticipate great nonlinear events, big discontinuity developments, and bonafide structural disintegration.

On this anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse, the Fannie Mae and AIG takeover, and the major slush fund payment to JPMorgan on a market intervention reload, some thinking aloud. One must wonder if Bank of America will go bust, or killed off with motive. A very well connected friend here in Costa Rica tells me that he is hearing BOA will go bust very soon, from persistent reports. An engineered bust could come to cause desired confusion to counter legal charges from civil lawsuits. In the confusion, documents and entire computer storage devices seized but later go missing. For months a suspicion has stuck in my head that another Wall Street bank must die in order to keep the deeply corrupt game going. The event would enable tremendous flow of funds under the table to resupply JPMorgan again. Like with Lehman, they could receive another $138 billion to handle BOA private accounts, maybe from a different bankruptcy judge but also predawn on a Saturday morning. That handout fraud event still escapes the sleepy press, eager prosecutors, and the majority of crack analysts. The CDSwap default payouts for BOA corporate bonds would produce a perverse US$ demand again. Another encore could be played for a Dollar Death Dance, just like last autumn. When asked about a BOA motivated engineered kill, a banker contact with deep connections and decades of experience said simply 'Spot On' in reply.

On this anniversary, the Powerz might believe they could control the destruction. Frankly, my firm belief is that a repeat episode would be 100x more uncontrollable since critical systems have been rendered extremely vulnerable, and the holes are being plugged at the Eleventh Hour routinely behind the curtains. Nahhh!! Such a repeat episode might not be possible, as the world has shut down all backdoor exits, dismantled many US$ support levers, and forced a more desperate juggling exercise for the US Financial Syndicate. They might be far too busy with more balls to juggle, bigger balls to juggle, and heavier balls to juggle. Actually, a better analogy might be holding inflating balls underwater. More balls, more powerful buoyant forces, are soon to hit the surface. The result will be gigantic ripples that cause deadly tsunami waves with global destruction, blamed rightly on the Americans once again. Blame is due since liquidation is not considered an option, but rather bigger and uglier corruption and costly patches. A grand initiative toward an American Politburo formation has begun, staffed by czars who answer to nobody. The US political and economic landscape has taken on traits of both Fascist Business and Communist Boards. Does anyone know that the world 'Soviet' means 'Council' in Russian? In the next couple months, my expectation is for exactly such tsunamis to occur. Just some scattered thoughts.


On a more sinister yet somber note, banker suicides will be ramping up. Some deaths are murders, well covered up by the police and political authorities. Shed no tears, except for murder victims. The public might not ever be aware of the difference. Rockefeller & Co has $25 billion of assets under administration. Its CEO James McDonald died of an apparent suicide in Massachusetts this week from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Let it be known the elite bankers have lost control. This is just the beginning. Many take the exit stage left in lieu of shameful prosecutions and bankruptcy. A few months ago the head of Bank Julius Baer in Zurich committed suicide. Others will be killed for knowing too much about fraudulent money trails, made to look like suicides. The Freddie Mac Chief Financial Officer death this summer was a clear syndicate murder in my view. We the people might never know which people are victims and which are scummy figures who take their own lives after seeing their power and prestige vanish. See the Bloomberg article (CLICK HERE). See a flow chart on McDonald's tentacled relationship with the financial world (CLICK HERE).

The list goes on. A Newport Beach financier Danny Pang died at a young age of 42 years after being rushed to a local hospital. The Orange County California coroner's office will determine the cause of death. Pang has been accused by the government of operating a Ponzi scheme and of taking at least $83 million in inflated fees, salary and loans from his investment firm before it was seized by federal regulators in April. He had denied wrongdoing. See the LATimes article (CLICK HERE). Financier Finn Casperson was found dead in apparent suicide. The ex-CEO of Beneficial Corp, Casperson was found behind an office building in Westerly Rhode Island, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In addition to philanthropic ventures, Casperson was an accomplished equestrian (he rode horses while wearing funny suits). See the Inquisitr article (CLICK HERE). The last story is mixed with politics. Police are investigating the death of the former chief fundraiser for ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Financier Christopher Kelly told police shortly before he died Saturday that he took an 'overdose of drugs' after a recent surgery. Toxicology results will not be available for some time. Blagojevich blamed the government for Kelly's death. He said to CNN, "I do not know any more than you know, except that a friend of mine took his life because he refused to submit to the pressure by the government to lie about me." Blago knew far too much about Obama's shady past in Chicago, related to Clinton, Arkansas banks, and Fannie Mae frauds, and had to be taken down. See the CNN article (CLICK HERE). The photos are in order of the men being mentioned.

$$$ INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION COMETH $$$ The path has been laid for an Inflationary Depression. The pathogenesis remains confusing to many analysts, pundits, and economists, who operate inside the protected US Dome of perceptions. They observe many important elements within the system breakdown, and conclude like in knee-jerk fashion that product demand will slide, asset values will decline, and the ever-popular DEFLATION will take firm control toward ruin. They belong to the Deflation Knucklehead clan, and they have it backwards still. Two very powerful forces are taking control instead, the ruin of suppliers and the fall of the USDollar. The supply chain is gradually being disrupted in central ways. Intermediate funds for the supply chain are severely hindered. Profit margins for suppliers are falling faster than certain prices. Thus, the quantity of supply is falling to the point that even with falling demand, prices will rise. Strains on the supply chain support prices. People just do not comprehend that price is not determined solely by demand. Supply is NOT constant. If supply does not meet demand, price rises to enable a better shot for supply to catch up.

The second important factor is the falling USDollar, which puts a solid floor on price structures within the USEconomy. The 'Dollar Put' supports commodity prices. It is best seen in the crude oil price. The USDollar is breaking down here and now, and while it IS observed, its consequence in price support is OVERLOOKED. The breakdown of the monetary structures is underway, entering a second phase. The first phase took place from September 2008 until August 2009. The second phase began with the USDollar fall below 78 on the DX index with gusto. Many analysts continue to miss the lifting effects of the US$, while almost all miss the effect of the Supply Chain disruption. The USEconomy will always be unique, as it suffers rising prices during the USDollar declines. Lastly, the spillover effect has begun from the vast vat of funds held by the USFed and the many large US banks holding money in USFed accounts. Treasury Secy Geithner is conducting experiments to discontinue liquidity facilities. He will become frustrated, since the USEconomy is not ready yet to stand without training wheels on its bicycles, a patient not ready to remove the intravenous lines. The money will find assets (like stocks and gold) but will not find business investment and job creation. Expect more economic deterioration, from job losses, from home foreclosures, from lack of credit supply, from absence of collateral from which to draw credit, and from bank insolvency (never went away). The spillover of USFed money during this absurd orchestrated sequence of an Exit Strategy will toss more strange wrenches into the works. China is pressuring the USGovt and USFed, whose effects will be more US$ decline, more credit restrictions, and more pressures toward the Inflationary Depression. The dependence upon the printing press to manage USGovt debt issuance is officially acute, but not recognized. Lack of recognition does not preclude effects ravaging the nation, in particular the vulnerable USDollar. Ironically, Chinese pressures will render great harm to China. They must endure almost identical pressures as the USEconomy, since they pegged their Yuan currency for so long to the USDollar, and manage its linkage still. They might soon rely upon new debt, if their trade surplus vanishes much more.

$$$ TRADE WAR WITH CHINA ESCALATES OVER CAR TIRES. THE USGOVT IS PLAYING A GAME OF DEADLY ROULETTE, IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN. $$$ An Obama Admin decision to impose tariffs on car tire imports from China was met by Chinese officials with accusations the US is in violation of international trade laws, with the Chinese ministry of commerce citing protectionism practices. The White House officials said they were merely invoking tools that the US negotiated with China as part of its acceptance into the WTO. The US parties call their actions enforcement of trade laws, not protectionism. China promised responsive action to firmly protect the interests of Chinese companies, See the New York Times article (CLICK HERE).

By imposing penalties, Obama is in conflict with its own public statements on refraining from increasing tariffs. Vic DeIorio, executive vice president of US-baesd GITI Tire said, "This decision will cost many more American jobs than it will create." Investigations on the Chinese side have focused upon dumping and subsidy probes that involve some car and chicken imports from the US, without specifying which ones. In June, China formally asked the World Trade Organization to set up an experts panel to investigate US restrictions on imports of Chinese poultry products. In the United States, pork, soybean, and other agricultural exporters urged Obama on September 3rd to refrain from imposing tariffs or quotas on tires from China, due to fear of retaliation against US food and agriculture products. The US consulted with Chinese officials before imposing tariffs to try to work out a solution, according to an anonymous US trade official. If China is considering the cases in retaliation for the US tires decision, the US might challenge that action at the WTO. The US officials claim to prefer holding talks to address the underlying causes of the problem in China, such as subsidies. See the Bloomberg article (CLICK HERE).

Colleague Craig McC summarized, saying "Besides being captive to Wall Street, Obama is also captive to the unions. It looks like the United States is stumbling into a trade war with China, America's largest creditor." A global banker contact added, "This is a mega setup to make the US fall onto its own sword. This was all brilliantly planned, implemented and now executed by China." My position is to be unimpressed by US leadership, as it continues to aggravate its most important creditor, rely upon debt monetization, and thumb its nose to the world. The distance to the Third World is not very far from here.


Wall Street eventually will find itself on the hook for tens of billion$ in lawsuits, in my estimation. The legal screws are tightening fast and hard. A lawsuit began a year ago in Connecticut, where a hedge fund was located. The firm lost heavily in toxic mortgage backed securities. Union Bank of Switzerland sold the bonds, but did not disclose certain details as they misrepresented their toxic nature. Pursuit Partners is pursuing the lawsuit doggedly, after the initial confrontation fizzled from lack of evidence. The hedge fund recently won a state court decision that allows Pursuit's lawyers limited access to some of UBS internal emails. The first round of the successful fishing expedition into emails has revealed some stench-filled smoking guns. UBS employees described the $35 million in Collateralized Debt Obligations sold to Pursuit in summer 2007 as 'crap' and 'vomit' that seems clear to reflect null perceived value. This alone is a prima facie (first face to win indictment from grand jury) in a securities fraud case, as in selling garbage knowingly that was certain to result in significant if not total loss.

The bigger revelation dug up by the Pursuit lawyer team is the extent to which credit rating agency Moodys Investors Service shared information with UBS about its impending decision to lower its ratings on some of the CDOs the firm was selling. The Connecticut Superior Court Judge John Blawie took great notice of evidence that Moodys gave UBS a preliminary peak into its decision process, and UBS exploited the information to its advantage in a rush to sell toxic bonds. That exploit enabled a massive investor loss, with prior knowledge by UBS, thus the tort for damages. In ordering UBS to post a $35 million bond in advance of a trial, the judge concluded the firm executives "were in possession of material non-public information regarding imminent ratings downgrades." A smoking gun quote from an email went as follows. A UBS bank official wrote, "It sounds like Moodys is trying to figure out when to start downgrading, and how much damage they are going to cause. They are meeting with various investment banks." Rather than being called insider trading, the door is open to prove fraud through misrepresentation. Other investment banks should take extreme notice, since they also packaged and sold complex but toxic securities whose sale depended upon a stamp of approval by a major credit rating agency. These agencies probably passed on significant information to Wall Street firms as a general practice. What is proved here is collusion, a major charge made by the Hat Trick Letter for the past two years.

At issue is both mortgage bonds and their leveraged derivative toxic CDO bonds. Typically a 15% to 20% loss in underlying mortgage bonds results in a total CDO bond loss. So foreknowledge of imminent loss has a leveraged culpable value. If the Pursuit hedge fund can prove that Moodys had actual knowledge of plans to sell the CDO bonds in question, then Moodys could be held liable for losses in a collusion case involving conspiracy. This case has tremendous implications for a wave of lawsuits against Wall Street firms and the debt rating agencies. Moodys is joined by Fitch and Standard & Poor with great risk. The heat is going to grow white hot on Wall Street soon. Foreigners have yet to enter the litigation, foreigners who also lost billion$ in similar toxic bonds. We are witnessing the denouement of the multi-trillion$ bond fraud perpetrated by Wall Street. American wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do work most of the time, unless the USGovt agencies within the syndicate lie at the center. See the Reuters article (CLICK HERE).

$$$ ADDITIONAL (OR MAYBE THE MAIN) MOTIVE TO TAKE ARMED MILITARY ACTION AGAINST IRAN MIGHT BE TO END ITS ENORMOUS AND SOPHISTICATED USDOLLAR COUNTERFEIT OPERATIONS. $$$ The official talk centers on nuclear threats. However, Iran has neither plutonium refinement capability nor missile delivery systems. The internet waves mention more often lately the role by Iran as expert hyper-counterfeiter of USDollars. This could be the most important hidden motive to take action against Iran. Doing so would openly put forth a motive that would raise big red flags about USDollar risks. By the way, the other major US$ counterfeiters are North Korea and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). All three organizations pose a dire threat to the financial security of the United States. Those who believe the CIA has served the United States well need to examine the profound consequences of what analysts call 'Blowback' from their activities. A case in point was the installation of the Shah of Iran to replace a nasty tyrant named Mussedec, resulting eventually in entrenched Shiite mullahs led by lunatic fanatic draconian figures like the Ayatollah. For over 30 years now, the CIA has had a higher priority in managing its near global monopoly in narcotics production and trafficking, in addition to running the world's best US$100 counterfeiting. Their security function seems to have been lost along the way to the banks.

$$$ GERALD CELENTE IS AT IT AGAIN, DELIVERING A MAJOR WARNING OF A DIFFERENT TYPE. LET HIM TAKE THE RISK, NOT ME. $$$ Check out the incredible interviews of a very angry Gerald Celente by Eric King of King World News. It is somewhat explosive! Celente discusses bank bailouts, the USFed, Paulson, Geithner, civil unrest, increases in crime, and the future of the United States from his perspective. He makes reference with description to a certain syndicate that has taken full control, with their 'White Shoe' descriptions, their sanitized product names, and powerful grip. Being Italian, he decries that if this syndicate were Italian, they would attract a great deal of attention and public outrage, with demands for Congressional investigation. Yet they are untouched. See the 4-part video clips (CLICK HERE1, HERE2, HERE3, HERE4).



Without hesitation, let me state my belief based upon years of examined reports, numerous personal accounts related to me, and connection of numerous motives, the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks were perpetrated by groups inside the USGovt, the USMilitary, the US Intelligence agencies, with key participation by an allied nation with a vested interest to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. The two attacks were planned mass murder with many purposes. Motives included taking control of Iraqi oil, enabling military service contract funds, capture of the Afghan heroine trade, plus more. The lack of closure on these events has distracted the nation. The direction away from a Republic and toward a Police State was enabled by the events. The US Constitution was essentially torn to shreds. A path reversal is possible, but the economic and banking ruin have crippled the nation. Enough!

The lawyers for New York City conceded that the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN), a group made from 911 family members, first responders, and survivors, indeed did submit over 30 thousand valid signatures to put the referendum for a new 911 investigation before the voters of New York City in November. Tremendous footdragging and near criminal obstruction has been the norm so far. Family members have been stonewalled by the television networks, who are under security agency orders to halt exposure. Families have faced the greatest unspeakable suffering, from the loss and absence of justice. They were uncertain for day after day, searching for a loved one, maybe a survivor clinging to life under some rubble. First responders include a few hundred individuals (police, firemen, emergency medical, and others) who were witness to bombs in the WTC basement areas, some of whom were actually injured by them. If the referendum passes in November, it would lead to the creation of a local, independent commission with subpoena power that would be tasked with comprehensive reinvestigation of the attacks. See the Snardfarker article (CLICK HERE) and the NYC CAN website (CLICK HERE).

Personally, I hope and pray for success on this initiative, but I expect they will find a lot of silent people and missing documents, with or without supoena power. National security obstacles will surely be invoked, a favorite tactic to conceal crimes in high office. Threats behind the scenes will be powerful and numerous. Nonetheless, basic scientific evidence is overwhelming to prove demolition, if not perpetrators. Mass murder makes extortion, further obstruction, and perjury an easy decision. The coverup happened seven to eight years ago, which went to such lengths as to have then-Mayor Guiliani personally transport a large collection of boxes to Japan to avoid investigation. My best information indicates this mass murder event coincided with magnificent bank heists totally roughly $100 billion in gold bullion, $100 billion in bearer bonds, and $100 billion in diamonds. The 911 attacks in my view constituted the primary events that enabled a hidden military and government coup, actually set up by the Clinton Admin and carried out by the latest Bush Admin, whose common link across presidencies is a vast narcotics organization. The syndicate that seized power covers military, defense contractors, bankers, government officials (both federal and city), border patrol, airline security, and press networks.

The syndicate used the 911 False Flag as a cause for war, installed a new Gestapo known as the Homeland Security Agency, abolished the US Constitution by means of the Patriot Act, and established broad military service contracts for Halliburton and its newly created subsidiaries. Wall Street firms used to complain for years that the Twin Towers of the WTCenter blocked the sunlight on their own buildings, since over 70 stories high, in contentious exchanges. The new planned towers in replacement will be 70 stories, a remarkable coincidence! The identity of the coup architects will not be mentioned here, since they murder people freely, on security agency orders, with impunity. On a more galactic note, if the 911 crime news blanket begins to unravel, people should regard it as clear evidence that the syndicate in charge of the United States, that seized media control in recent years, is losing control. Their three major fields of tight control are military, banks, and news network. The news is the most visible part. It has not yet cracked, but if it does, the steady stream of blockbuster news items about major criminal activity could rock the entire world and shatter the image of the nation forever. Defense against such revelations, even investigations, would center upon phony national security claims, as well as the desire to avoid another deeply damaging scandal like Watergate.

The 911 event commemoration makes me want to puke out the window!!! I feel for the families, and feel great sadness for their personal loss and life ruin in a way. I knew three people who were killed, each within three degrees of separation (e.g. friend of friend). The visceral emotions come from the heartless lying by people in Wall Street, New York City politics, and the USGovt who are clearly part of the coverup, and who now continue the coverup, which includes the press networks. The War on Terrorism is a sham. The 'System' is involved in a massive coverup. Feigning sadness after a mass murder incident that will forever marr the integrity of the United States, launching a phony war to pursue a global narcotics monopoly, this is too much to take. The families of victims remain, without much of any meaningful remedy or satisfactory treatment. Stop insulting my intellect with phony sympathy!!!

A brief aside story. Last week I met a man in San Jose Costa Rica who left the United States two years ago. He served as a security contractor in Iraq for two years. He filled my ears with stories of corruption for several minutes, which was enough. He claimed Weapons of Mass Destruction were strewn and hidden all over Iraq, which were found, seized, and neutralized by the USMilitary. However, since all of their markings were 'Made in USA' on the weapons, the story never was released to the press, too embarrassing. The USMilitary supplied Saddam Hussein with the weapons that he used against Iran during the Ten-Year War in the 1980 decade and against the independent minded Kurds in his own nation. Also, the man told stories of Halliburton ripping to shreds the electrical workings of a water dam inside Iraq in order to win a contract to repair it. When Halliburton, or its Kellogg Brown & Root handy subsidiary, engaged in repairs and other construction work, they billed the USGovt for high quality parts, supplies, and major components, but installed low quality substandard elements routinely. They billed high hourly contractor fees but paid out moderate fees. When the systems failed later, they repeated the process. He railed against the Halliburton managers and called them crooks, claiming they hired very low skilled workers. When I asked about the missing $50 billion from the Iraq Reconstruction Fund, he just shook his head and said "Unbelievable" as the topic ended. My reply was simple: Mission Accomplished. The pilferage continues to this day!


The Firefighters in New York City are still angry. They have to this date been denied a forum to state their account. They died in the largest numbers, ahead of police. They heard bombs and explosions in the WTC Towers. Fire Fighter Louie Cacchioli was called to testify privately before the 911 Commission, but he walked out on several members of the committee before they finished. He felt like he was being interrogated and cross-examined, rather than simply allowed to tell what he personally witnessed in the North Tower on 11 September 2001. He said, "My story was never mentioned in the final report, and I felt like I was being put on trial in a court room. I finally walked out. They were trying to twist my words and make the story fit only what they wanted to hear. All I wanted to do was tell the truth, and when they would not let me do that. I walked out… It was a disgrace to everyone, the victims and the family members who lost loved ones. I do not agree with the 911 Commission. The whole experience was terrible." Thanks to the Arctic Beacon for the report. See the What Really Happened article (CLICK HERE).

$$$ CHARLIE SHEEN AS POINT MAN ON THE 911 COMMISSION WHITEWASH COVER-UP. $$$ Actor Charlie Sheen has publicly requested a meeting with President Barack Obama to urge the reopen of the official 911 investigation of events at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, in light of the fact that the majority of the 911 Commission members have now publicly gone on record to express their conviction that the USGovt official report is a lie. Reuters is mainstream. They wrote, "The issues highlighted by Sheen do not represent idle speculation or conspiracy fodder. They are documented facts that have been deliberately ignored by other 911 programming that is now airing as the anniversary approaches, particularly last months '911: Science and Conspiracy' which was aired by the National Geographic Channel and wasted little time in portraying people who have doubts about the official 911 story as extremist cranks, while failing to acknowledge that the majority of the members of the 911 Commission have publicly expressed similar concerns. Charlie Sheen is once again using his prominent public platform in an attempt to expand a national debate about the disturbing unanswered questions behind 911." Sheen was one of the brave souls who just months after the attack claimed on a talk show that it looked like a clear example of demolition to him. See the Reuters article (CLICK HERE). The intriguing mock interview of Sheen with Obama (which never happened) raises serious argument points cited as 20 referenced specific contradictions. It will be a cold day in hell before such an interview is granted, or follows along the lines laid out by Sheen. See the InfoWars article (CLICK HERE).

Some of the many inconsistencies, downright contradictions, and highly suspicious events make the official 911 Commission Report a whitewash, a very amateur one at that, and a nearly comical episode in national history if not for the tragedy. Here is a list of basic giant gross egregious red herrings: flight black box discovery and seizure by the FBI, the NORAD stand-down on USMilitary air defense, rehearsal of almost the exact attack event one week earlier, advanced warning of WTC Bldg #7 demolition (reported then denied by BBC), inconsistent cellphone call account from Olson's wife (despite technology unavailable until 2004), 16-foot hole in Pentagon without impact marks from aircraft engines, dignitaries canceling flights the day before, executive branch officials (like VP Cheney) providing information to the Commission but only on condition not under oath, eyewitnesses to multiple explosions in both towers before their collapse, special presidential escape plane over the White House in restricted airspace early morning on 911, Osama Ben Laden and others on USGovt payroll up to 911 and beyond, and passports & visas found intact at crash sites where metal was supposedly vaporized, gag orders for silence defied by key people (who have made public statements), and over 400 days to release the carefully prepared and fully managed 911 Commission Report. In summer 2007, I received a phone call from a Florida friend. He said a lifelong friend of his received an anonymous text message on his cellphone on September 10th, warning him not to show up at work the next day since a big deadly event was planned. He is still alive, after calling in sick on 911. The men who are friends share a religious faith that is not Moslem.

Public statements have been made in objection to the 911 Commission findings and methods, from commission co-chairmen Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, commissioners Bob Kerrey, Timothy Roemer, and John Lehman, as well as the statements of commissioner Max Cleland, an ex-Senator from Georgia. When Cleland resigned from the panel, he stated, "It is a national scandal. This investigation is now compromised. One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 911 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up." To deny at least the dubious nature of the entire official process and establishment of a final report is in my view an exercise in treason. To shout down those who object to the official story is not patriotic, but rather fascist. The nation is built upon truth, justice, and opportunity, not power, privilege, and intimidation.

One principal member of the 911 Commission later reported that panel members so distrusted testimony from Pentagon officials that they referred their concerns to the Pentagon Inspector General. The panel even considered taking the matter to the Justice Dept for a possible criminal probe, according to commission member Tim Roemer. He said, "We were extremely frustrated with the false statements we were getting. We were not sure of the intent, whether it was to deceive the commission or merely part of the fumbling bureaucracy." See the CNN article (CLICK HERE).

Max Cleland is a former US Senator from Georgia. He switched political parties to the Republican, voted in favor of the Iraq War, but openly mentions feeling duped by false intentions and phony information. Cleland has emerged as one of the harshest critics for the war he voted to authorize. He openly discusses his deep regret, especially as he scans the headlines from Baghdad. "I feel like I have been duped, I do not mind telling you. Everybody in the administration was selling this used car. The problem is all the wheels have fallen off the car and we have got a lemon." Cleland elaborates on the Commission itself and its original directive and purpose, in particular the extreme delays, when evidence had turned cold and documents had gone missing. Cleland wrote the following.

"First of all, as someone who co-sponsored legislation creating the 911 commission, against great opposition from the White House, this independent commission should be independent and should not be making deals with anybody. I start from there. It has been painfully obvious the administration not only fought the creation of the commission but that their objective was the war in Iraq. One of the notions that was built on was there was a direct connection between al Qaida and 911 and Saddam Hussein. There was not. So therefore they did not want the 911 commission to get going. What you have is the fear from the White House that the commission would uncover pretty quickly the fact that one of four legs that the war stood on was nonexistent. So they slow-walked it, and they continue to slow-walk it. They want to kick this can down past the elections. We should not be making any deals. We should stick to our original timetable of [completing the final report by] May. However, we are coming up on Thanksgiving here and we are still struggling over access issues. It should be a national scandal." See the Salon Media Group article (CLICK HERE).

$$$ STRUCTURAL ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS DISPUTE THE COMMISSION FINDINGS OF THE THIRD WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING, FROM WITHIN THE SAME PANEL. $$$ The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) reversed its compromised conclusion. They promote the mythical story of a gradual collapse of Bldg #7, without benefit of any impact. It fell in sympathy after the big brother buildings (the towers) were subjected to demolition. What a stupid story! Bldg #7 was also subjected to demolition. After a sham analysis conducted by Shyam Sunder of NIST, where he concluded a free-fall was incompatible with their findings, a second analysis conducted by David Chandler (also of NIST) contradicted the commission findings. The NIST conclusions have turned comical and inconsistent. They now admit the time lapse for free-fall due to gravity, but they deny the building fell in a free-fall!!! The USGovt-backed agency is having trouble covering up the scientific evidence. All three World Trade Center buildings had similarities in their demolition. All fell with time lapses according to free-fall. All had insufficient temperatures to create molten steel. The NIST fairy tale artisans take the nation as a pack of idiots. The majority are exaclty that in the United States sadly.

Tracking government sponsors of mass murder is a difficult task, fraught with obstacles, even to common sense. The World Architecture News is on the case. They wrote, "However, one of this article's co-authors, David Chandler, used video analysis to show conclusively that for 2.5 seconds (about 100 feet) WTC 7 was in complete free-fall. He publicly challenged NIST's claims at the technical briefing and he, along with others, filed formal requests for corrections. NIST were forced to reverse themselves in their Final Report and acknowledged 2.25 seconds of absolute free-fall. Yet they did not reconsider how this was compatible with their analysis. A network of heavy steel girders had to be forcibly removed suddenly across the width of the building for eight floors. However, a free-falling object cannot exert force on anything in its path without slowing its own fall. So the structural support had to be removed by something else, explosives. The free-fall of Building 7 is a smoking gun." See the World Architecture News article (CLICK HERE). Bear in mind that this spring the Hat Trick Letter reported a US Chemistry Assn proved that thermite explosives were evident in many samples of the WTCenter debris. The truth is coming to light, slowly. The change in political party from the latest Bush Admin helps, as the guilty parties cannot obstruct justice so easily.

$$$ SOME TIDBIT FINAL DETAILS TO CONTRADICT PHONY 911 STORIES. $$$ Barbara Olson supposedly perished on the commercial airplane that crashed into the Pentagon. Her husband served as attorney for George W Bush before the US Supreme Court on the Florida vote ballot case. Olson offered his contrived sadness before the nation on television, except he slipped up. Dispute came over testimony of a cellphone call, whose technology was not even available in September 2001. This slip is akin to telling a tale that Julius Caesar checked his wristwatch before meeting Brutus for lunch! So the story was changed. Barabara happened to be arrested a couple of years ago at the German/Czech border with more than 700 thousand in cash and a wad of bearer bonds in her possession, after years tucked away in Sweden. Her role was unclear in the money movement, but clearly she was not dead at the Pentagon crash site. The story hit the website immediately, but after about 45 minutes it was quickly purged. Europeans know this story better than Americans. When she was detained, the French police officials whisked her away and she was 'retired' to a permanent facility. Given her violations of the cover-up guidelines, one cannot be too certain of her enjoying time building sand castles in the Caribbean. The actual jetplane that supposedly hit the Pentagon is now flying in some remote location in Africa. It transports local travelers and cargo, identified by its aircraft serial number. Another embarrassment of detail.

Some say 'Who cares?' to it all. Much grander crimes have occurred on Wall Street, like taking control in a Coup d'Etat of the USGovt finance ministries, selling trillion$ in mortgage bond fraud, covering up trillion$ in bond fraud by nationalizating Fannie Mae, and capturing a narcotics monopoly for a protected syndicate operating under the USGovt security organizations. Well, many people care! On the 8th anniversary of 911, commemorate the mass murders at the World be-Trade Center and Pentagon with some truth. Coverups produce festering wounds. Truth enables healing. It is my opinion that the course of the nation cannot be put on a proper path unless and until the truth comes out.

The Pentagon was struck by a missile, not a commercial jet aircraft. At the scene on 911 was Jamie McIntyre from CNN. He saw no evidence of any aircraft debris, and reported exactly that. See his brief CNN video (CLICK HERE). No aircraft debris, all lies! The target was the USArmy Accounting office, where they were documenting the $2.3 trillion in missing Pentagon funds over two decades. Their offices suffered a direct hit. The Pentagon, defense contractors, and private syndicates are the primary theives. A common method is to take delivery of an entire weapons system and pay a price based upon scrap metal. The USArmy Accounting report was due for release in a matter of weeks. It was halted. Where is the debris on the Pentagon lawn? The official story is an insult to your intelligence. Every airline crash in modern history has debris strewn for a radius of one mile or 1.5 kilometers.


$$$ THIS SWINE FLU IS NOT A NATURAL LIVING ORGANISM IN NATURE, BUT RATHER PRODUCED IN A LABORATORY FOR THE PURPOSE OF KILLING PEOPLE. $$$ As a preface, this swine flu has traits linked to humans, swine, and birds. The combination is not possible in nature for men or virus. This virus was likely developed in Fort Dietrich Maryland in the USArmy Bioweapons Laboratory. If the combinations were seen to have advantages for immunity, after vaccinations, fine. However, the vaccines planned for widespread usage involve LIVE VIRUSES of weak type, intended to mix and mutate with chemical encouragement. This entire plan reeks of global genocide, probably to distract from the bank fraud and predatory mortgage foreclosures, leading the way to totalitarian government control. The last pandemic of Spanish Flu in 1915 had one factor in common. It simultaneously appeared in communities with USMilitary bases nearby. That is your precedent. The swine flu outbreak this April came to Mexico immediately after President Obama visited Mexico City, but more importantly, in response to the Tea Party demonstrations against Big Govt and High Taxes. Another planned swine flu outbreak could occur in response to the current round of Tea Parties against Health Care Program, Big Govt, Predatory Bankers, and Rising Debt Burden. The more sinister aspect in preparation in my view is the relaxation of legal liability for the giant phamaceutical companies related to vaccinations. They stand to profit in the tens of billion$ without risk. Deaths from vaccination are expected. The planning is evident, if not obvious.


Over 50% of British health professionals refuse to take the swine flu vaccine. The refusal rate among Americans is unknown, yet to be determined, but probably will be near the same level. If the entire health industry, including the clearly culpable pharmaceutical giants that stand to gain billion$ in vaccine sales, truly wished to promote health and safety, they would have publicized the known benefits of vitamin-D and silver treatments (both colloidal & ionic) in warding off the virus and treating it successfully. Instead the vile Powerz promote the vaccines which are much more dangerous than the virus itself, and promote the Tamiflu which benefits certain leaders who are major stockholders. This has all the hallmarks of an attempt at genocide on a global scale, part of a carefully orchestrated plan. The vaccine side effects are too numerous to name. They include brain disorders, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and autism. Children are the most vulnerable, since their immune systems are less developed. See one article by William Engdahl entitled "Part I: Evidence Linking Autism Rise in Children to Vaccinations" (CLICK HERE) for some information that implicates the dangerous vaccines.

A new law passed by the state Senate in Massachusetts in late August calls for mandatory vaccinations of all citizens and a $1000 per day fine for defiance. The statute formally legalizes health care interrogations of state citizens, forced entry into homes without a warrant, the on-site destruction of buildings or objects suspected of harboring the virus, the government seizure of family pets, and 'involuntary transportation' of people into quarantine camps. See the Mass Govt website (CLICK HERE). The law tramples numerous rights and exerts many controls. Note the violation of 4th Amendment with illegal search and seizure, the violation of 14th Amendment with illegal arrest without a warrant. It also sets broad Govt price controls. It permits essentially the abduction of suspected virus victims. It states, "Law enforcement authorities, upon order of the commissioner or his agent or at the request of a local public health authority pursuant to such order, shall assist emergency medical technicians or other appropriate medical personnel in the involuntary transportation of such person to the tuberculosis treatment center." Those who fail to comply and pose a public danger will be fined up to $1000 per day, or imprisoned for up to 30 days. It empowers the commissioner or a local public health authority within its jurisdiction to adminster forced vaccinations as 'precautionary prophylaxis' to individuals as protection. It also empowers forced quarantine for those who refuse, incarceration without formal charges in due process, again according to the discretion of the commissioner or a local public health authority. Other states are at various stages of approving legal statutes in a similar fashion. No check of powers for abuse are created in the law.

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has officially released information to expect as many as 30 thousand potentially lethal adverse reactions to the novel H1N1 vaccine. That does not even address the crippling nerve damage symptoms that have been proven from the squalene additive. The Food & Drug Admin guidelines for the novel H1N1 vaccine only require that it succeed in 3 out of every 10 recipients. The chances of dying from the vaccine (more like a toxic serum brew with a poison chaser) are much higher than your chances of dying from the influenza itself. The principal beneficiaries are clearly the giant pharmaceutical firms like Novartis in league with government officials. Squalene is also linked to the Gulf War Syndrome array of maladies. See the Prison Planet article (CLICK HERE). Include me out, as Groucho Marx used to say!!!


Another angle on the vaccine threat stands out. The entire theory behind vaccines (especially for influenza) may be fundamentally flawed because more auto-immune harm is caused than immunity conferred.
Not only does the flu virus mutate too rapidly 'in the wild' for any vaccine to interrupt the majority of the infections, but the viral fragments can trigger permanent auto-immune disorders, even if deactivated. The human body can often turn against itself, attacking the body's own cells where viral fragments have infiltrated, as the immune systems of some recipients perpetually become re-triggered. This is NOT speculation. It is a well-known result of the 1976 swine flu vaccine, which caused hundreds of confirmed cases of Guillian-Barre syndrome (GBS), while there was only one confirmed death from the influenza itself. The USGovt was forced to pay out a large lawsuit settlement. Such concerns have not gone away. Unwanted auto-immune responses might in fact be material in ALL vaccinations. Some medical researchers actually believe that widespread flu vaccinations might explain the modern epidemic of auto-immune disorders in the first world. Many people who have studied the past history of flu vaccinations consider much of the vaccination industry to be a financial scam and threat to public health. See a UK Daily Mail article about scientists warning of swine flu vaccine risks (CLICK HERE). See a News With Views article by a medical doctor, warning to avoid taking vaccines (CLICK HERE). See an InfoWars articles that presents voluminous research that proves many vaccines are actually deadly (CLICK HERE).

$$$ A SWINE FLU VACCINE PUBLIC REBELLION IS AFOOT, THE US PUBLIC BETTER INFORMED THAN PESSIMISTS EXPECTED. MANY PEOPLE SEE THE VACCINE AS WORSE THAN THE VIRUS. $$$ According to a FoxNews poll, a majority of Americans think the swine flu vaccine is deadlier than the virus. The global revolt against dangerous untested vaccines that would enrich giant pharmaceutical firms builds momentum against the USGovt plans to institute mass H1N1 vaccination programs. The movement is joined by health workers who will resist and refuse to take the shot. A public blowup occurred recently when Dr Nancy Snyderman, billed as chief medical editor at NBC News, stated during an MSNBC panel discussion that people should reject 'Conspiracy Theories' about the vaccine safety, trust the USGovt and as she said, "get your damn vaccine." Her displayed desperation and anger exhibited clear frustration concerning the vast numbers of people with raised awareness about what is actually in the vaccine. The swine flu vaccine is being rushed through safety procedures while pharmaceutical companies have been provided with blanket immunity from lawsuits if the vaccine were to cause deaths and injuries. Often the vaccine will contain mercury and the dangerous ingredient squalene.

The FoxNews poll on the issue is not scientific but is revealing. The results show that 50% think the vaccine is a greater risk than the virus, 32% think not taking the vaccine is the greater risk, while 19% are undecided. The poll was presented alongside a study published in the world's foremost peer-reviewed medical journal which found that half of Hong Kong medical workers would refuse to take the swine flu vaccine because of fears about its safety. Research conducted by the Univ of Hong Kong and made public by the British Medical Journal consistently found that less than half of 8500 doctors and nurses in public hospitals would accept vaccination against H1N1 influenza. It stated, "The major barriers identified were fear of side effects and doubts about efficacy." The study reveals that microbiologists and infectious disease experts involved in the study also suggest that dissenters are broadly represented by health workers worldwide. This followed a survey conducted by Nursing Times magazine in which it was discovered that just 37% of nurses and frontline health workers said they would take the swine flu vaccine, 30% said they would not be immunized, and 33% said they were unsure. Two separate polls of general practicioners in Great Britain have also revealed that 56 of the 115 doctors have severe reservations over the safety of the forthcoming H1N1 flu vaccine. A poll of doctors for Pulse magazine found that 49% would reject the vaccine, with 9% still undecided. See the Prison Planet article (CLICK HERE). This website used to be considered radical, but not anymore since public awareness to USGovt corruption, fraud, and collusion is obvious.

$$$ THE UNITED STATES LEADS THE WORLD IN WEAPONS EXPORT, WITH NO CLOSE COMPETITOR. WAR IS GOOD FOR THE US WEAPONS INDUSTRY THAT EXTENDS BEYOND THE MILITARY COMPLEX. $$$ Couple the flu vaccine stories (bioweapon) with other weapon stories. The US is the undisputed arms dealer and weapons broker in the world. The US sells more guns, automatic weapons, grenades, armored tanks, rocket launchers, Gatling guns, flame throwers, and all sorts of devices designed to kill humans than any other developed nation on the planet, by a long shot. According to the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, overall weapons sales have declined due to global economic recession. But sales of US weapons rose more than 50% in the last year. The United States owns a staggering 68% market share of global weapons sales. The USEconomy is in a long deterioration process. As prospects are bleak with the car industry and retail chains, aggravated by job loss and home foreclosure, worldwide sales of American-made guns and weapons to kill are up significantly. These are boom time for war and conflict. The United States is without formidable competition. See the SFGate articles (CLICK HERE1 OR HERE2 OR HERE3 OR HERE4).


$$$ A NATIONAL I.D. CARD BACK DOOR PLAN COMES WRAPPED IN A HEALTH CARE TROJAN HORSE. $$$ A brief story from a subscriber with a USMilitary background. He passed on a note last week about a personal experience years ago, whose memory was pushed to the surface, as a result of a recent conversation. He wrote, "In 2000-2001, I lived on the beach front in Florida. A USGovt 'special' consultant moved in next door. He told me all about the 'National ID Card' being worked on and how soon all citizens would have to carry one. It would contain biometric sensors as well as a GPS receiver, which enable each citizen to be biometrically identified and tracked. The National ID cards would be connected to a huge new computer database. That was around year 2000 and although they had it ready for release by then, nothing was established. Tonight I was introduced to a person working at arm's length with USGovt agencies, with information access to those on key projects. I asked him what was Obama's ulterior motive for wanting the national healthcare approved. He said it was because, once approved, all citizens and illegal aliens who wanted free health care would be issued National Healthcare Insurance cards. He stressed how the target for tracking was specifically the fringe groups. Coverage of illegal aliens is to be built into the bill as a key motive, so that they will have the national ID card without the need to have green cards or passports. They are designed to have biometric sensors and they will be GPS trackable so that every citizen and illegal alien in the country can be biometrically analyzed and tracked, just like the fellow from Florida described years ago. All of their records will be tied in to huge new databases that keep detailed personal records, not just medical, but criminal, intelligence, financial, and more."

An important fact must be mentioned. One of the very first things Obama did as president was to add $80 billion into the Stimulus Bill for updating the national health record databases. His intention was to tie them all together, and to allow medical records from all sources to be visible to the new computer database. That deed was done on day#1 in office, a symbol of his priorities. Obviously a major component to any proposed USGovt Health Care Plan is the development of USGovt databases that tie together the participants to the health plan. The push by Obama on this front from the onset shows the plan has directed focus on the database aspect. Consolidated databases will actually be presented as the heart of cost savings, used as leverage for bill passage, when National ID cards for tracking and analysis is the hidden Gestapo objective. See the Omni MD article which claims $100 billion in savings (CLICK HERE).

By the way, when Obama spoke before the USCongress last week, he was shouted down, called a liar, in the first such display of insolent disrespect in my memory covering 40 adult years. The accusation seems on target, true, deserved. The accuser in the Congressional crowd clearly linked this matter, since Obama's words before the outburst pertained to a promise that illegal aliens would not be included in the proposed debated health care program. They will, in time, obviously. Lies are a political expedient, a privilege, a mainstay.

$$$ A CYBER-SECURITY LEGISLATIVE BILL HAS BEEN DRAFTED FROM APRIL 2009. IT GIVES EXPLICIT POWERS TO THE PRESIDENT TO CONTROL THE INTERNET AND CUT OFF CERTAIN SOURCES. $$$ The Rockefeller bill would give the US President emergency control of the internet. Some argue that such powers have always existed, but redundancy and clarity describe the powers explicitly. Jay Rockefeller (W.Virginia) is the chairman of the Senate Commerce committee. He and Senator Olympia Snowe (Maine) introduced the original bill in April. It proposed granting the White House the power to disconnect private sector computers from the Internet. The stated purpose was that such power was vital to protect national cyber-security. Perhaps they next need a conjured up cyber-attack with falsified stories about integral internet planning and execution. A story did appear a year ago about internet based national attacks of the electricity grid for the United States. Who knows whether true or not? In my view, the Powerz see the need to clamp down on information flow that goes counter to the interests of the syndicates in control. The press networks are tight as a drum on information in dispute, since CNN was corralled in several years ago. The internet is a vast frontier of truth, but also conversation and many strange questionable sources. See the US Senate Committee on Science Commerce & Transportation press release on the bill (CLICK HERE).

Rockefeller justified his all-out grab for information power. He said, "We must protect our critical infrastructure at all costs, from our water to our electricity, to banking, traffic lights, and electronic health records. The list goes on. It is an understatement to say that cyber-security is one of the most important issues we face. The increasingly connected nature of our lives only amplifies our vulnerability to cyber attacks and we must act now… As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I know the threats we face. Our enemies are real; they are sophisticated; they are determined and they will not rest. I believe Congress must bring new high-level governmental attention to develop a fully integrated, thoroughly coordinated, public-private partnership to our cyber-security efforts in the 21st century."

Snowe justified her all-out grab for information Power. She said, "America's vulnerability to massive cyber crime, global cyber espionage, and cyber-attacks has emerged as one of the most urgent national security problems facing our country today. The Rockefeller-Snowe initiative will carve a course for our country to embrace a 21st century national security policy that will protect and preserve American cyberspace. Uniquely designed to establish a fully integrated public-private partnership to coordinate cyber-security efforts, this legislation will ensure we have many of the tools to target, isolate, and effectively combat cyber-attacks in America. Importantly, this legislation loosely parallels the recommendations in the CSIS blue-ribbon panel report to President Obama and has been embraced by a number of industry and government thought leaders… Our failure to implement effective policies and procedures to protect critical infrastructure, prevent invasive intrusion, and conduct an aggressive threat assessment has proven extremely consequential, putting the American information system at grave risk. It is abundantly clear we must unite on all fronts to confront this monumental challenge. If we fail to take swift action, we, regrettably, risk a cyber-Katrina."

Dissent is swift and broad, coming mainly from an computer internet association, and their legal staff. The C-Net news has reported on the industry defense for interference and control, obvious infringements on numerous liberties. See the entire C-Net article (CLICK HERE). The C-Net article supplied the following. My response is more direct. The most urgent need in existence today for security is to protect the people from deep corruption within the USGovt and its many overlapping installed Agencies, where syndicates of many shades operate under aegis and protection with impunity.

"The privacy implications of sweeping changes implemented before the legal review is finished worry Lee Tien, a senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco. 'As soon as you are saying that the federal government is going to be exercising this kind of power over private networks, it is going to be a really big issue,' he says. Probably the most controversial language begins in Section 201, which permits the president to 'direct the national response to the cyber threat' if necessary for 'the national defense and security.' The White House is supposed to engage in 'periodic mapping' of private networks deemed to be critical, and those companies 'shall share' requested information with the federal government. ("Cyber" is defined as anything having to do with the Internet, telecommunications, computers, or computer networks.)

'The language has changed but it does not contain any real additional limits,' EFF's Tien says. 'It simply switches the more direct and obvious language they had originally to the more ambiguous (version)... The designation of what is a critical infrastructure system or network as far as I can tell has no specific process. There is no provision for any administrative process or review. That is where the problems seem to start. And then you have the amorphous powers that go along with it.'

Translation: If your company is deemed "critical," a new set of regulations kick in involving who you can hire, what information you must disclose, and when the government would exercise control over your computers or network. The Internet Security Alliance's Clinton adds that his group is 'supportive of increased federal involvement to enhance cyber-security, but we believe that the wrong approach, as embodied in this bill as introduced, will be counter-productive both from an national economic and national secuity perspective.' "