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Issue #129

Jim Willie CB, 
“the Golden Jackass”

21 December 2014


"We have to recognise that the European Union itself, which is a noble, well-intended experiment in international governance, has failed and has not delivered what it promised. There is such a degree of disappointment that even Russia can offer an alternative." ~ Gyorgy Schwartz (aka George Soros)

"The BRICS have time on their hands. The US and its Western allies do not. The demographics combined with rising debt is a death sentence. Japan has one foot in the grave already, along with the PIIGS of Southern Europe and even France." ~ EuroRaj

"Russia has set a new trap for the United States in permitting the Ruble slam gimmicks. Recall that Russia is the world's #1 oil producer and among the top 3 ranks for almost all industrial and strategic metals. The United States will suffer a fatal financial heart attack very soon, as the pendulum of reality swings back and slams the paper mache artisans who know nothing of value and alliance and only of displayed power. Their industry is bond fraud, currency counterfeit, and rigged markets. Russia set a different trap in Ukraine, and the US walked right in. That disaster is in full view with a failed state and soon a fallen fascist regime. Eastern European nations are observing closely the wreckage and pillage. People seem to ask the same questions, without learning from the past previous episodes that already have unfolded. The US cannot win a conventional war, and cannot win a financial war. Therefore, the US bankers pull down the Ruble, when the Kremlin could tomorrow require that all its energy sales be completed with Rubles or Renminbi or Gold. Doing so would kill the USDollar instantly and cause a collapse of the entire US and London banks, along with their poodles in Europe. Putin has his own plan to convert trade payments indirectly to Gold." ~ the Jackass

"But then Russia decides to cut off natural gas and oil from the West, while keeping the flow to the East. Russian intel may wreak non-stop havoc in pumping stations from the Maghreb to the Middle East. Russia may block all the oil and natural gas pumped in the Central Asian Stans. The result: the greatest financial collapse in history, and the end of the Empire of Chaos exceptionalist panacea [aka the Western regimes led by the US]. This is a chess game. The raid on the Ruble was supposed to be a checkmate. It is not. Not when deployed by amateur scrabble players. And do not forget the Russia-China strategic partnership. The storm may be abating, but the match continues." ~ Pepe Escobar (brilliant bold freelance geopolitical analyst)

"Most obviously, [the Russian Central Bank] could very effectively curtail the activities of well-connected financial insiders aimed at destroying the value of the Ruble. Putin said he knows who they are. I hope that they are wearing adult diapers. I would not be at all surprised if they get Khodorkovskied before too long." ~ Freddie (of Cluborlov, referring to domestic Russians helping to pull down their own Ruble)

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match." ~ John F Kennedy (murdered by the banker cabal)

"When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws do not protect you against them, but protect them against you; when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice; you may know that your society is doomed." ~ Ayn Rand (perfect description of the current US Elite power structure)

"I am hearing independently that Obama & Biden are going to face extreme pressure to both resign in January, possibly to be replaced by a Pentagon Junta with the 1871 Constitution put in force. Obama is reportedly depressed, isolated, unstable, and drunk most evenings on alcohol, delivering angry outbursts to close advisors. This is game over. General Carter Ham is the lead player. He has organized all the deposed Generals who have been purged by Clinton, Bush II, and Obama for refusing to follow the highly destructive cabal agenda. It is past the time to clean the office and to take out the White House trash. Extreme pressure will come to bear on the White House early next year." ~ the Jackass



Dmitry Kalinichenko wrote an excellent essay that covers the Russian conflict and vapid American response. "In 1971, US President Richard Nixon closed the Gold Window, ending the free exchange of dollars for gold, guaranteed by the US in 1944 at Bretton Woods. In 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reopened the Gold Window, without asking Washington's permission. The West can spend as much of its efforts and resources to artificially increase the purchasing power of the dollar, lower oil prices, and artificially lower the purchasing power of gold. The problem of the West is that the stocks of physical gold in possession of the West are not unlimited. Therefore, the more the West devalues oil and gold against the USDollar, the faster it loses devaluing Gold from its not infinite reserves. In this brilliantly played economic combination by Putin, physical gold from the reserves of the West is rapidly flowing to Russia, China, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and India (i.e. the BRICS countries). At the current rate of reduction of reserves of physical gold, the West simply does not have the time to do anything against Putin's Russia until the collapse of the entire Western Petro-Dollar world. In chess the situation in which Putin has put the West, led by the United States, is called Time Trouble.

The Western world has never faced such economic events and phenomena that are happening right now. The former USSR rapidly sold gold during the fall of oil prices. Today, Russia rapidly buys gold during the fall in oil prices. Thus, Russia poses a real threat to the American model of Petro-Dollar world domination. The main principle of world Petro-Dollar model is allowing Western countries led by the United States to live at the expense of the labor and resources of other countries, based on the role of the US currency, dominant in the global monetary system (GMS). The role of the USDollar in the GMS is that it is the ultimate means of payment. This means that the national currency of the United States in the structure of the GMS is the ultimate asset accumulator, the exchange which to any other asset does not make sense. Led by Russia and China, what the BRICS are doing now is actually changing the role and status of the USDollar in the global monetary system. From the ultimate means of payment and asset accumulation, the national currency of the USA, by the joint actions of Moscow and Beijing is turned into only an intermediate means of payment. Intended only to exchange this interim payment for another and the ultimate financial asset: Gold. Thus the USDollar actually loses its role as the ultimate means of payment and asset accumulation, yielding both of those roles to another recognized, denationalized, and depoliticized monetary asset: GOLD!" See the powerful Gold-Eagle article (CLICK HERE).


The data reads USA currently at 19%, Europe and China each at 16%, Latin America at 9%, and India at 6%. The so-called Chindia proportion is growing fast, now capturing one quarter of the global economy. If New Delhi can remove the trade blockade more thoroughly, the Indian Economy will continue its torrid pace, expanding the vast Middle Class. The rapid decline in European share is not a recent phenomenon, like since the sovereign debt problems that occurred in 2011. The downtrend for Europe has been evident since 1990, perhaps an indication of the extreme costs of German Reunification. The correlation of the Chinese rise is most closely linked with the fall in Europe, not the United States. In the next year, China will overtake Europe easily, especially since the EU Commission has a sabotage plan at work regarding Ukraine and Russia. The recent US decline can be attributed since 2005, when the housing & mortgage bust took place under subprime collapse. The US banking system went insolvent, and the US consumer lost the easy access credit to home equity. Be sure to notice the dominant economic power two centuries ago with one third of the global economy, when the United States was an agrarian republic featuring slavery in the Southern states and genocide in the Western expansion (called euphemistically Manifest Destiny). The power in the early 1800 century was China. In ten years by year 2025, they will again rise to become the dominant economic power.


Friend and colleague EricD is a sharpie, with electronics expertise and strong professional track record. He pitched in with some wisdom, hardly of the conventional variety. He wrote, "They say that oil & gas are not worth anything anyway. As the pervasive logic goes, you cannot drink oil and you cannot breath (natural) gas. So they have no value and are thus barbarous relics. If you cannot eat it, say the PhD Economists of the 6000-year bubble variety, it aint worth shit. On the menu today, our French chef will be serving up EU Draghi Treasury Bills, hot off the press, and S&P stock certificates with a special QE cream sauce. Now those can be eaten and thus are valuable. Such is the prevailing twisted financial logic. Recall the philosopher from 45 years ago." That was his segue to the Hendrix song.

There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief, business man they drink my wine, and plowmen dig my earth, and none of them along the line know what any of it is worth, the hour is getting late, princes kept their view, the wind began to howl. See the Jimi Hendrix Experience for the famous song entitled "All Along The Watchtower" which is from my generation (CLICK HERE).

Warren Buffet claims gold offers no yield. Ignorant Wall Street mavens preach that one cannot eat gold. The Jackass reminds of the ship analogy. The value of ship ballast is incredibly high, since it provides stability to the vessel in turbulent seas. The old ballast was usually of lead bars. Today's financial ballast is gold bullion bars. They stabilize the financial system and its related structures with reliable equity with no debt counter-party. The modern leverage devices have gone amok, as their extensions of debt and free money are engineered in far too grand a volume to sustain off the foundation. The equity base has no ballast, as insolvency is widespread. To be sure, gold cannot be eaten. However, without ballast, ships sink to the depths despite surrounded by unlimited liquidity provided by central banks during stormy times. The banker cabal have gone one step further into the bizarre outrageous seas. They have intermingled heroin and cocaine packets (wrapped in hard paper) within the banking system of New York and London. They stand in value next to gold and USTreasurys, and satisfy overnight requirements. Think Nazi Nation. The system is one level removed from Roman Emperor Nero. He burned Rome to make a point. The bank cabal has burned the Western economy with their QE fires which eradicate capital both quickly and in hidden ways. It is time for the central bank franchise system, whose orbit centers on false money, to go away and take its proper place in the annals of history next to the Dutch Tulips. For some reason, the image of Nicolae Ceausescu is stuck in my mind at his just end in Romania.


Steve Leeb calls out and identifies the Western propaganda. In no way will Russia be selling gold, a story to push down gold further in price, and to support the USDollar regime. The Kremlin sits in a position of primacy in two respects. It owns over 25,000 tons of gold, most segregated from central bank assets. At any time it chooses, they can demand gold for energy payment. The US is not owner of energy resources, nor gold, yet acts like they are in full control, the arrogance as thick as the weakness is deep. Russia has no external debt, while the US has a $18 trillion debt, over half from foreign creditors. Leeb made many useful comments. The lower oil prices are negative for the West and positive for the East, the opposite of the stories told. Among brokerage opinions, Goldman Sachs and other houses have been forecasting that if oil prices stay near current levels, a $1 trillion reduction in capital expenditures across the globe could occur. The feedback would result in a 7% or 8% decline in oil production worldwide, paving the way for higher future oil prices. Leeb anticipates much greater volatility in the oil market. Some pointed comments follow.

"I also believe that 2015 and 2016 will be among the most critical years in Western civilization. I know that the USDollar is no longer going to be king of the hill at the end of this [episode]. So the United States is no longer going to have any real control of our fate. I also think it is way too late for the US to start trying to build an alternative energy based economy. The Chinese are way ahead of us in that space. Instead we have placed our faith in fracking and deep-water drilling. But it is going to be impossible to do this stuff with oil prices anywhere near where they are today. You need to get 4 or 5 barrels of oil for each barrel you use in procuring energy. But we are lucky if we get 3 barrels of oil for every 2 we use when fracking. So the fracking industry is headed for catastrophe.

Now, the Russians are going to have a very bad year with the Ruble under pressure, but I do not think they are that worried. The Russians will trade a bad year if they believe the coming years will be some of the best in their history. The Russians will be the primary beneficiaries of the wipeout in the oil patch and especially the fracking industry. The Russians have an incredible amount of energy resources and money is going to pour into that economy in coming years. So Russia is going to turn out to be a major winner before this is over. China has already been a major winner. They have been buying oil hand over fist, and you will also continue to see a massive flow of gold to these Eastern countries. These nations know the dollar has a much less important role in tomorrow's world. And Eastern countries, led by a gold-backed Yuan, are preparing to seize the head seat of world dominance." Leeb gives direct mention to a gold-backed Chinese currency. It will be either implicit from tremendous gold reserves in official holdings, or direct with a redemption policy or active cover clause (like 5% conversion in gold bars per time period). With gold flow goes power, a fact that escapes the West and its sheeple observers.

Leeb more an astute conclusion on silver, with a dismissal of the gold propaganda. He stated, "Just a side note on Silver. We will continue to see some volatility but Silver is headed into the stratosphere over time because of dramatically increased demand from China. Gold will be the world's currency of choice in the future but silver is where investors will see the biggest gains. By the way, these rumors that Russia will be forced to sell some of its gold are fairy tales. This talk is just being used to jawbone the gold market lower. But investors simply need to disregard this anti-gold propaganda and own Gold & Silver, and forget about the paper markets, because they will eventually burn." See the King World News interview (CLICK HERE).


An Obama Admin spokesman confirmed that the US and Cuba are to open talks on normalizing relations, a step which involves open embassies in the two countries. The move could break a 50-year stalemate that has lingered since the Castro Communist regime seized power and converted private property to state ownership on a massive scale. The trigger event is described as the release of American contractor Alan Gross, who was convicted of illegally bringing communications equipment to Cuba as a USGovt contractor. He had been imprisoned in the island nation for five years. The US halted all diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961, two years after Fidel Castro took power in a revolution against Fulgencio Batista, a true scum merchant whose downfall brought about the rise of Las Vegas. Once a president, Batista ruled as dictator from 1952 to 1959 until overthrown. See the Los Angeles Times article (CLICK HERE).

The meaning of the Cuban diplomatic news is significant, but might not seem so. Regard it as an extreme sign of US weakness amidst gradual Russian & Chinese encirclement in the American Hemisphere. For a more basic discussion on the Cuba matter, see the Russia Today interview of an Argentine analyst (CLICK HERE). The expert from Buenos Aires is of the opinion that the USGovt wishes to gain contracts on the Cuban reconstruction, and to dispose of the Castro Family regime. Neither will occur in the Jackass opinion. Russia will take all the business, a process already begun with committed funds, signed deals, and arranged contractors, along with a longstanding history. In time, with some debt default incident, Russia will claim the Mariel Bay for a naval base. The area is famous for its tragic boat lift, but the area can be easily converted into a strategic naval base. The USGovt fears this potential.

The Voice had many scattered comments, some deep and some folksy. It makes for interesting reading. His thoughts follow, my edits. There must be a lot more to it than meets the eye on the Cuba detente story. This could very well be the final nail in Obama's coffin, as time will tell. The Havana decision did not happen without Moscow's consent and Beijing nod. The US is walking into one trap after the other. Washington believes they are on top of the game. Instead they are being lined up for execution or better yet, political and economic suicide. One needs to differentiate the Washington & Inner Beltway from the American people. No one has an axe to grind with the American people. Obama did not think this Cuba gambit through very well. But then, it appears the man has no real functioning brain. Obama is like a chunk of meat tumbling in the meat grinder before the blades finally catch on and turn the lump of meat into a queer ground beef, but not the edible type.

Furthermore, actually it is arguable that this is a sign of major US weakness, not of strength. Cuba is an existential threat like North Korea, whereby to negotiate rather than to bully changes the entire relationship. To consider a move like this actually alienates the anti-Castro lobby and the whole political machine behind it within the South Florida community. Then again, taking Cuba hardly constitutes surrounding Brazil. In the bigger picture, Cuba is actually a role model for how to deal with what is coming to the world. Very impressive people on multiple levels.


The Voice concluded in the bigger framework of systemic change. "There is something coming that will overwhelm all of us in ways we cannot even imagine. It extends beyond the end of the King Dollar and its many tentacles. Those of us who survive will be living in a much better and very different world. US Americans should revisit the wisdom of the North American Indians. Those natives had a deep understanding how all connects, as have the Australian Aborigine people and the Africans. It can be said that the Lamborgini and Ferrari world is coming to an end. Places like Miami are on borrowed time. Time to look for a safer and more stable location to live and operate from." After some research, the unimaginable changes extend to many areas, some which can be identified, but many which cannot. The earth's energy field has undergone changes. If positive forces prevail, the human experience should blossom like a spring flower with greater awareness, creativity, and harmony, but with less tension, anxiety, and friction. Expect great developments regarding energy, sickness, and poverty. The Jackass feels inadequate to discuss this topic in depth. The wave energy and living organism frequencies are moving into a more positive framework, in order to release greater human potential. Some diabolical lingering forces are in the process of being removed.


A former senior USDept Treasury official in the Obama Admin told the Washington Post that the law restores the ability of banks to revert to the same insane high risk practices that brought down the global economy in 2008. He said "This was the epicenter of the crisis. This is what brought AIG down, what brought Lehman Brothers down." The budget provision allows banks to use the private savings accounts of Americans to speculate in the markets on behalf of hedge funds, the big financial firms, and elsewhere (like wealthy clients). The object is the infamous derivative contracts, which likely are under tremendous strain as the USDollar reaches its final weeks and months. The pressure on interest rate derivatives must be intense, given the global dumping combined with heralded end to QE bond buying (don't believe it). Like with the Financial Regulatory Bill (aka Dodd-Frank Bill), the 85-line provision was written in its entirety by bank lobbyists at Citigroup. The populace is not represented in the USGovt any longer.

The objections were amply noted. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Representative Maxine Waters were so outraged that they refused to pass the budget bill, even if it meant shutting down the federal government. A movement was born, directed at the culprit, called Citigroup Shutdown. The stench of Robert Rubin remains active. See the Truth Dig article (CLICK HERE). Follow the sequence of events. In September, the G-20 Meeting adopted a uniform Bail-in policy. Next we see the USCongress just slipped $303 trillion in derivatives under the FDIC, the legal paragraphs written by Citigroup. The US population could quickly be stuck with an unpayable bill. There is no end to the big bank muscle, corruption, depravity, and disregard for private wealth. They are not too big to jail. Put them on an isolated South Pacific island, and let them eat radiated fish, and kill each other.


If your partner (e.g. wife, husband, paramour, close friend) cannot define and detail the differences between money, legal tender, and the dollar, then the person's contribution to any decision on life savings is less than worthless. Furthermore, the distinction between basic commonly recognized money today and truly sound money might seem like a erudite pursuit, but it is critical toward comprehension of what constitutes money, what represents wealth, and why the current monetary system is collapsing on its debt pillars. The ignorant opinion is but a perfect obstacle in the decision making process. The person should be removed from the decision altogether. They react to a broken thermometer, and plan to make a decision when the device shows the correct reading. It reminds me of people who will not buy a stock until it goes up substantially, rather than to conduct solid research and buy the stock at an absurd discount before its rapid rise. Sadly this applies to far too many people, who cannot wrest control of their finances from a partner or act independently from a partner. Thus they are at great risk, due to involved mates who have no idea what is happening in the global war on money. Their wealth faces a potential vanishing act, or confiscation event, or deep devaluation. One is reminded of a partner making decisions on technology toward device design, without benefit of any tech training, or of rocket engine adjustments, or of brain surgery decisions, or of computer configuration decisions, or of biochemistry adjustments, also without any knowledge, experience, training, or expertise. The thought is absurd. Sharing a bed or dinner table does not qualify the partner to share in decisions that affect life savings. Ironically, after the bad decisions and the lost wealth, a divorce is assured.



Rick Rozoff is an American journalist, acting as manager of the organization Stop NATO. He has some significant commentary on the evolution of Europe during the collapse of its union. In 2010 its sovereign bonds went bust. Quickly following was the deep insolvency of its major banks. Then came hyper monetary inflation to cover the debts, compliments of the central banks by virtue of hidden funnels of US$2.3 trillion in cash from the Dollar Swap Facilities. The breakup of the Euro Monetary Union is near, thus the pressure to merge political forces with NATO military forces. The Supreme NATO Commander might have more power than member nation presidents and prime ministers. The European Commission answers to NATO orders. The continent is under martial law in effect. The Ukraine War has been a bold attempt to galvanize pan-Euro support for a militarized state. Rozoff explains well the factors and forces involved.

"First of all, we have to understand who we are talking about when we are talking about the heads of states and other political figures in Europe. We are talking about people who belong to transnational think tanks and planning bodies. The US Atlantic Council, for example, which is the major think tank promoting NATO development and expansion around the world, has its counterparts in 30 or 40 other countries, including most every European country. They have essentially seduced, if not bribed or recruited, most every political leader in Europe. First of all, we have to be clear about that. The fact that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday had to finally have some harsh words about German political leadership, and I am thinking in particular of what he said vis-a-vis Chancellor Angela Merkel, I think should expose this charade that there is an independent foreign policy orientation in Europe and, somehow, that a person like Chancellor Merkel is one person when she is wearing her EU credentials and another one when she is wearing her NATO credentials. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The EU and NATO are effectively merging not only their military but their foreign policy orientations and programs, including sharing military commanders, sharing the military bases, sharing military assets. You know, it is a very delicate question right now where NATO ends and the EU begins. So, I think that anyone sitting in Moscow who believes that there is some essential difference between the EU orientation of European leaders and the NATO one, better go back to the drawing board and reevaluate their perspective. They have made a dangerous, if not a fatal mistake.

We have to keep in mind, when this whole tragedy in Ukraine began in November of last year when the Yanukovych government did not refuse, but simply delayed the signing of what was called an Association Agreement with the EU, one that was being pushed by the United States, I need hardly add. For anyone who has seen the document, it has a very strong military component. It would effectively integrate Ukraine into Western military structures, whether there was an EU or a NATO stamp on it, it almost does not matter, because the two (the EU and NATO) are united under a program of the 1990s called the Berlin Plus agreement which effectively merges the militaries of those two organizations."


Michael Hudson is research professor of economics at University of Missouri in Kansas City, and a research associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. He has some excellent insights on the recent development and failure of the European Union. Events in the last year have come to create climax conditions. The ground was created for failure with the sovereign bond bust that began in late 2009 in Greece, then spread to Southern Europe. The climax appears underway, with economic wreckage yielding to political fascism. The subservience to unelected EU Commissioners is stark raving mad, in bowing to fascist castle dwellers at the highest level. They want war in order to destroy the remainder of the economic structures. Germany stands in their path. Hudson analyzes well the failure backlash into five main parts.

1. The world's geopolitics, major trade patterns and military alliances have changed radically in the past month. Russia has re-oriented its gas & oil trade, and also its trade in military technology, away from Europe toward Eurasia.

The outcome is failure to keep Russia divided from China and Asia generally, isolating Iran, and preventing India from joining the alternative movement away from the USDollar. The result has been a quickening of the BRICS Alliance. The wrong-footed USGovt sanctions against Iran then Russia have driven the entire Asian and adjoining region to strengthen the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as an alternative to NATO. The hostility and queer nation building has worked to hasten the BRICS direction and thus to avoid trade settlement in the USDollar. The other outcome is the neutralizing of the IMF and World Bank, whose austerity programs are blazing failures. The severing of Russian ties has made Europe more of a Dead Zone. In early December, a group of leading German politicians, diplomats, and cultural icons wrote an open letter to Angela Merkel protesting her pro-US, anti-Russian policy. By overplaying its hand, the United States is in danger of driving Europe out of the US economic orbit. Turkey already is moving out of the US-European orbit, new host to the South Stream pipeline (now named Turk Stream). Iran has moved into an alliance with Russia. The deft chess master Putin visited India to negotiate a gas and arms deal. Instead of any success, the hapless Obama Admin directors have isolated America from Europe and Asia, while selling a bizarre heavy handed corporate trade pact that no nation favors. The USDollar faces annihilation, in a grand global rejection. A big danger zone is Turkey, a NATO member. The nation is set to become an associate of SCO, with a key potential role to integrate the BRICS in a defensive alliance against the United States. Lastly, to call the Russia-China relationship a bountiful lovefest on economics, finance, military, and politics is a gross understatement.

2. There has been almost no discussion of this vast geopolitical realignment in the US media, largely because it represents a defeat for the New Cold War policy pushed by the Neo-cons over the past year, ever since Russia convinced President Obama not to go to war in Syria, which had been a Neo-con military aim.

The US Press is oblivious to all these global alignment changes, dutiful to the fascist cause and celebrated destruction of the American dream. The Ukraine War and the attempts to isolate Russia by undercutting its energy channels with Europe is a poor strategy on the chess board. The US & EU engineered a Kiev coup, hoping to reverse the European growth in trade with Russia. The Washington think tanks and Neo-con lunatics actually strive for a regime change against Putin inside Russia itself. The attempt to place a new Yeltsin style regime truly reveals the failure of planning and strategy, by causing a financial crisis. The crisis will hasten the USDollar failure and hasten the launch of a gold backed BRICS currency. Europe had sought to make Russia is principle energy supplier, with Nord Stream active and South Stream soon to come. Germany for its part looked to Russia as an export market, to earn the Rubles to pay for Russian gas & oil. Other European countries stepped up their trade with Russia, covering farm products and military systems. The twilight of the Cold War promised to bring a much closer economic integration of Russia with Europe, with potential political benefits. The integration was largely linked to the gas pipeline network, severed in the scorched earth of Ukraine. It is a dead zone.

3. US Cold Warriors have tried to disrupt trade. The plan was to isolate Russia and lock Europe into the USEconomy. The dream was to export US shale gas to Europe, squeezing out Russia and thereby hurting its balance of payments.

An incredible pipedream it was and is! The iron fisted bully tactics deployed by the USGovt, using its NATO Supreme Commander office, created a military confrontation with Russia. The result has been unexpectedly to drive a political wedge between the United States and Europe. In a recent speech, Putin openly stated that he found little point in negotiating with European politicians, because they simply followed US orders via the NATO helm in command. Also, it was pointless due to US pressure on political leaders in Germany, France, and other European nations. Simply put, in following the New Cold War confrontation led by Washington, the European nations have been acting against their own economic interests. Its supposedly clever Third Energy law has effectively discouraged Russia from selling more natural gas to Europe, which can scurry to obtain some supply from the Turk Stream. The big risk is for NATO to be splintered, first from Turkey, later from Germany.

4. Rentier pipeline politics: The US plan has been to insist on non-Russian control of the pipelines that would carry Russian gas and oil to Europe. The idea is to use this pipeline as a tollbooth to siphon off the revenue that Russia had hoped to receive from Europe. Their monopoly is the target.

The Europeans under US influenceinsist on separating the transit business from the payment for natgas flow. The EU law forbids the supplier (namely Gazprom) from owning the pipelines exclusively. The law requires local ownership and participation. It is intended to block monopoly practices, like those used by Wall Street and London in banking, and by Rockefeller in the oil industry with the Seven Sisters. The hypocrisy is ripe and clear. The EU & US uber-lords wish to oppose the Russian monopoly, when the Anglo-Americans operate a monopoly in banking, bonds, currencies, derivatives, laced with corruption and arrogance. The Western powers wish to extract transit fees when not in control, much like an elevator operator or subway system operator or turnpike operator. Massive problems would arise if transit pipeline owners found themselves in conflict with the Kremlin and Gazprom officials. What seems like monopoly is self-control by Gazprom, which insisted on building its own pipeline under Russian control. Doing so eliminates the rent-extracting investors and reduces risk of Ukraine-style siphon thefts. When Europe pursued their free market approach to transit, by separating pipeline ownership from the gas suppliers, the commision was trying to carve out a rent extraction in a legalized opportunity to siphon off Russian gas revenue. Still the EU pursues the partnerships. Only if the partners post investment funds for the extreme cost to construct pipelines, should the partners share in any profits. The investment by Gazprom has been massive.

5. A radical shift in US-European diplomacy is occurring, in a way that according to textbook theory is inherently unstable and unworkable.

Hudson brilliantly summarized the most important part of the problem for the European theater. The meld of economic, political, and military organization and rule is the overarching problem. The United States has essentially worked toward colonizing Europe under the NATO flag. The Jackass would not be at all surprised to learn that significant 100s of $billions in narco funds is being used to bribe the leaders and to lubricate the transition process. Hudson concluded, "Europe has inverted the major textbook premises of how national diplomacy is conducted. Instead of basing this diplomacy on economic and commercial interests, it is subordinating these interests to US control. As for Europe's membership in NATO, instead of viewing military policy as an arm of foreign diplomacy, it is subordinating economic diplomacy, trade patterns, gas & oil supplies, export markets for industry, and agriculture all to serve NATO's military ends. The objective no longer is military security as originally was the logic for NATO. Europe's economic realignment against Russia threatens to bring military conflict directly into the continent as a result of the proxy war in Ukraine.

It has been said that nations do not have friends or enemies, only national interests. Most of these are economic. But today in Europe, German Chancellor Merkel seems to be ignoring German and other European economic interests. Still obsessed with her hatred of the East German Communist regime, she sees in Russia only an enemy, not an economic market and supplier of raw materials and customer for German manufactures and technology. Likewise, her political love for the United States deems it Europe's natural friend, without taking into account how its New Cold War policy toward Europe undercuts European continental interests and exacerbates its austerity. The United States for its part has adopted Von Clausewitz's statement that war is an extension of foreign policy by other means in a very limited form. War seems to be the only lever that the United States is using in its foreign policy these days. Lacking an ability to mount a ground invasion, its only real threat is to tear economies apart by aerial bombing, as it has done to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria. It is doing [the same] by backing a proxy war in Ukraine." See the Michael Hudson website article (CLICK HERE).



Steven D Kelley is a former CIA contractor, now devoted toward exposure of the true identity of the Islamic State known as ISIS (or ISIL). He claims what the Jackass has said for the better part of a full year, that the ISIL terrorist guerrilla group is a completely fabricated enemy organized and funded by the United States. He stated, "This is a completely fabricated enemy. The funding is completely from the United States and its allies. For people to think that this enemy is something that needs to be attacked in Syria or Iraq is a farce, because obviously this is something that we created, we control, and only now it has become inconvenient for us to attack this group as a legitimate enemy." Kelley has come forward to expose the ISIS identity, in counteractive manner since US President Obama is selling a new war. He seeks approval by the USCongress before expanding another USMilitary air campaign against ISIS targets from Iraq into neighboring Syria. The pattern is the same, to start a war, spread fear within the population, enter the war campaign actively with volume and force, then on a late basis to seek approval. Those who deny approval are painted as unpatriotic, who place the nation at security risk. It is all rubbish and self-designed endless war that George Orwell wrote about.

The Pentagon has already launched at least 100 airstrikes on ISIS positions in northern Iraq, following the granted Obama authorization to use of force against the terrorist group earlier this month. The televised staged beheading of news reporters and citizens was almost comical, given the totally absent spurting of blood from the neck that is typical, fully understood by quiet forensic experts. The White House insists it does not need explicit congressional authorization for those operations because they are intended to protect American personnel and interests inside the Arab country. White House press secretary Josh Earnest used this very position. Kelley countered, saying "If you want to get to the root of the problem and remove this organization, the first thing they need to do is to remove the funding and take care of entities responsible for the creation of this group. I believe that [without US Langley continued funding and coordination] this ISIS group would probably go away, and would be easily defeated by the armies of Syrian President Assad." See the PressTV article (CLICK HERE). Additional counter criticism came from Gordon Duff. He explained that the ISIS identity is traced to the United States and Israel. See the YouTube video by Veterans Today (CLICK HERE).

Finally, juxtapose the events behind the Hagel resignation from the Defense Secretary cabinet post after only a 12-month stay. He departed for two main reasons. He opposed the Syrian bombing, possibly because the targets are not typically military (market places, factories, granary silos). He also objected regularly to the excessive White House interference with his office, in widely reported micro-management. Hagel was not a yes man for the NWO and thus was forced to resign. He served in the Vietnam War as a squad leader. He also served as Nebraska Senator for two full terms. He served as co-chairman of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board. Before his appointment as Secretary of Defense, Hagel served on a number of boards of directors, including that of Chevron Corp. He worked as professor at Georgetown Univ for the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service. He co-founded Vanguard Cellular, the primary source of his personal wealth. It can easily be said that Hagel was no slouch. The departure of Hagel indicates to the Jackass that the USS Obama ship of state has been relegated to a derelict vessel with nothing onboard but cannons and a tattered flag and a Third World figure as captain. The USGovt has lost an important face of respectability.

The entire Iraq War has been conducted under false pretenses. The motives were many, a) to quietly locate and dispose of the weapons of mass destruction, made by US contractors and sold for profit by Team Bush to Saddam Hussein, b) to occupy the oil fields and thus control output, c) to abrogate past oil contracts by Russia and China, d) to end Saddam's sale of oil in Euro currency terms before its spread to other emirates, e) to establish military bases in the center of the Middle East, and f) to enable vast military weapons and service contracts for McDonnell Douglas and Halliburton, but also Boeing with no cost oversight whatsoever. The formation of a democratic Iraq Govt and related nation building did not succeed, as it became Shitte in tilt, in keeping with Iranian orientation. So the USGovt dispatched Langley to use the spare card, after the same card failed in Egypt. The USGovt security agency created an alternative, a Sunni reflection of Hez Bollah, equally violent and vile, but under Langley direction, funding, training, supply, and organization. The goal is to interrupt the Iran gas pipelines from reaching Syria, and to steal Iraq's oil, in particular the oil located in the rich Kurdish region in the NorthEast of Iraq. That region is destined to fall under Turkish control. Just like with Ukraine, the objective has been to create a scorched earth destroyed nation in Syria. So far, it is successful, just like in Ukraine. The United States is being widely perceived as a destroyer of nations.


Ben Fulford is a controversial figure. He has some good connections. He makes numerous in-depth observations, some of which might come to pass, others of which appear to be in progress. Despite being a bit fanciful and far afield, he posted a commentary on the Event Chronicle that made great sense. He stated, "The 500-page report of Bush Era torture issued by the US Senate marks a major turning point in US power. While much of what is in the report is old news to most aware humans, the fact that it was issued by the US Senate Intelligence Committee and the fact that it was widely reported on in the corporate propaganda media is very important. For one thing it shows that Nazi faction of the cabal no longer controls the corporate media. It confirms information given to me earlier that the Cohen faction of the cabal had broken ranks with the Bush faction. Even more important is that, according to establishment rules, once an incident is in the news, then action must be taken. Since the United States is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, it means their government is bound by law to prosecute war criminals. This means, just as we predicted last week, that George Bush Jr [aka W] and the entire Nazi (Neo-con) faction of the cabal, are headed for jail and possibly even the death penalty. The release of this report comes as the British Crown Prince William was in Washington to attend a World Bank conference. Japanese government sources say that while in Washington, William signed treaties that confirmed a change of ownership of the corporate government of the United States. However, MI5 sources could only confirm that William did sign some documents. The timing of the release of the torture report may have been linked to that. Also, remember how Bush Jr and Tony Blair each went for private audiences with Pope Malevolent (Benedict XVI) after they left office? They were showing the world they had a powerful protector and were beyond prosecution. Well, the new Pope Francis and the P2 have taken away their immunity and that is why war crimes trials are now possible. The UN, UK government officials, the Chinese, and many others are clamoring for this right now." Methinks the P2 is a Masonic Lodge.


Dick Cheney served as Vice President in the Bush II Admin. In the recent weeks, with all the CIA revelations on prisoner torture as policy, he has emerged as chief defendor. He does not appear embarrassed or ashamed, but rather proud and indignant. He stated, "I have no problem as long as we achieve our objective. Our objective is to get the guys who did 9/11 and it is to avoid another attack against the United States. I was prepared and we did. We got authorization from the president and authorization from the Justice Department to go forward with the program. It worked. It worked now for 13 years. We have avoided another mass casualty attack against the United States. And we did capture Bin Laden. We did capture an awful lot of the senior guys at Al Qaeda who were responsible for that attack on 9/11. I would do it again in a minute." However, 25% of the detainees turned out to be innocent, and were released after the extremely injurious treatment during incarceration. These jailer commandants are nazis, and are instilling nazi principles within the security agency. It is all too easy to claim no repeated terror attack, when the CIA was a principal party to the attack itself on New York and the Pentagon. Also, Bin Laden died in 2005, acknowledged by Pakistan, where he lived. The honest broker must choose whether to laugh or vomit at his insufferable defense. The Cheney bravado to commit crimes while wearing the American flag might be used against him later on, as he demonstrates volition and clear will to violate law.

Dick Cheney directly claims to have no problem using torture when dealing with perceived enemies of the US nation. He indirectly stated the USGovt knew the Guantanamo detainees were innocent, as though using various methods was under study, like in Dachau and Auschwitz. Death to innocent prisoners is merely a part of the national program to keep America safe and to preserve the American way of life. One can even go so far as to claim Cheney condones the sodomizing of detainees. They have no rights, and are not being treated as humans. Attempts to condition the public on the devious diabolical nature of Langley brass might be losing steam, and soon to reverse. However, the Jackass does not harbor great faith in the American public to put aside violence and abuse in favor of the abused national security card. As footnote, the Jackass has pieced together the actual events behind the supposed accidental shooting by Cheney of his attorney friend while hunting on the Texas farm. It was indeed an accident, but the object of the hunt was captured humans, given a head start, then hunted like a wild boar, but without any defense like sharp teeth. The stories are rampant of abductions and human hunting on Cheney's farm.

Cheney's disregard and disrespect for the sanctity of human life warrants far greater scrutiny, a public trial, and a hanging. Personally the Jackass would like to see Cheney castrated in public and let bleed to death while tied to a stake, where the public could for themselves gain witness to his reported 10-inch surgically implanted penis. He uses it frequently in rape scenes, with full braggadocio to his elite cohorts. The Cheney role with converting Halliburton into a global environment brutality agent is heinous, vile, and cruel. They blasted the DeepWater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico, and contaminated the entire gulf. They murdered Matt Simmons, who was in the process of exposing them. Simmons once worked at Halliburton in the pre-Cheney years. They were converted from a reputable superb company with competitors Hughes and Schlumberger, and now have no equal in their diabolical role. They even moved their HQ to Dubai in order to escape USGovt purview.


Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is from Buenos Aires in Argentina. He has some particularly horrible scandalous distinctions. He formed a key alliance with the military junta in the 1970 decade, when fascists came to power in Argentina. Bergoglio has been linked with the murders and disappearances of 20,000 natives of the country. He is still under investigation for two murders in particular, which haunt him. This Pope Francis is scum and human vermin, another key fascist player. He represents the first openly declared fascist to be elevated to pope. He clearly was part of an agenda with the global fascism movement, better known as the New World Order. The political totalitarian leaders wish to have a religious whore at the right hand of the throne of total power. The Vatican is precisely that source to serve under the almighty chief. Notice that several primitive governments have a triumvirate as symbols to power. They are the leader emperor, the religious advisor, and the propaganda minister.

Telling is the verbage as the Vatican attempts to establish the framework for a one-world religion. The fascist pope recently stated, "It is not necessary to believe in God to be a good person. In a way, the traditional notion of God is outdated. One can be spiritual but not religious. It is not necessary to go to church and give money. For many, nature can be church. Some of the best people in history did not believe in God, while some of the worst deeds are done in his name." It is an extremely dangerous trend to see politics and religion merge. In time perhaps the powers will attempt to kill or exile citizens if they do not bow on bent knee to the pagan universal god. They will try to justify the movement by claiming that wars emanate from religious differences. The contrary is true, as wars emanate from forced allegiance to the King Dollar. Look for a slam to come, as this pope is disposed of. The new sheriff from the East will not tolerate any further attempts to conform and coalesce political power under an abusive scepter, even if it is adorned by Satanic satin. Neither Christians, Jews, nor Moslems will comply, although a growing proportion of the younger population favors no formal religion and practices the teachings on a daily basis.

The folks at Alcoholics Anonymous have an insightful perspective on the situation. Their philosophy is not actually directed at the one-world religion, but toward religion itself. They teach that  SPIRITUALITY + POLITICS = RELIGION  in a profound declaration. Therefore, one can easily see how formal religion opens the door to deep risk of corruption. The Vatican has for centuries been run by elements of the Illuminati, which is just a nice label for Satanists who worship money and power. The irony is ugly and thick. The Illuminati are the enlightened, those who benefit from what they call in bizarre fashion the Prince of Light, namely Lucifer. The Latin word for light is Lux, and in Spanish it is Luz. Where global religious centers thrive come the forces to control money. Recall the Pope was the principal political figure for several centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, until the Renaissance in the 15th and 16th Centuries. Thus the tremendous accumulation of wealth, and the backstop for numerous Western central banks. It was during the Dark Ages that the wealthy Satanists took control of the back offices for the papacy.


China signed yet another big railroad contract, this with Thailand. It is a $10.6 billion railway pact that stipulates China will invest in two dual-track railways in Thailand. It will span 870 km (540 miles) and connect the northeast Nong Khai province to central Bangkok and the eastern Rayong province. Expansion plans for the project at a later stage could come for connection to neighboring countries in the region. The deal completes the previous agreement that the Chinese and Thai Govts reached last year. The two countries also signed another memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation in trade of agricultural products. China will double its purchase of Thai farm products on the basis of the volume, to make two million metric tons of rice and some 200,000 tons of rubber. See the BRICS Post article (CLICK HERE).

Thailand has been a hidden political hotbed for over a year. The diplomat types are very concerned. Within past year, the US Ambassador was removed. The Obama Admin attempt at intervention probably convinced the Thai powers that enough was enough. They still recall the 1997-1998 meltdown crisis, with fresh memories. The handover appears to be complete, as the Chinese RMB now dominates the region over USD trade. The Japanese are not as welcome anymore in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, since seen as US puppets. Worth a look is a video from over three years ago. The interview with Japanese foreign minister cited blackmail by the USGovt, forcing him to sell out the Japanese finance industry to Anglo-US interests for fear of a HAARP attack. In the following months came the Fukushima attack. In Asia they call it an attack. In the West they call it a natural disaster. It was a disaster, the result of a HAARP attack, in immediate response to Japan making commitments toward a regional Asian currency under Chinese guidance. See the YouTube video (CLICK HERE).


REPORT: This December month is unique, a pivotal month, a month of significant breakdown events and extreme disorientation among the human population. Numerous high echelon developments are in progress, as challenges exist to obtain a glimpse of information and then to discern their meaning, after sorting the critical valid reports from the scattered deceptive accounts. This month, the Hat Trick Letter enters a transitional phase during the holiday issue. The reasons are numerous. Events are occurring in rapid fire pace. Many are systemic change agent events. The elite power structure is undergoing sudden conversions. Pressure by corrupt camps has forced a response by positive camps. The global rejection of the USDollar is happening very quickly and in highly critical steps. A Global Paradigm Shift is in progress, sure to reach a climax stage very soon. Timing is difficult, but by end January and into February, certain breakdown and reform steps will be more obvious. The key note description of the breakdown is that the change agents are all simultaneously at work. It is not possible to point to a single arena of breakdown and collapse. Several systems are faltering and collapsing together, since lashed together in buying the banker cabal time. Refer to currency, bonds, banks, central bank activity, and hidden derivatives, and of course the economy, including the infra-structure. The international unions, alliances, trade pacts are all in a state of flux, including extremely signifiant hidden global contracts. A global realignment is occurring.

DEATH OF USDOLLAR: The world is seeing an excess of events, or better described, a torrent of urgently needed events which are bringing about significant changes to the world. They will be outlined. One must step back occasionally to see the bigger picture, and end of year is a great time to do so. The Global Financial Crisis which began in 2008 in recognized manner has been called by the Jackass the Global Monetary War determined to preserve the King Dollar Regime, and to defend it by whatever means, even war, virus, and genocide. The fact that it is an endless crisis means that no solution has been attempted, unless printing mountains of money in hyper inflation is called a solution, unless producing mountains of additional debt is called a solution, unless redeeming toxic bonds owned by big banks is a solution, unless free money and monetized debt is a solution. The endless crisis signifies a death event to the USDollar which has seen incredible resistance with bank welfare, forgiven $trillion fraud crimes, wars to pillage wealth, and torched nations to obstruct the Eurasian Trade Zone.

BANKER CABAL CORRALLED: The banker cabal is coming to its final stage after a few centuries of modern day power. They will retain some power, but their abuse is going to be reined in significantly, as their nefarious deeds are exposed widely. To be sure, they have been involved in the Crusades and Inquisition and many other key epochs. The story has been revealed that 90% of cabal members have cut deals to avoid extermination and to preserve some of their wealth. They have been cornered for a couple years. The earth is being cleansed in complex ways in a slow arduous process. A core remnant of the most despicable cabal leaders remains active in creating war, committing genocide, wrecking economies via military means, and pilfering wealth (like central bank gold). They must be exterminated, and indications are they will be eradicated. The means are beyond the scope of this newsletter and involve technology hard to imagine. The core cabal evil is trapped. They will never be reformed, integrated, rehabilitated, and permitted a role. They include Bush, Kissinger, Soros, and Brzezinski, to name a few. They have unique characteristics that extend beyond human (leave it there). They have numerous earthly allies in scum vermin like Rubin, Paulson, the Clintons, and others. The Gardeners have been busy in the cleanup process at a heightened level of activity since June 2014. The core cabal has been cornered, and thus their deal cutting. The most evil among them will never surrender, since their crimes against humanity are too great. Their fate is unclear.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SHOCK FROM NEW AWARENESS: The next stage will involve diverse complex changes. Entire belief systems are undergoing great change, and will continue to do so, as the populations face tremendous adjustment to perceptions and angst over revealed deceptions. World events will overtake the majority of people. Assumptions will be cast aside. Apathy will no longer be viable. The systems will be pushed into change or shutdown. Big changes come. Evidence of powerful change is in progress in undeniable manner. The majority of people will soon no longer be able to justify the occurrence of events within their firmly held belief systems. Their discomfort will force head shaking, re-evaluation, and renewed thought processes. In other words, most sheep will awaken. The severe challenges to their beliefs will cause disorientation, confusion, disruption, discomfort, and anger, with fear as well. It will be beyond comprehension for many, with some level of cognitive shutdown, even reversion to primitive reaction like violence. The Jackass has been stuck in a strange mode for the last few weeks, what can be called rumination, basic reflection, pondering, musing, and wandering meditation. Great changes are coming, clearly in the wind, as the global power structure is altered. This is part and parcel to the Global Paradigm Shift, but much deeper, as some of us have come to learn.

EARTH IN TRANSITION: The earth is in a transitional phase, exiting from the brink, having viewed the abyss. The solutions can be considered like a tuning device being adjusted, like a radio or television or more advanced piece of equipment going to work. The concepts are difficult, but might be viewed as density and wavelength issues. With the overlap of frequencies can come confusion to perception and thus confusion. The adjusted dials can result in a creeping sense of unknown, an ill at ease, and sense of foreboding, manifested even in nervous, anxious, angry reactions, even illness. The public must contend with dispelled illusions and contradictions to perceptual structures. The evil cabal has kept the human species hindered and somewhat sick. Flouride in salt and chemtrails in the sky are only a smart part of their vile methods. Humanity is indeed at the crossroads, facing interruptions, since the human species has set course to destruction of the planet. Look no further than the wreckage of the Gulf of Mexico and the ruin of the North Pacific Ocean, following by fracking contamination of ground water systems. The HAARP induced droughts and hurricanes are another plague set upon the planet, which had enjoyed a much better harmony 20 years ago. The virus plagues are man-made and with purpose.

BANK CABAL CRUMBLES: Enter some external influence, about which the Jackass chooses to be vague since beyond the scope of the newsletter. However, it cannot be denied. The human species has gone to the limit, and other forces have come to the fore in order to rescue the lovely blue orb we know as earth. The Berlin Wall fell over 20 years ago, leading to tremendous changes. Next comes the fall of the Western Elite Power Fortress, a process well along. The banker cabal has infighting, perhaps better described as harmful competition or internal conflict. Their fortress has crumbled, not going to crumble, but rather already crumbled. The Ukraine War and spread of Ebola virus were clear indications of a last gasp, where the cabal threatened humanity for a final time, or almost final time. The Ebola plague exited the news as fast as it entered, evidence of an order given by the new sheriffs from the East. The game is coming to a conclusion, as is the Ukraine situation, and the new chapter is soon to be revealed. It will contain many good elements but also a rough transition. Numerous accounts have been promulgated by spokesmen for good, but details will not be shared beyond simple terms. My own comprehension is only partial and very limited. Talk has come of debt jubilee, free energy, health cures, longevity, and eradicated poverty. One can only hope, but such plans will arrive very slowly if at all.

CABAL INTERNAL CONFLICT: The holdouts from the evil camp within the cabal will not surrender. Their crimes and pilferage and abuse of humanity are too great. They wish for the global center to become Paraguay. The Rothschilds prefer Jerusalem. The Rockefellers and Morgans of the world might prefer London with its New York colonial appendage. The internal conflict and infighting among the very evil cabal can be seen in the uphill struggle for the nouveau riche being accepted. Refer to the Bush narco barons and their sudden multi-$trillion in accumulated wealth over the last two to three decades. Their Cambodian Triangle, then Yugoslavian Kosovo, then finally Afghan prize have brought a cool $trillion each year since around 2007 to fill their globally diversified accounts. They have become difficult to conceal, and involve a large portion of Colombian banks, almost the entire Paraguay nation of asset base, and a growing portion of Peru. The conflict comes from the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Illuminati, and shadowy satanic organizations refusing to accept the newcomers led by Bush, who did not derive wealth the old fashioned way. The rooted cabal elite earned their wealth by business, banking, corruption, political axis creations, war promulgation, and central bank favor. They dislike the narcotics vehicle. Not enough time has passed for the narco wealth to become grandfathered in acceptance, like for instance the Kennedy wealth from prohibition era alcohol underground businesses, also known as bootlegging.

UKRAINE AS LAST GASP: Ukraine is extremely significant as a final phase event chapter, a fascist last gasp, a final betrayal to the world community. One year ago, in late 2013, a deal had been cut with over 140 nations in the Global Currency Reset, sometimes known as the Currency Revaluation. These are funny names, when the reset and revaluation was to be for gold relative to the many worthless fiat paper currency exchange rates. The USGovt under the banker cabal leadership decided to dishonor the global pact, and to instead offer a last gasp Ukraine War. The Western-based cabal under Rothschild guiding hand defied the global call for a return to the Gold Currency Standard, in simple terms. They stole the Ukraine 33 tons of central bank gold, much like they stole the Libya gold in greater 144 ton volume. Gaddafi will not be around to claim his nation's gold wealth, and neither will the Libyan people. Instead, in reaction to the Ukraine War crime scene, with ample US, EU, and Israeli fingerprints, the Eastern Elite have decided to introduce the Gold Standard from the trade standpoint.

A Gold Trade Standard will arrive, which is actually enjoying a development phase, much like a strangulation of the King Dollar, the neck being the Petro-Dollar. These have been regular themes within the Hat Trick Letter reports and analysis. The Ukraine War sector is morphing into a Ukraine Dead Zone development region. The fascist Kiev regime will soon end, maybe not at year end as the Jackass forecasted. In essence, it has failed, with the unfolding events merely details of the death event. The last cabal gasp is evident, unless wearing rose colored glasses or wearing red white & blue undergarments. The strange effects of the war are for the Rockefeller salute to the Rothschild knife wound in the Arctic Russian energy project. The Rocks will not tolerate the Chinese or Indians filling the void. To date, the Rocks through their Exxon Mobil mouthpiece have given respect to the Russian sanctions. This will soon change in outward clear terms.

DAWN OF NEW ENERGY: Putin is emerging as a global leader, just like Chinese President Xi, the tag team forming the Eurasian Trade Zone belt, the power pair of the BRICS Alliance. However, Putin goes further. Russia is the primary advocate for new energy sources, such as cold fusion. An explosion of energy sources and devices will soon arrive to the table in exciting breathtaking manner. Demos are taking place, with broad scientific endorsement. The Rockefellers have squelched revolutionary energy for long enough, going far beyond buying up the advanced carburetors for conventional automobile combustion engines. In the process of such broad energy releases, the Kremlin under President Putin appears to have put the world on notice. First, the oil price will be set more and more by Russia, with Saudi cooperation. Second, the Petro-Dollar defacto standard will be given its final burial and funeral, as Russia completes the loop on oil sales with a final step being gold purchase and/or payment. Putin had a falling out (severe conflict and hidden declaration of war) with the Rothschild bankers two years ago. It has been one of the bases for the Cyprus ambush, the Syrian blockade, and the Ukraine scorch. The Russian Bear cannot be isolated or tamed by the typical worn down financial weapons of war. The Russian Economy is far more diversified than the Western press portrays it. The Chinese Dragon has emerged as an industrial power, and active agent in broad global asset acquisitions. Together Russia & China via the BRICS sword and the Eurasian belt will reshape the world. In doing so, they will wreck the Western Banker Elite which has caused poverty, misery, and damage through their corruption, tainted money, debt slavery, hidden loans, and endless war.

WHITE HAT ALIENS: Lastly, the Forbidden Topic must be alluded to. The human species appears not to be alone on the planet. Evidence is colossal, overwhelming, and undeniable. The Jackass has chosen to leave the topic alone for years, focusing instead on Gold, the currencies, sovereign bonds, the big banks, trade, monetary policy, the economies, and war to defend the USDollar. The earth is at a serious crossroads, at risk of its destruction. Alien technology has surfaced, but still the Jackass chooses not to directly discuss this theme at length. My credibility is at stake, although the urgent responsibility to report facts is strong and overriding. Only allusions will come during a phase to the newsletter that is not yet clear or determined. Since the technology has touched the human systems, during a critical stage when facing a certain abyss, the topic cannot any longer be ignored.

The stealth technology used widely by the USMilitary was acquired from Alien sources at least two decades ago, maybe during the Eisenhower Admin when certain pacts were made. It included the electronics and polymers for aircraft surfaces. This must be reported. The risk is to Jackass credibility, while the yearning to maintain integrity must be honored and recognized. The Jackass will gingerly step into the Forbidden Zone, since their influence has begun to openly touch our human existence. It seems the Alien (aka ET) influence has come to interrupt the evil banker cabal on the military front and the global defense of the dying USDollar. A desire continues not to delve deeply into this topic. Around 2009, the United States entered a conflict with the Good Alien elements. These agents of ET good have formed an alliance with Russia.

ALIEN QUESTIONS: Clients should be advised, that the Jackass will not answer questions directed by email concerning Alien topics. The focus of the newsletter will remain financial, banking, bonds, currencies, and gold. Additional commentary will come in future report issues on Alien topics. To be sure, a Pandora's Box has been opened, but it will not have a door that swings widely. Any questions that come will merely be monitored and logged, with possible future directed response in reports. Response to client emails will not be given. Please honor this wish. In 2012, the Jackass had an opportunity to meet with an extra-terrestrial person with connections in China and California. No meeting took place, but when the person is in Costa Rica next, a meeting will happen and has been promised. Apparently, the agent for a special wealthy family was not impressed with the local reaction to progressive plans, as ties to the USGovt are too firmly rooted and the protocol was deemed unsavory.

SPECIAL ALIEN  TECHNOLOGY: Shared Alien technology was demonstrated in the Black Sea when in May 2014, the Russian Air Force jammed the entire USNavy targeting systems. The balance now goes far beyond the Russian Sunburn and Onyx advanced missile systems, which exceed the US Tomahawk Cruise missile system. The USMilitary has lost its target system technology. They are fighting blind. To say the Pentagon pissed their pants is a gross understatement. Furthermore, additional Alien technology has interrrupted the entire nuclear fission chain reaction sequence that enables nuclear bombs from being detonated. The details are not clear to the Jackass, whose scientific background is not much greater than limited, but in this case a mystery lurks. There will be no nuclear war exchanges, at a time when conventional warfare is decidedly not to the USMilitary advantage. The United States is left with fighting to defend the indefensible USDollar with financial warfare. The Russia & Chinese response has been to isolate the USDollar and to introduce gold trade settlement. The US has its hands tied, unable to use the HAARP weather weapon anymore. It too has been taken out of the banker cabal hands by Alien action. Fabricated storms in recent months have dissipated quickly. However, the denial of rainfall to California is a successful cabal project, also using HAARP steering devices.

Some truly exciting technology could likely be deployed for some eventual magnificent transformation, like cleansing the North Pacific Ocean, which is riddled with radiation and harmful effect on marine life. As footnote, the meteor that almost crashed into Russia several months ago was probably eliminated just hundreds of meters above the earth surface by Aliens, using extraordinary laser weapons. It was a megaton body and it was vaporized, with surprisingly little discussion or debate on the event within the scientific community. A collision would have caused a massive earthquake and related damage. Instead it was rendered to harmless vapor in a grand demonstration.

ALIEN PROPULSION SYSTEMS: At least two Hat Trick Letter subscribers have provided personal testimony of actual adopted Alien anti-gravity propulsion systems. The USMilitary has harnessed the technology and offered numerous demonstrations of its silent hovering capability. Related technology enables extraordinary velocity potential for aircraft. The Thunderbird aircraft is not of construction by human hands or design. It can reach speeds of over 2000 miles per hour, as in around Mach 3. Its outer skin is an unusual substance that converts heat to electricity. The client saw it and touched it, but was not permitted to sit in the cockpit, where the avionics would surely be a special treat to observe. The USMilitary has a fleet of at least 100 such anti-gravity propulsion system aircraft. It has been told that one third of all UFO sightings are the USMilitary conducting sentry duty missions, often toying with commercial flights, but perhaps unable to avoid them since so numerous. Leaving the solar system on flights with such craft is routine, not in years, but in days. Like with most USGovt treaties, the US is in violation of all treaties made with the good Alien tribes, often regarding the militarization of technology against Alien wishes. Therefore the alliance between the White Hat Aliens and the Kremlin, and the USGovt opposition to favorably minded Alien groups.

ALIEN APPROACH: In no way, does the Jackass intend to expound upon Alien beings, their integration, their influence, in a deep discussion. The topic will be touched upon but not in depth. Only the key elements of their influence will be covered. The planet earth has been ransacked by the fascists and satanists, which together have produced a highly destructive attack on the globe we call home. The concept of hybrid beings is commonly discussed, but my choice is not to delve into it. Apparently a key trait of many leading fascists (including Neo-Cons) is their hybrid human nature, which explains their contempt for human life. The motive to destroy the planet earth is not totally clear. Ridding 90% of humanity is a constant goal, like for the vile David Rockefeller, George Soros, Dick Cheney, and Bill Gates. The goal to eliminate the worthless eaters and other lower perceived forms of humanity indicates their diabolical nature. Instead, lifting societies from poverty with education and economic development, together with planned families seems more prudent. The common theme of fascists is superior strains and genocide of what they consider inferior subspecies and bloodlines.

The Zionists are primary players in the genocide and central bank activity, whether it is Agenda 21 genocide or receiving $trillions in zero cost loans or stealing foreign central bank gold (see Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Ukraine). The bad element of Aliens has joined forces with the fascist human element. The Global Axis of Fascism has stations in the United States, United Kingdom (England), Switzerland, the Vatican, and Israel. Papa Bush is not the natural son of Prescott Bush, but rather adopted. Reports are rampant that Bushes are hybrid beings. The US fascists operate out of CIA West in Denver, where they have constructed an underground city. Several such cities have been constructed, using narcotics funds, linked by high speed bullet trains. The 2011 Virginia earthquake was no such event, but rather a detonated underground city from sabotage. It is evidence of the war over the earth.

CHECKMATE TO AGENDA 21 & GENOCIDE: Humanity is in the process of great change, extending beyond the Global Pardigm Shift of power moving (with gold) to the East from the West. The humanity interaction protocol is being re-written. Much remains unknown, but elements are permitted to enter the public view slowly and gradually. The current system is stuck in a checkmate condition, the Western Banker Cabal having lost. They might be able to offer a Ukraine War, and to pressure the German Govt to support Russian sanctions. But the war is over, and only battles remain. The outcome is known. The Kremlin led by Putin has powerful friends of the Extra-Terrestrial variety who will no longer honor their longstanding Prime Directive of no interference. The reason is simple, that the banker cabal and their Agenda 21 for destruction of 90% of the global human population has placed the entire earth and its future integrity at risk. That will not be tolerated. Expect far more revelations of Alien elements. Lastly, the Jackass leaves the strategic commentary with a probing note.

The science textbooks commonly report a mutation from the human Neanderthal man to the Cro-Magnon man, known better as the modern Homo Sapiens species. Such a mutation is not defensible in any sense, from an evolutionary or genetic leap standpoint. To accept such an evolutionary leap would be equivalent to a horse mutating to an elephant, or a dog to a deer, or a dragonfly to an eagle. Think instead of Alien seeding, perhaps a million years ago. They left their signature possibly in the crop forms and even maybe the pyramids of Egypt. Look forward to exciting revelations, and further admissions of fraud on a truly magnificent scale. But resistance will be fierce, since the evil holdouts face a death sentence from special Alien devices that challenge the Jackass meager mind in the fourth dimension of wavelengths and alternative frequencies. Imagine a swimming pool filter at work. The evil holdouts are trapped finally and their protective gear, if not hostage gear, are being dismantled.

USDOLLAR & GOLD BACKING: The US gold reserves were essentially stolen. To be more precise, the national gold reserves were cleverly looted by means of financial gimmicks, laden with banker privilege. The former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin during the Clinton Admin directed the gold lease rate to go to zero. That triggered the Gold Carry Trade, whereby Wall Street banks borrowed the USGovt gold bullion held at Treasury reserves. They paid zero percent on the leased gold, sold it into the market, and pushed down the gold price from $500 to $400 per ounce late in the 1990 decade. They also deployed gold futures contracts, as shorted positions, which profited handsomely in leveraged 30-1 manner. They also deployed in counter fashion long USTreasury Bond futures positions, which profited handsomely in similar 30-1 leveraged manner. As gold fell in price, USTBonds rose in value with the historical fall in bond yields attributed to the Clinton Decade of Prosperity that even sported a budget surplus. It was more accurately a Decade of Stolen Prosperity, as the national gold treasury was cleverly looted, thus leaving the US nation vulnerable to bankruptcy a decade later (now).

The rumors are that Bush, Rubin, and Clinton might be pressured to return gold to USGovt for backing the New USDollar, or else face consequences. They could be threatened by powerful forces with far more influence and control they we might imagine. Also, The Voice informed in late summer 2014 that the evil narco barons and banker cabal have made a critical error in the storage of their gold. It is not going to be available to them, or in other words, it might go missing. They entrusted their gold to some good guys with White Hats in managing their gold bullion vault riches, as ill-gotten as it might surely have been. Without gold for the New Dollar, the United States will fall into the Third World. The Jackass expects a charade of Deep Storage Gold to be cited in its gold backing, which will be dismissed as a ruse. Some surprises might come for a USDollar with real gold backing, but only under complex rules and arrangements.

USGOVT DEBT DEFAULT: The USGovt and in particular the USDept Treasury appears unwilling to admit its debt default. A bankruptcy event has taken place within the last year, the Jackass strongly suspects. The default has taken place in some unusual form. To be sure, the mere coverage of USGovt debt rollover by means of QE and its monetary hyper inflation (i.e. printed money like a Third World nation) is not only corrosive but also defies the creditor in proper repayment and debt satisfaction. The debt monetization (QE) is a travesty and profound fraud. This completes another mega Jackass forecast, but one cannot prove the event beyond all doubt. After the US Civil War around 1870, historical records indicate the USGovt accepted giant loans from the Vatican, and the nation was set up as a corporation. In 1999, following the Most Favored Nation status bestowed upon China, the USGovt leased a significant hoard of gold from Beijing. This entire area is not of Jackass expertise, but certain sharp clients are well studied in this important sequence of events. The US has intermingled in complex manner the Vatican debt and the Chinese gold lease, with IRS secure stream bonds involved on the tax revenue. In essence, the Wall Street banks sold out the US nation after stealing its gold, then defaulted to the Chinese creditor. Regard their deeds as one level higher than treason. Indications are scattered, from papal pronouncements to Chinese seizure of One Chase Plaza, the once proud HQ of JPMorgan Chase in South Manhattan.

The USGovt is saddled with other debt problems dating back to the post-Depression Era in the 1930 decade. The controversy is over a gaggle of legacy USTreasury Bonds held by wealthy Chinese families. The USDept Treasury has the audacity to tell Beijing the debt contract has no value, since very old. The Jackass suspects the Chinese probably made arrangements with the Vatican to take ownership and control of the USGovt Corporation, the nation's financial structure. The US has lost its sovereignty, national identity, and spirit. It will be extremely fortunate to avoid falling into the Third World. At the same time, if justice is served, numerous leaders should be prosecuted for treason and others for war crimes. The United States in many respects has been gutted, and become a rogue nation. The world is trying desperately to corral the US before it destroys the entire world.

JAPAN & GERMANY IN AWKWARD POSITION: The United States and Allies won World War II. The resolution and formal pacts that followed are well studied in most respects, but not all respects. Most historical annals report simple bylines but avoid the contract stipulations. The Bank of Japan is obligated to follow orders on monetary matters given by the US Federal Reserve. This explains the Zero Interest Rate Policy imposed in 1991 by Japan, and the magnificent Yen Carry Trade to generate $trillion free income for the banking sector. At the same time, the USGovt tasked Langley to hire the Yakuza in Japan to threaten death of any bankers who did not follow orders to the letter. The conclusion might be in progress as the USGovt has demanded the Japanese Govt pension fund worth $1.2 trillion. The Jackass regards it as a final theft, before Japan enters a financial crisis it cannot emerge from. Tokyo failed to say NO, and thus will find it next to impossible to avoid systemic failure. They are in competition with China but also with South Korea and Taiwan. The victim will be the USDollar, a dead meat. In parallel, the German Constitution was arranged during the reconstruction period in order to assure compliance by the Chancellor with any and all US policy and dictum. Merkel surely swore an oath of allegiance to the USGovt, much like with a vassal state. This explains the dutiful lockstep on Russian sanctions, despite most sectors within Germany in opposition. The USGovt agenda is to prevent further mutual development economically between Germany and Russia, which will cause tremendous friction, certain to reach a climax head. In the end, unlike Japan, Germany will say NO, and will turn toward much stronger and closer alliance with both Russia and China. The flux nations of Japan and Germany will eventually flip toward the Eurasian Trade Zone camp, but Japan will arrive in much worse condition.

As foonote, both nations harbor extreme resentment for cruelty by the US itself at the end of WW2 and afterwards. The USMilitary dropped two atomic bombs on civilian targets, namely Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when the war had already seen a certain end. It is widely believed that the USGovt wanted to test the atomic bomb for its effects, and to intimidate the world for the next few decades into a subjugation before other powers acquired nuclear capability. The USMilitary also installed following the end of WW2 the so-called Eisenhower Detention Camps (or better described as death camps) for prisoners of war. Close to half a million Germany Military soldiers died in the camps from starvation and exposure. This is not part of the US history books. The Jackass has a couple Hat Trick Letter clients with direct relatives who survived these camps. The Germany society is well versed on the existence and cruelty from the camps. Both the Yakuza death threats hired by the USGovt security agency in Japan, and the USGovt death camps in Germany, will receive ample proper publicity in the coming years. Recall that the victors write the history chapters, that lions write no hunter tales. Next the debt defaulters lose that privilege. In fact, the debt defaulters lose control of the nation, and can be forced to re-write the national boundaries as creditor claims arrive in volume and force. It is doubtful the 50 US States will remain intact after the debt default resolution.

PROVISION OF GOLD & COLONIZATION: It has been communicated to the Jackass that the ancient Asian families, often called the White Dragon Family, will not provide the USGovt with sourced gold for its New USDollar. Too much distrust, rivalry, and friction has occurred. The Jackass reasons that Asian gold might be used to back a New USDollar, but it would only happen in a pact that permitted an open door to Chinese corporate colonization that involved factories, mines, ports, farms, and commercial buildings. A grand bilateral gold lease might occur, but only under strict compliance, audits, and other measures. The USGovt has already opened the door to significant asset conversion from USTBonds held by the Chinese Govt to acquire all types listed in assets, plus the formation of industrial parks in at least seven US locations. The colonization has begun, but nowhere as rapid and diverse as in Australia and New Zealand. The Chinese have acted in a clever fashion, using Wells Fargo as a leveraged funding springboard for US-based property acquisitions. They deposit say $1 billion in USTBonds in the bank, then borrow $7 to $10 billion against it for the specific purpose of purchasing downtown commercial property. The bank can hardly be questioned for the posted collateral on quality, since the pristine (garbage toxic) USTreasury securities. The colonization is well along. Next will see the re-direction of farm output and factory output to China, initially in low percentages. Also, it has come to Jackass attention that in January 2013, China purchased in a hidden deal the Ford Motor Company. The colonization is well concealed. Expect countless US companies to become targets of Chinese acquisitions, then to be retooled, revived, retrained, and ready to hire able willing Americans.

REPEAT OF SUBPRIME CRISIS, FLOOD OF PHONY MONEY: Since 2007 and the subprime mortgage explosion of toxic debt on the Western tables, nothing has been fixed. Nothing has been liquidated in the big bank arena. Nothing has been reformed on the bank regulation and capital structures, except for threats with tweaking. Nothing has been reformed repaired or remedied regarding the abuse of debt and the spread of leverage. Nothing has been done to return industry to the West. Instead, the QE monetary inflation spigot has been turned on, which assures wrecked capital from rising cost structures and shrinking profit margins. The solution called for has been more debt to address a debt saturation. The lunacy has resulted in a greater debt crisis than existed in 2007, which brought the Lehman kill job in order to avoid a Goldman Sachs failure. This time around, the Money Velocity has slowed to a dead man's pulse. The Money Supply has gone into nosebleed territory, the high levels never seen before in central bank history. The debt levels and central bank toxic portfolios signal a grand repeat of the Lehman episode, but this time for several big Western banks. The derivative machinery is strained to the limit.

Expect a grand crash and topple of big Western banks. The Voice and other informed analysts believe this time around, JPMorgan might suffer a bankruptcy failure event. Its operations are too complex and unwieldy, beyond management by mere mortals or machines. Their back doors and levers have been removed and dismantled. Few outside Wall Street would mourn, and many would celebrate with rejoiced clamor. The argument of inadequate gold supply to address the current monetary aggregate is a fool's argument. There is plenty of gold. The problem of quadrupled money supply is easily addressed by quadrupled Gold price. It is coming, like day follows night. The nightmare is soon coming to an end, but we must pass through a stormy period.


HOT ZONE UKRAINE: The plans to create a fascist state in Ukraine have failed. The regime is in the midst of abandoning ship. The economy has been wrecked. The coal supply is the most recent disaster, as heat for many homes is not to occur for the winter months. The harvest delivery is very spotty, surely a disaster also. The coup d'etat supported by the US, EU, and Israel security forces and hired mercenaries succeeded only in gutting the nation. The oligarch funds at the time of the maidan coup were redirected to Swiss banks, a total of $70 billion which will not be used for economic purposes, surely not development. The USGovt agents stole the 33 tons of Kiev central bank gold. The IMF funds in relief were also largely stolen, perhaps only 5% remaining for usage. Expect to see clear signs of a failed regime, even change in leadership, by early 2015. The people have begun to challenge the fascist regime, whose security police headquarters proudly sports a US flag. Industry (many including Russian Military contractors) in the eastern provinces is being relocated inside Russia. The natgas supply is problematic, since Kiev did not pay the bills to Gazprom. The Russian conglomerate is very angry over the siphoning of natgas in basic theft. The EU Commission and their poodle member nation leaders have already begun to backtrack, the progress seen in sporadic cease fires, resumed talks on natgas supply, and the energy transport legal structure. The next big step will be a staggering bailout request for the failed nation in the tens of $billions, which will gather horrible global attention for the US-sponsored failure. The IMF and EU will haggle over details, but both parties are broke themselves and politically denutted.

HOT ZONE GERMANY: The division of Germany is proceeding. The bankers and politicians sit in one camp, while the business sector sits in the other camp. To date, Merkel has been dutiful and subservient to the US-EU bank cabal masters. As a leader, she must speak for the dissenting camp. The meeting by Chancellor Merkel in Bulgaria showed positive signs, as she pushed for continued South Stream construction and progress. Merkel is caught in a vise, with obligatory pressure to support the fascist US-EU goals as part of her post (sworn oath), but with loud outcry by the industrial sector and farm sector toward removing the Russian sanctions. The nation has over 3000 companies doing business with Russia. The US & EU fascist uber-lords will not succeed in severing German-Russian business ties, since they are too deep and firm. Decisions have already been made by positive (hardly clandestine) factions within Germany to join the Eurasian Trade Zone, to support and participate in the BRICS currency backed by gold & silver, and to leave the European Union. The actual steps to realize these critically important changes will take time. Already Merkel is being heckled, booed, and criticized in public. She will resign, all in time. The obstacle which she represents will be removed like a rock in the roadway, moved by industrial machinery. Germany will eventually halt the sanctions and work to preserve their diverse powerful strong economy.

The nation Germany is slowly building its case for leaving the European Union altogether. The five key indictment points remain as sufficient for Germany to exit the EU union. 1) Refusal by the New York Fed to repatriate the German gold. 2) Disgust over USGovt NSA espionage that covers the chancellor office, the Parliament, and the nationwide cell phone grid. 3) Anger over Russian sanctions forced into imposition, which have caused enormous economic damage and lost jobs. 4) Open monetary conflict with the Euro Central Bank over monetary inflation for their own QE that would extend beyond sovereign debt purchase, and include stocks and others assets. 5) Disgust over unending requirements to devote its national savings toward the debt relief and bailout of the Southern European nations. The situation in Germany is very complex, very divided, and given the Ramstein NATO Airbase, very sticky. The base is in all likelihood used to transport heroin from Afghan sources by the USMilitary wings.

HOT ZONE TURKEY: In many ways Turkey is shrouded in some mystery. It has always served as a conduit nation, the bridge nation, the hired agent nation. Their anger over particular EU rules that exploited Turkey has resulted in a firmer direction toward Russian cooperation. Some large energy deals are not the ordinary natgas pipeline type. They are for giant gas storage facilities and nuclear plant construction, for which Russia is a leader. The Jackass expects an enomrous backlash from the ISIS card, since the Langley directors who run ISIS use the US Embassy in Ankara as its headquarters for directing regional operations. The leaders in Ankara know this, and are angry. The national politics are a hotbed of controversy, with Islamic elments pushing hard, with official fraud and corruption exposed, and with economic deals turning eastward. In several respects, Turkey is flipping eastward far more than any other country in the pan-European territory. They are avid observers of the extreme destruction to Ukraine, their neighbor across the Black Sea to the north.

In fact, all Eastern Europe is watching the horrendous development in Ukraine, part of the Putin laid trap. The trap details were described in March Hat Trick Letters. The Turkish linkage with Russia is more firm with each passing month. The Jackass suspects that Russia will indeed obtain much farm produce and meats via the Turkish channels. If a profit is to be earned as middleman, a Turk will fill the role. The situation in Turkey is very complex, very divided, and given the Incirlik NATO Airbase, very sticky. The base is in all likelihood used to transport heroin from Afghan sources by the USMilitary wings.

HOT ZONE JAPAN: The nation of Japan has been the main Asian victim of the Chinese industrial renaissance. To be sure, much industrial machinery and tools are placed from Japanese firms, sold to Chinese factories, along with Germany machine tools. The rise of China has coincided with the loss of Japanese trade surplus. For two years, Japan has had a small trade deficit. The impact is to the Yen currency. With the USGovt seizure (politely called formal demand) of the $1.2 trillion government pension fund, the Bank of Japan was then ordered to announce Unlimited QE, in other words infinite monetary expansion. No great criticism has come for the lunacy and threatened destruction. Call the US version QE to Infinity, and call the Japanese version QE to Infinity Squared. The proof in this toxic pudding is the fast falling Japanese Yen currency. The impact will be on their vast export industry and big banks. The exported products will be made cheaper to foreign customers, result in less revenue, but convert favorably in currency translation. The export businesses will face much higher material costs (in USD terms), while the domestic effect has been higher energy costs since the Fukushima attack. The nation has imposed a sales tax hike, a portion of which might be further delayed. Japan imports 99% of its oil, whose cost has not fallen as much as in the USEconomy.

On the nefarious side, the Fukushima incident must be discussed in some detail. Just a few short months after Japan announced its future cooperation with China on establishing a regional currency outside the USDollar framework for trade, the Langley crew went to work. It was a double barrel attack. The first phase was a series of 10-12 micro nuclear detonations on supposed oil rig platform pillars. All construction crews were murdered. The crews thought they were building an off-shore oil platform. The geological evidence was a very powerful wave impact, followed by dampened waves. The second phase was a HAARP event to produce an earthquake with a powerful ensuing tsunami. The impact hit the five Fukushima nuclear generating plants, which remain off-line and spewing radiation. The geological evidence was a growing series of waves, culminating in a very powerful wave impact. The two contrasting blast wave signatures are well studied by Asian scientists, and furthermore, the Asians regularly refer to the incident as an attack, not a natural event. The motive of the US attack was to weaken the nation, to assure future compliance with US wishes, and to increase its energy costs as punishment. As footnote, the Philippines were handed two back to back HAARP hurricanes in the subsequent months, after their government announced support within ASEAN for a regional Asian currency outside the USDollar framework. The pattern of criminal genocide is clearly laid out.

HOT ZONE SAUDI ARABIA: The Saudi Royals are struggling to hold onto power. The internal tribal battles continue, as five decades of being left out have emboldened rival tribes to seek the throne. King Abdullah is the last of the able brother elders, the rest being minor weak figures. The nation is dealing with demands to put aside harsh strict Moslem laws that infiltrate many elements of their society and life. The oil reserves for the nation are much lower than advertised. Depletion after 50 years of oil output has a certain effect. They have much less spare capacity than told. Some analysts believe the Saudis are producing oil overtime not to win favor with the USGovt, but to reap the profits before the Royals lose power. They also might wish to gain as much income as possible in order to replace the Gold bullion that has been stolen by the Wall Street and London syndicate, gold that was stored in Swiss bullion banks. The Saudis are walking a fine line, with the USGovt threatening them into compliance of policy, but with the Chinese engaging them into cooperation in mutual investment and trade. The Jackass believes the Saudis have cut a critical deal for common Russian oil pricing, but denominated in Chinese RMB terms. The cooperation among Saudi, Russia, and China is a big untold story behind the scenes. It will remain quiet, so as to avoid direct US attacks in Riyadh. They might have already begun, using the ISIS terror tool.

The Saudis are thus defining the next chapter after the demise and removal of the Petro-Dollar. In a certain perspective, the USDollar is rising fast because the Petro-Dollar devices are dismantled. The USD is not under control any longer. It rises while the oil price falls, stark evidence of the missing dollar to oil linkage. In essence, the Saudis have put the Petro-Dollar aside, or in plain terms, allowed it to die. The Chinese influence is also positive with respect to Saudi Arabia and its neighbors, in particular with Iran. My firm belief is that China ordered Saudis and Iran to make peace, to establish detente, and to exit the USGovt conflict treadmill that serves Washington so clearly, but not positively. The Gulf region will enjoy a period of flourishing, as soon as the USGovt ends its reign of terror with the Arab Spring, which has a new element in the ISIS terror under the Langley control room (ISIS is a Langley tool). In time, watch the Saudis and other emirates convert their $1 trillion in USTreasury Bonds into Gold. They distrust debt securities. The Gulf emirates will join the BRICS Alliance with full devotion and support.


Thanks to the following for charts StockCharts, Financial Times, UK Independent, Wall Street Journal, Zero Hedge, Business Insider, Calculated Risk, Shadow Govt Statistics, Market Watch, and more.