22 JULY 2016
Jim Willie CB,  “the Golden Jackass”

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Special Report


As introduction, Turkey is a critically important country for many reasons. It is the eastern-most member of the NATO Alliance. Their Incirlik air force base is the closest in location to Russia for missile placements. It is a major heroin distribution point, from the Afghan source through Kosovo, then onto the European NATO bases for movement to local agents. Incirlik contains nuclear weapons, whose location is being verified along with launch codes. Turkey controls the important Bosporus Straits, which permit passage from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian Navy uses the straits on a regular basis. Turkey has been egregiously abused by the US Embassy in Ankara, where many ISIS field operations are conducted. This is a gross violation of embassy protocol. Turkey is involved in black market activity in both heroin and crude oil. The oil business is managed by the son to the Turkish President Erdogan. The ISIS guerrillas capture oil fields in Iraq and Syria, then sell the crude oil on the black market. One of their primary buyers is Wall Street banks. 

Hence Turkey is very important as a piece on the chessboard. Putin will capture it after more serious errors of judgment and movements by the US, UK, Western Europe, and Israel. Turkey will become a piece within the Eurasian Trade Zone which is coming into formation as Europe deteriorates. The following are numerous stories to paint the mosaic that is Turkey. It is complicated and still murky.





It appears that Turkey had been following Washington orders for a long time, sharing the load of responsibility to inflict terror in Syria. The corner of Turkey, Syria, Iraq is very messy with the Kurds who maintain a regional home in Northern Iraq but without any sovereignty of control. Hence Turkey has appealed to the USGovt for constant assistance to prevent the Kurds from claiming parts of Iraq and Turkey as their own land and forming a nation. The influx of Kurds through Turkey is longstanding. Turkey wants a closed border with both neighboring countries. For the last two years, Turkey has cooperated fully with the USGovt and USMilitary. The US Embassy in Ankara is a command center for ISIS activity, both field logistics and funds management.


Until Russia entered the Syrian War, the US and Turkey ruled the roost. The Russians made the entire theater complicated. The Russian Military was attacking the ISIS strongholds in Syria, and interrupting supply convoys from Turkey. The Germans and French joined the Russian sorties, set to destroy ISIS positions, which were widely perceived as terrorist outposts. The USGovt was caught flat-footed, exposed for being the organizers of ISIS with Israel. The Kremlin made the exposures very clear in the press. Putin conducted a preliminary G-20 Meeting a few months ago in which the diagram was displayed for funds movement, from the Swiss banks to the ISIS field units. The demo changed the entire geopolitical balance.


When the Turks downed a Russia SU fighter jet, all changed. Far more details could be cited, but these are the rough cuts. The resulting friction between Russia and Turkey brought about economic decline to the point of severe shock and depression to the Turkish Economy. The Russian Govt instituted a travel ban for its own citizens, which eliminated 200 thousand tourist visits or more per year to the lovely coastal hotels of Turkey. The food ban also rendered serious harm to Turkey and its supermarket selections. A massive economic recession actually applied political force to the top echelons in Ankara. The attempts at blockades for the Bosporus Straits were a clumsy effort to incite Russia. In no way did the Russian Military take the bait.


The Erdogan Regime has not been stable since the fighter jet incident last November. Finally, push came to shove and Erdogan flinched. The Turkish President must have realized that his country would be led to ruin by the United States, just like Libya and Syria and Greece. Erdogan made a formal apology to Russia and President Putin, even directing comments to the jet fighter pilot's family. The positive effect was immediate inside Russia, which meant the apology had been discussed earlier in high level conversations. The aftermath was all productive and fruitful. The Jackass made several email comments to colleagues, saying things like "The Washington NeoCons will try to remove him, since they cannot tolerate Turkey flipping eastward into Russia's hands." It happened and did so quickly. The Jackass has had for several months a standing forecast of Turkish coup d'etat. It happened, but the failure is equally significant. The Turk Stream gas pipeline was cited as back on, a GO. The several construction projects were cited as back on, a GO. The food ban and travel restrictions were cited as all to be lifted. In time the bilateral relations will be seen as moving toward normalcy again.


The USGovt was furious at normalizing relations between Turkey and Russia. Too much is at stake, with ISIS attacks from Turkish airbases, with heroin flow, with black market oil supply, and with NATO membership (nukes on bases). Erdogan had taken a $3 billion bribe (grant) to continue managing the Arab human garbage flow to Europe. Even that sewage project seemed at risk. So the Washington NeoCons in charge of foreign policy, the same crew from the Bush II Admin, they appeared to organize a coup d'etat to displace Erdogan. It is safe to conclude that every foreign policy initiative by the Obama Admin has been a massive failure, with countless civilian deaths, and with significant backfire, which reshapes the geopolitical alignments on the stage.


The same cleric Gulen (secluded in Pennsylvania) who is linked with the downed SU fighter jet, is rumored to be behind the failed coup attempt. The Jackass believes that Erdogan saw it coming, put in place defensive measures, and permitted the attempted coup to happen (or did not try to completely halt it), knowing it would fail. It had no infantry support and thus was doomed to fail. By permitting a failed coup, the wily shrewd Erdogan could expose those behind the plot, namely the USGovt, and make firm his control of power with Putin at his supporting flank. The Turkish leader has given credit to Putin for saving his life. Once more, the Americans appear meddlesome, violent, prone to destabilization, and with no respect for sovereignty of nations. Turkey appears to be where the US-led Arab Spring steps stop.


The following are many stories surrouding the entire incident. Verification and validation is difficult. A mosaic is painted, from which the story will unfold over time, giving the people an opportunity to make conclusions. Some of the stories to follow are more strategic in nature. Some are incidents with details. These will not be followed up in great detail, but rather offered with synopses and links for further investigation on diverse angles for a complex story of utmost importance. If one assumes the USGovt is doing something devious or violent or obstructive, the assumption is usually borne out as correct. Please be aware that the Turkish story has many angles which are not part of economics and finance, nothing relevant toward the Gold Standard resurrection. However, the Jackass expects Turkey to flip eastward and become a vital cog to the Eurasian Trade Zone, in control of ports, acting as channel to Europe, even window to the West. The first splinter off NATO will cause the entire alliance to eventually fracture. In parallel, the first departure from the European Union will cause the entire union to eventually crumble.


The coup attempt on Friday July 15th was suppressed by early Saturday, with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim offering details. After Erdogan urged the natives to take to the streets, life is slowly returning to normal. Yildirim stated that all coup supporters have been detained. Over 180 people were killed and 1470 were injured during the events, while nearly 3000 people have been detained.





***The US Consulate reported that Turkey's Incirlik air base has been sealed and the electrical power cut off, according to CNN. They reported, "Be advised that local authorities are denying movements on to and off of Incirlik Air Base. The power there has also been cut. Please avoid the air base until normal operations have been restored." The US Embassy in Ankara is trying to position the condition as temporary, but Erdogan says he wants Muslim cleric Gulen extradicted. If Erdogan allowed the hastily arranged coup to proceeed, it was a bold move by him possibly to placate angry population, while turning East to Russia. See Russia Today (HERE & HERE) and Turkish Embassy website (HERE). London Paul added, "Fighting is reported in two airports between the coup supporters and the government. Around 40 planes are also missing from Incirlik. I have had confirmed via an intelligence source that Erdogan is not behind these coup attempts." But he knew they were in planning and progress.

***Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen has been implicated in the downing of the Russian fighter jet late last year. In an explosive revelation, Ibrahim Melih Gokcek, Mayor of Ankara and a close political associate of Erdogan, came up with a stunning disclosure that the coup's participants included an officer belonging to Gulen's organization who was also involved in the killing of a Russian pilot in Syria last November. Erdogan too is a savvy politician and will keep the Americans guessing. Clearly after the incident, the Sultan will make no mistake, as he will remain wary of US intentions. Gulen now becomes a serious issue between Washington and Ankara, a bishop on the chessboard. There is no likelihood of Washington agreeing to the extradition of Gulen, who is a strategic asset. Gulen is well known to be a Saudi tool. The Saudis have kept their dealings with Gulen under the wraps. See Rediff (HERE).


***A Turkish military helicopter carrying eight men landed in northeastern Greece, with its crew seeking political asylum. The Black Hawk helicopter landed in an airport in Alexandroupoli, located in the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, after sending a distress call to authorities at the airport. According to the Greek ERT TV, the passengers, seven of them in military uniforms, are believed to be among those who orchestrated the attempted coup against President Erdogan of Turkey on Friday night. Extradition of involved soldiers is being sought from Greece. Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu claimed that eight soldiers who landed in Greece on board a helicopter, claiming asylum, will be extradited. Much confusion abounds on the story, as later it was stated that the personnel onboard were from a medical team. See Iran PressTV (HERE).


***In public, President Erdogan taunted Obama over coup attempt in Turkey. The potential is present, in a serious way, to air a significant amount of dirty laundry with profound implications. The US & Turkey have some extremely scummy dealings together with heroin and ISIS terrorism at the center. The flow went like this. On Saturday, Erdogan made a stunning disclosure that he had shared with Obama the intelligence on a likely coup attempt by Gulen's followers. But the US president sat on the delicate information, which tends to mean that Washington was behind the coup attempt. The Turkish leader suspects Washington's intentions toward him, and rightly so. Most certainly, the US forces have installed elaborate electronic systems in Incirlik to eavesdrop on communication. This is sedition on foreign soil using military bases and embassies, which will not be tolerated. The timing of the coup is extremely significant. It comes after the setback to the United States on plans to push for a permanent NATO presence in the Black Sea, threatening Crimea and the Russian Naval base.


The recent apology by Erdogan for the shooting down of a Russian jet last November took everyone by surprise, including Washington. The acceleration of the Turkish-Russian normalization would have unnerved Washington. It cannot be ruled out that the Russian intelligence tipped off the Turkish counterparts on the likelihood of a coup. The Russian intelligence has traditionally kept a strong presence in Turkey. Furthermore, the Iran's Fars news agency reported Saturday that Turkish intelligence officers deployed in Aleppo in Syria had begun evacuating on instructions from Ankara. The signal is for disengagement from the rebel groups fighting the government forces in that region. Witness a last gasp desperate gamble on the part of the cabal (US, Saudis, Israel) which they lost in a very shameful manner. The fallout consequences will be apparent quickly. China and Iran look to be major winners. See Asia Times (HERE).


***Turkey reopened the Bosphorus Straits for tankers after the coup attempt. Turkey has the big passageway open for tanker transit after briefly closing the waterway in the wake of Friday's coup attempt. The traffic for transit vessels is back to normal, along with non-dangerous cargo carriers. See Sputnik News (HERE).



Top officers at Incirlik Air Base were arrested in Turkey, in connection with an attempt by a military faction to overthrow the government of Turkey. It was an unprecedent event. Other officers at the base were also taken into official custody. This is sedition and possibly punished by death. The base is a major US air operations center in the Middle East, especially in recent months for Syria. The Turkish armed forces issued a statement Sunday saying the uprising was engineered by "terrorist traitors embedded within the Turkish army who belonged to an illegal organization." They referred directly to the Gulen faction. Turkish officials said the organizers of the uprising were given crucial aid from officers at Incirlik Air Base, a facility that hosts most of the 2500 USMilitary personnel stationed in Turkey. The official media reported the arrest of the top Turkish Military official at Incirlik, General Bekir Ercan Van. He was arrested with 10 soldiers at the base. They are accused of being part of an operation (according to Turkish officials) which provided air-to-air refueling for F-16 fighter jets deployed by the leaders of the coup attempt Friday night and Saturday morning. The F-16s were a crucial part of the coup attempt, used to intimidate government supporters in the streets. Other Turkish Air Force helicopters were used to shoot civilian government supporters and attack headquarters of police forces in the capital. The arrested general must face charges of killing civilians, surely a capital offense. See Millennium Report (HERE).


***A newly-released email and lobbying documents filed with Congress reveals new ties between the Clinton criminal world and Hizmet, a network of a mysterious Islamic cleric from Turkey who is sympathetic to Gulen. Connections between Clinton and acolytes of the Fethullah Gulen could muddle the complex relationship between the US and Turkey. President Erdogan has mounted an aggressive crackdown against Gulen and his followers, known as Gulenists. President Obama has been personally handed a request to extradite the 74-year-old imam, who has lived in self-exile in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania since 1999. The cleric is accused of attempting to undermine the Turkish Govt. His followers control many Turkish institutions, including the media, courts, and police force. A 2009 email recently released by Judicial Watch provides yet another example of access being provided to a Clinton campaign and Clinton Foundation donor. Apparently a Gulen follower named Gokhan Ozkok asked Clinton deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin for help in connecting one of his allies to President Obama. This person Ozkok is founding board member of the Turkish Cultural Center and part of a network of businesses and non-profits affiliated with the Gulen movement, also known as Hizmet. See Signs of the Times (HERE).


***Gulen is the central figure, with clearly set Langley ties. The failure of the coup, and the shift in posture by Turkey toward Russia are the latest in a long list of Obama Admin defeats. They lost ally Egypt just two years ago. The Saudi regime is collapsing. Everything Obama touches turns to rubble and muck. The New Eastern Outlook conducted an interview with William Engdahl on the Turkish situation and unfolding developments. "This was a network of officers inside the Army loyal to the Fetullah Gulen Movement. Gulen is a 100% CIA controlled asset. He even lives since years in exile in Saylorsburg Pennsylvania, having gotten safe passage and a green card by former top CIA people like Graham Fuller and the former US Ambassador to Ankara. Gulen has been a decades-long mad project of the CIA to weaponize political Islam as an instrument of regime change. Recall that in 2013 there were mass protests against Erdogan in Istanbul and elsewhere. That was when Gulen, who previously had made a deal with Erdogan's AK Party, broke and criticized Erdogan as a tyrant in the Gulen-controlled media such as Zaman. Since then Erdogan has been moving to root out his internal most dangerous adversary, Gulen and friends, including raids on Zaman and other Gulen-controlled media. This is not about a battle between the White Knight and Evil Knievel. It is about power pure in Turkish politics." See New Eastern Outlook (HERE).


***Turkey has begun a positive shift in position toward Syria. Three days after the attempted military coup in Turkey, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President Erdogan had a telephone conversation. They discussed the prospects for peace in the region. A senior Iranian official commented on the possibility of Ankara turning over a new leaf in its Syria policy. See Sputnik News (HERE).


***Amidst the hubbub of the failed coup attempt, the Turkish Lira tumbled. The Turkish stock market also plunged. The effects in the aftermath will be far reaching in changes. Expect higherp price inflation, including in the important food sector. Notice the effect on the Turkish Lira currency, which is displayed in terms of Lira per USD. A decline of about 7% ensued.




***Excellent commentary from TonyS in Wisconsin with some depth. This was a failed CIA standard regime change operation, like what we have seen so many times before. The following is in  his words, but my minor edits. I followed this thing on Twitter minute by minute. Many reports flashed up, and then were silenced or changed. This is what I observed, as facts in favor of this viewpoint. The internet and social media sites in Turkey locked down airtight at the start of the coup. No reaction came from the Turkish people until Erdogan used Apple Facetime, which the CIA missed. Erdogan used it to get himself on the air and broadcast that the coup was being executed by a small cabal, not the entire military. He made the statement, 'They cannot run this country from Pennsylvania." Once that hit the airwaves, the Turks came out of their houses like angry ants to put a stop to the CIA taking over their country. One must wonder if 20 years ago the Turks might have helped the CIA. But the recent history has taught them a hard lesson (see Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, etc) of destructive outcomes wherever Langley is involved.


Russia's first and only statement during the early hours of the coup was that they were very concerned, and watching closely. In diplomatic speech that could have been a warning to the US not to deploy military assets in the fray. The coup forces fired on crowds of people trying to stop the coup, killing many. Blood was spilled. They attacked the TV station which broadcasted Erdogan's message.  How in the hell would that fit in with the coup being a staged event? Even the CIA satanists do not shoot their own crisis actors. The coup forces tried to shoot down Erdogan's aircraft. The story I saw stated that two F-16 jets had a bead on his aircraft, and then simply never fired. Perhaps they were stopped by some advanced Russian technology. It seems that sort of aircraft system shutdown is exactly what the Russians showed off earlier this year in Syria. Now Erdogan is consolidating power, purging anyone even slightly tainted by CIA money or influence. I would expect bold moves like leaving NATO, shutting down Incirlik, cutting off logistics for the Syrian war. It will all likely proceed in a well thought out timetable. It is extremely doubtful that the United States will be able to coerce or seduce Erdogan back into the fold, not so long as Putin comes to his aid. He already has $3bn in cash. I do not think Putin will leave him exposed to US pressure, given the strategic importance of what is at stake.


***The Jackass believes Erdogan realized that Turkey as a nation was quickly descending into the toilet. The Turkish President made a significant turn toward Russia. He realized the economy was collapsing, and that all the US initiatives were failures. He sensed a power shift internally that could have swept him out of office, or even had him killed. He disliked the unfavorable shift with respect to Russian relations. It seems clear that Russian President Putin made Erdogan an offer he could not refuse, like cuts under the table from the Turk Stream gas pipeline, like promises of revitalization to the Turkish Economy on numerous projects, like promises not to suspend big energy projects like electric generating stations and a nuclear generating station. He probably was assured to promote tourism, to renew all food exports, to enjoy some technology transfer, and a solid treaty for passing through the Bosporus Straits. However, one major condition was definitely put to Erdogan's feet. TURKEY HAD TO ABANDON THE AMERICAN PLANNERS AND WAR MONGERS IN WASHINGTON, WHO ARE HELLBENT ON BROADBASED DESTRUCTION IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THE POWER STRUCTURE. Then Erdogan accepted.


Erdogan might have allowed the failed coup attempt to proceed, by having a few officers work both sides. The reports indicated he was tipped off, likely by his own Turks in the military but also by Putin via Russian intelligence in Ankara. The evidence seems clear that Erdogan might have been tipped off on the coup, since he made his escape in time. If he saw it coming and let it happen, then a bonus for the longstanding corrupt leader. In the aftermath, he could blame Washington (see Gulen) and then side with Russia. He saw the future with Russia. He sees NATO crumbling and the EU fracturing. Nobody in the press networks can mention the NATO base for its high volume of heroin operations and transport. It is very significant through Incirlik, from Afghan original sites. More heroin product volume will have to go through Ramstein Germany.


Permit many more loose comments, with a slight amount of repetition from the opening preamble. With no infantry involved in the coup attempt, it seems like designed to fail. It was a clear message to Erdogan to stop courting Russia, delivered by Washington. In the process, Erdogan will easily grab more internal power. The event was planned by US and the Muslim cleric to turn Erdogan away from courting and bonding with Russia. Best to think in terms of higher chessboard game with Russia versus US, which the Team Obama always loses. One must always think in terms of highly lucrative narcotics channels. Perhaps the failed coup tightens the flow of funds into certain hands, even if not fully friendly to US-led NATO leadership. The timing reeks for the entire event. Erdogan had made positive conciliatory gestures to Russia, which the US did not like. The Turk Stream project is back on as project to connect with Russian Gazprom. The Jackass is beginning to think the NeoCons run by Langley Black Hats are losing ground versus Constitutionalists in Washington. A vast power struggle has been underway for ten years in Washington.


***London Paul added his perspective, always of value. We need to look at recent events to perhaps better understand and gauge what went on last night in Turkey. It is very easy to jump to conclusions which can lead us off on a train of thought, a tangent to the direction we ought to be heading. We have seen in recent weeks an attempt by Erdogan to normalize relations with both Russia and Syria. Given the context of events in Syria, including the shooting down of the Russian jet and Turkey's obvious implication in dealings with the likes of ISIS, this represented a profound 180 degree shift which clearly will have angered their masters in Washington. So let's fast forward to last night. Erdogan was apparently on holiday. While it is entirely feasible, it is equally likely that he was away because of prior knowledge of this coup attempt, which in order to have any real chance of success would require his arrest and detention. As a side note, it was interesting to see that the Western media were suggesting Erdogan attempted to gain asylum in Germany and when that was refused, then apparently he made his way to London. Those claims both appear to be false.


I would suggest that Russian intelligence found out that a coup was planned in Turkey and quickly rushed to inform Erdogan. He responded by ensuring he was kept out of the direct firing line at the time the coup was instigated. With all that in mind, I would suggest it was a CIA-backed coup because they wished to overthrow Erdogan, due to his 180 degree shift towards Russia and Syria. The fact that Erdogan blamed the US exiled cleric, Fethullah Gulen, suggests he was aware of the US involvement even if he pointed the finger in the wrong direction.


So let's turn our attention to Kerry, who perhaps coincidentally was visiting Lavrov in Moscow at the time this coup happened. We have seen Kerry softening the US stance towards Russia and Syria in recent weeks, which seems at odds with US intelligence sources, likely led by the CIA. It is entirely possible that he visited Moscow to provide US intelligence to Russia regarding this proposed US led coup, without risk of communications intercepted. There is no doubt that there has been an ongoing cold war between the CIA and the US administration for some time over Syria and elsewhere, centered upon narcotics enterprises and overrun liberties during the march toward a fascist state. It has become a hot battle over Turkey, given its NATO member status. There is little doubt in my mind that the elements within the US administration now desire cooperation and normalization of relations with the likes of Russia and also China. This flies in the face of the Langley intiatives in the Middle East and beyond, now including Europe as witnessed by the Nice attack and others before it in France. It seems the Kerry shuttles indicate the dangerous factional battles between Langley and White Hats in Washington, a sharp division have opened, a major schism.


If my assertions are correct, then a foiled CIA plot is another defeat for the cabal and a very important one. We shall see in the coming days and weeks what the fallout is over this matter. Without a doubt other attempts to destabilize Turkey are likely to occur. The urgency and clearly ill-prepared attempt at a coup are another indication that the cabal is in full blown panic mode now. They are desperate because time is rapidly running out for them. What perhaps they still fail to grasp, in some quarters, is that whatever they try to do now is a futile exercise. A a new paradigm is now birthing, within which they and their ilk can and will play no part in its future development.


***Colleague Sky Crane pitched in with several excellent comments. Plans for his removal were well under way by several interests when Erdogan figured it out and said he was sorry to Team Obama. Interesting to watch all the big players who have a stake in Turkey now try to work out an intelligent solution without a war. One can see the faint lines of a new detente (EU, Turkey, Iran, Arabs, Russia, China) actively succeeding at  establishing the next economic equilibrium in the entire Middle East including reluctant Arab partners. The role of the United States in the MidEast is not clear. The US as usual is the deadweight resisting any global contraction of its overt and quasi military forces, vassals, and agents. They really have no choice as they cannot cover the costs of all the parts not being financed anymore by their unwilling allies. Something wll soon have to replace the enormous pieces (see BREXIT, Deutsche Bank) that have fallen off the old system. We are going to be at a tipping point without these critical components capable of supporting the very stressed system. Some replacement will be forced by necessity, overwhelming whatever broken platform lies in the way.


The Turkey coup is another tectonic event close on the heels of BREXIT. The quickening pace grows faster. We might see events entering the US homeland, like the baited race war. Sadly some sort of civil war looks more likely all the time. Election 2016 might become too much risk for the cabal. It showed in the many desperate attempts at suborning public and government officials like Loretta, Comey, and Sanders, so as to avoid having Hillary (cabal control) disqualified. The Clinton Foundation cannot hide with covers pulled over it. The foundation will be a major target for weeks and months to come.


***EuroRaj pitched in with some final comments. I think Erdogan is now explicitly distancing himself from the cabal and leaning East. I think Putin must have warned Erdogan, since the Russia Today press link was on the story like a flash. I think Erdogan declares no more to Gulen influence, and no more usage of Incirlik by American infidels. Turkey moves away from NATO, and toward SCO during a key geopolitical paradigm shift. The Shanghai Cooperation Org is soon to rival NATO as the Eastern security network, designed to counter the hostile bellicose NATO. The biggest deal Putin made with Erdogan was to keep him and his family alive physically, monetarily, and politically. There will be enormous positive payback for the Russians, and tremendous bitterness for the Americans. By the way, Erdogan's hotel resort was bombed right after he left the premises. It is truly game over for the US in Turkey, and time to pull out.