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ARCHIVE OF PUBLIC ARTICLES  (back to 2004)  (recent work)



"Triggers in USDollar Collapse"

three important event triggers stand out:

A) crude oil heading toward $30

B) bank failures from oil hedges

C) debt default from Emerging Market nations

the next crisis will be much worse than Lehman in 2008, the next crisis will be much worse than Asian Meltdown in 1998, many are the triggers toward lighting the countless oily rags (listed in the article), the vulnerability of the entire economic and financial system is enormous, all policies since the year 2000 have been destructive including a few more war fronts, nothing has been put on the table toward remedy but instead continuation, ZIRP & QE contribute toward economic deterioration which is visible in the fast falling Money Velocity, constant war contributes toward economic ruin (like Orwell warned), we are witnessing the death of money, the Gold Standard will emerge from the next crisis, all nations will be begging for a real solution, more paper patch jobs will not work this time around, game over!



November 17th: topics covered are negative interest rates by the broken discredited USFed, new debt bubble twice as large as before the Lehman failure in 2008, the Moodys stupidity of concern over economic shocks when the USEconomy is mired in its sixth year of deep recession, decline in bank sector profits where big banks are corrupt hollow towers deeply committed to casino games and bond carry trade, the broken factors in the Silver Market (heavy recent year coin premiums, vacant Live Market, and vanished recycle market)



November 12th: topics covered are Global Currency Reset with its delayed implementation and confusing aspects and ramifications, constructive cooperation between Russia & China, the Agenda-21 and its many ugly faces from Elite destructive pet projects, the prospect of lower oil prices and the resultant damage with specter of new energy sources, the wonderful independence of internet and freedom from controls, some personal career path details



November 10th: topics covered are economists as hired harlots with no motive to be competent or issue correct forecasts, the US nation lost the concept of money capital and liberty, the USFed monetary policy in total disarray, the complex Syria arena with Russia entry where the USGovt nation building went awry with their Parliament as 2/3 Shiite with handshake with Iran neighbor, so the USMilitary exited and ISIS entered the vacuum very quickly, but the Russian Military exposed the USGovt hypocrisy in War on Terror, the bigger motive being to obstruct the Iran Gas Pipeline through Iraq to Syria with Gazprom hookup for European supply (common Ukraine theme), the USTreasury Bond arena is no longer a market, incorrect to assume external USD-based debt will be paid off, as most $5 to $9 trillion Emerging Market USD debt will face default, where the launch of a domestic only USDollar will occur as the USGovt must respond in order to guarantee continued import supply, while the Intl Dollar to be managed by committee (maybe IMF under China control), resulting in the Domestic Scheiss Dollar having to endure devaluations until the deficits are brought under control, with Gold Standard the fair arbiter that will enable bank recapitalization and the re-industrialization of the United States, the Chinese RMB currency seems a house on fire in its internationalization sure to challenge the USDollar as a trade payment standard, the IMF basket inclusion would be a huge step which will result in $1 trillion in RMB bond purchases, also the Gulf Emirate oil payments in RMB terms will be a huge disruptive step, China has launched CIPS as the major RMB-based international payment system as a serious threat to SWIFT system after conforming in standards, curiously the USGovt approved Yuan SDR basket inclusion after China ordered 300 Boeing planes following the hollowed Ex-Im Bank, finally the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) are obscene fascist system corporate power grabs to lay foundation for fascist state   (in two parts with buttons at bottom)



October 28th:  topics covered are lost US leadership globally, the Petro-Dollar being dismantled, the USMiltary appears in retreat, the RMB international seeding to global banking system, the spread of RMB Hub Centers, the increased RMB trade settlement, the giant kicker to be Gulf Emirate oil sales to Asian clients settled in RMB payments (no more USD), the massive USTreasury Bond cracks covered (not hidden anymore) by $1 trillion in monthly QE volume, the key swing states of Britain, Germany, Turkey, and especially Saudi Arabia



October 14th:  topics covered are serious trouble in Riyadh with a fall in Saudi Arabia likely, the United States appears to be pulling out of the Middle East, the strong-armed TPP trade union passage, the economic war between US & Germany, the delay in the Currency Reset with Chinese constructive usage of time, the major structural changes in silver market (premiums on recent mint coins, dry vacant Live Market, wrecked Recycle market), and immigration used as a sinister social weapon against Europe



October 7th:  topics covered are hidden QE volume like $1 trillion per month that keeps the corrupt system limping along, the Volkswagen case of fascist business model treachery in an attempt to capture German industrial sector within the King Dollar court, the new Iranian oil supply to keep oil price down to assure massive damage to oil & bank sectors within the United States, the Syrian refugee (hardly migrant) problem with US to blame but open door for 1000 ISIS guerrillas to fan across Western Europe as likely USGovt disruptive motive, the Global shortage of gold & silver with evidence in the rising premiums of coins and lost Silver Recycle market and bare shelves in the Live Market, the apparent one year delay in GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET again, giving China more time to integrate the RMB bonds and trade payments and the USGovt more time to steal gold and print themselves $trillions, the Yemen War with motive for Saudis to steal their oil (on same rich peninsula), but whose war has gone badly for the US-Saudi fumblers as the Saudi Royals face serious challenges to their ruling regime (King Salman with dementia)  (part 1)  (part 2)



October 1st:  topics covered are the delay of RESET for a year between China and United States, many details of what RESET means as in removal of USDollar as global reserve currency, the USFed trapped with no monetary policy options but does another mindless Taper Talk experiment, a rate hike would destroy USTBonds & Wall Street banks & Fed balance sheet & USGovt borrowing costs, the ZIRP and QE serves as death sentence to USDollar, the hidden QE of $1 trillion per month from Failures to Deliver in USTreasurys, the Wall Street banks are likely doing naked shorts of USTBonds by abusing REPO window, the hidden volume to cover huge oil hedge losses and Petro-Dollar machinery losses, the new Iranian oil supply assures no rise in oil price and locks in oil sector ruin, the Emerging Market debt is between $6 and $15 trillion in USD terms, witness Asian Meltdown like 1997 but 10 times bigger in upcoming defaults, the massive shortages for Gold & Silver globally are being seen, the huge premiums paid in coins and end to Silver Cycle supply channel, JPMorguen playing accounting games on Registered & Eligible ledger items, the enormous delivery of Gold through the Shanghai futures contracts



September 29th:  topics include the takedown of Glencore and Volkswagen, the USFed’s hidden $1 trillion of QE volume per month, the effect of new Iranian oil on keeping oil prices down, the Putin checkmate of Barack Obama in the US-led Syrian War strategy, the shortage of physical Gold & Silver in both COMEX and coin dealers, and a coming global RESET of the financial system (with unplanned extra intensity by the Jackass that cannot be explained)   (part 1)   (part 2)



September 28th:  topics covered are the devious attack by USGovt against Volkswagen to force the US$ towline in commercial slavery, the VW violation is bogus and contrived, the hidden $1 trillion monthly QE volume for aiding Wall St banks in oil hedge losses, grand blemish in $40bn in daily Failures to Deliver in USTreasurys (naked shorting by Wall St banks), the USFed being trapped and unable to hike rates for many reasons, rate hike would kill the entire USTBond market rapidly and Wall Street banks even more rapidly, the new Iran oil supply guarantees low oil price and continued damage to US oil sector and Wall Street underwriters to oil hedge contacts, the Emerging Market debt on the verge of defaults since all denominated in USD terms, the Syrian refugee problem (migrants?) with USGovt to blame, the effective cover for 1000 guerrillas to enter Europe without proper border checks, the global shortage of Gold & Silver in both physical and fraudulent paper, the one year delay in Global Currency Reset under agreement by US & China, the footnote to beware of Yemen for threat to House of Saud whose has an assortment of internal problems  


"9/11 Memory: Fascism & Gold"
too many big clues to cite adequately on the actual event but a great many are listed to expose the nonsensical absurd official story, it was a bank heist pure and simple (with gold bullion stolen as well as bonds and diamonds), it was a seed event which launched the fascist state in the USA to be sure, silence is not golden in this case, the Fascist Business Model has run its full course for the broken and divided nation, the systemic breakdown is in full progress with QE the death sentence for the USDollar, the resulting outcome will be a return to the Gold Trade Standard, whereas the banking and currency standard will follow



September 9th:  topics covered are the Tianjin massive explosion and the new nasty trade war with China, hidden hand of Langley sabotage in USDollar defense, hidden aspects to the Iran confrontation with relation to Syria and Yemen, new Iranian oil supply to keep prices down and USD exchange rate up, the dangerous risks upcoming during September which seems to be the Shemitah (7-year cycle) climax time, prospects of a cashless society and capital controls, and many more miscellaneous items



September 8th:  topics covered are financial market implosions around the world, not without financial violence and high profile blasts (compliments often from Langley), the ramifications of the Chinese RMB devaluation and de-peg, the triggered Competing Currency War and heightened risk to USDollar, the large scale dumping of USTreasury Bonds by China, the rampup of USFed deadly QE policy to soak up the dumped USTBonds, the suspicious NYSE stock market hack attacks (tit for tat), the deep US financial market vulnerability, the nuances of hyper inflation and how it has been entering the system, QE as absolute guarantee for financial system collapse, the factors leading to the New Scheiss Dollar launch, the wheels coming off the system with very limited time remaining, the kick in nuts comes with wider Chinese RMB usage in trade, the USDollar will be displaced from trade and then banking systems



September 4th:  brief introduction where we enter discussion, before a long Question & Answer session where at least 15 questions are fielded



September 3rd:  topics covered are financial market implosions around the world, the end of the fraudulent fiat paper money supply and rise of the gold system, the ramifications of China's de-pegging from the USDollar, the triggered Competing Currency War with devaluations and possible targeting of Japan by China, the significance of the dumping of USTreasurys by China and its ramifications, the QE to Infinity Squared to result as the USFed soaks up all dumped USTrez Bonds which wrecks whatever integrity is left with the USDollar and USGovt third world debt management, the recent NYSE volatility with halted trading on the New York Stock Exchange, the rise of the trade war turned nasty and violent, the absence of legitimate financial markets anymore, the untold stories behind the oil market, the Saudis scheming with China, like enormous losses to the energy sector from the demise of the Petro-Dollar defacto standard, with gigantic losses to come for Wall Street banks that made the market as guarantor for oil hedges, the hyper inflation to come to the USEconomy from a newly launched Scheiss Dollar (worthy of a Third World Nation) with fast rising imported product prices, and the wheels coming off the entire system, the kick in the US nuts when export nations demand RMB in trade payment, the USTBills are rejected, the Saudis accept RMB in oil payments, and the end of the King Dollar reign of terror



August 30th:  numerous areas covered with excellent topics from various and sundry areas of relevant interest, with at least 13 question and replies


"Hidden $Trillion QE Monthly Volume"

the Reverse REPO window deployed by the USFed is an abomination, the central bank shoves money into the system via this window without collateral placed, on the other side is a ripe $40bn per day in Failures to Deliver in USTreasurys, the practice is Naked Bond shorting by a better name, the players are surely the big Wall Street and possibly London banks, the two concepts put together (Reverse REPO & Fails to Deliver) reveal a HIDDEN QE FACTOR

its volume is $1 trillion per month, the cash flow be used as a liquidity aid, likely used to conceal the derivative losses from the dismantled Petro-Dollar machinery



August 28th:  numerous areas covered with excellent topics all over the map, led by the new financial war in its escalation, catastrophic losses in the energy sector, ruinous losses for Wall Street banks as hedge market guarantors, and the extremely vulnerable situation with the USDollar which faces removal by the RMB broom on the trade floor 



August 30th:  brief interview covering the global financial war, the removal of the USDollar when the Petro-Dollar goes away, massive energy sector losses, catastrophic guarantor losses, and hidden $trillion QE via the Reverse REPO window marred by failures to deliver to Wall Street bank, which of course will be free from prosecution for the huge fraud that likely covers derivative losses



August 27th:  topics covered are financial trade war between the US & China having turned hot nasty, starting with Tianjin (possibly micro nuke hit) on the most strategic business and information center inside China, the US Stock market nose dive and implications with possible shenanigans in the mix, the silver market shortages with empty supply, risk of mint and market shutdown, ins & outs of the massive USTreasury Bond dumping by China following the RMB devaluation in response to IMF rejection of RMB in their basket and generally to QE to Infinity Squared, massive energy sector losses starting with the marginal shale niche and extending to the core energy sector, with $1 trillion losses and numerous wrecked companies, and extreme challenges to elite Private Equity firms, with Wall Street acting as energy hedge counter-party guarantor on the hook for multiple $trillions, the risk being a final death blow to Wall Street banks


"QE Death Sentence & USTBond Black Hole"

the QE program forces the world to seek an alternative to the USDollar, the USTreasury Bond market has become a powerful giant financial Black Hole, the USTBond has numerous breakdown features currently, the QE program is filled with deception and fraud with hidden channels to disguise the huge volume, the narcotics money laundering plays an important role in banks and political arenas, the outsourcing trend has conflicting outcomes at the micro versus macro level, the psychological factors at work apply to various cross sections, the introduction of the New Scheisse Dollar and the Gold Trade Standard will change the course of modern history, the guideline to the several stages of a rising Gold & Silver price upon release



August 4th:  covered hate mail and misquoted forecasts, steps for Chinese RMB to replace USDollar, hidden Petro-Dollar contracts dismantled to lift the USDollar and push Gold lower, big visible changes in Saudi relations with Washington (taken as key signals), GLD Fund fraud and Gold in Motion concept with China getting cozy with Barrick (possible Evergreen logjam removal), crude oil as better economic indicator than copper which is distorted by JPMorgan, focus on bonds during systemic breakdown (not stocks), USEconomy stuck in deep recession, many broken elements to the USTreasury Bond market with some details, plenty Gold to cover all the new money if Gold priced 10x higher like the money supply growth, transition from current USDollar to New Scheisse Dollar (to be devalued with lies), back to back 30% devaluations to force into place a 50% net devalued New Dollar, comments on counterfeit coins and dollars and bonds



August 3rd:  topics covered include Greece being unfixable with the sabotage of austerity budget controls without debt reduction, the Rape of Greece continues with half its recent budget deficits being from excessive military spending, the model of Greece to be repeated in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, the BRICS challenge to King Dollar continues as the USTreasury Bond market continues to break down, the USTBond components are fracturing with REPO, Dollar Swap, and Interest Rate Swaps as evidence, the Reverse REPO abuse as hidden QE while Wall Street does naked shorting of USTBonds in easy money, proof of Wall Street abuse being the Failures to Deliver by bond sellers, the USTreasury Bond market as a magnificent Black Hole drawing money from around the world, the hidden BLICS bond monetization continues apace with exported QE, the lack of bond market liquidity (60% less volume than two years ago) causing big problems with sensitive movements and outsize impact to balance sheets, funds exit (working capital, weaker currencies, weaker bonds) all heading into USTBond market in climax, the US systemic breakdown emphasized by a 40% Money Velocity decline since 2009, meanwhile China has dumped over $500bn in USTBonds even as Russia dumped $bns in USTBonds with abandon, the long delayed Global Currency RESET will happen hell or high water (more like hell on earth with powerful drought), the climax is coming and is in progress with promise of hope for a return to the Gold Standard but through trade rooms, while the USGovt uses its ample narco funds to install the fascist global state and to bribe nations for continuing with the USDollar , only to suffer wreckage



July 30th:  topics covered are HSPrice threats, dismantled Petro-Dollar machinery and its effect on the USDollar rise, various aspects of the distorted and cracking USTreasury Bond market, effects from a Zimbabwe-like USFed monetary policy in global backlash, the Global Currency RESET features with misnomer explanation (e.g. Gold price double?) and potential timetable, the Greek situation with urgent need to bring remedy and to stop predatory actions



July 29th: topics covered are the rapid drying of liquidity within the USTreasury Bond market, introduction of a new USDollar currency (domestic only) very soon, BRICS challenge to the London-New York financial power base in response to Zimbabwe type of US monetary policy, criminal activity in financial markets, the global RESET of the financial system (misnomer for doubled Gold price versus today's FOREX toilet paper currencies), the advent of a gold-backed global reserve currency (led by RMB trade and Gold Trade Note), the likely bail-in banker thefts of well over $1 trillion from private accounts, and many other hot-button topics



July 25th: topics covered are USTreasury Bond market as grand weak link and giant black hole, massive foreign dumping within USGovt debt securities, all other bond systems are almost in ruin with funds (junk bonds, corporate paper) directed to USTBonds, slight sale trades result in very large accounting books, money leaving capital investment functions from USeconomy permanent recession, the Chinese dumped $250 billion of USTBonds in first six months of 2015, attacks on Chinese stock market with retaliatory attack of US stock market and other systems, financial war expanding with blowback effects from US abuse, accelerated efforts by China to implement RMB currency usage in trade as transitional tool to Gold Standard, Greece as unfixable debt structure with half its debt being weapons purchase, a sellout in Greece from popular referendum ignored and new debt patch applied, Rape of Greece continues apace like the Rape of Nanking a century ago, the rescue patches for Greek debt go directly to banks and financial firms, violations like from Euro Central Bank shutting down banks to cause fear, the Gold COMEX arena is not a market that seeks equilibrium, gold mine industry shutting down its marginal properties, South African Rand Refinery doing huge brisk business despite SA mines sputtering, USMint ran out of silver and price premiums are now triple before, major global gold vaults are mostly empty, the gold market identifies the end of days    (in two parts)



July 3rd:  topics covered are factors toward the USDollar demise, due primarily to QE bond monetization (African style) and to War to defend the currency, with overly abusive SWIFT bank sanctions and proliferation of bank rules, but also directed vassal states where European Union member state leaders follow orders from the unelected EU Commission and the NATO Supreme Commander (since state of war), followed by various issues in Greece with its climax of debt default and China's new orders from the East, with the sequence of events and stages delineated for the phase-out of the USDollar as trade standard and bank reserve standard, in favor of growing worldwide trend of RMB trade settlement which will yield to Gold Trade Notes as letters of credit in trade... Game Over for the USDollar (unless brain-dead as observer, or wearing red white & blue boxer shorts)


"Guarantee Dollar Death Dynamics"

QE monetary inflation & death of capital, predatory war & hidden terrorism, sanctions with propaganda & abuse of privilege, bank rule abuse & oppression, USTreasury Bond collapse, unsupportable PIGS sovereign debt, lost allies & extreme isolation



July 1st: topics covered are Greek debt service and default, the insanity of the continued situation gone amok without internal mechanisms, delusion and madness of crowds with self-deceptions, numerous psychological devices used by people caught in the system, details of King Dollar reign of terror with all its abusive devices, USTreasury Bond worldwide dumping extravaganza, seizure of the bond market and extensions to European bonds, related damage to fixed income sectors, source of terrorism in USA and abroad for defending the Dollar Sphere, the USGovt Corp has become a criminal organization, exported terror by Langley groups, war zones of Cyprus Libya Egypt Syria Ukraine Georgia with deceptions, the color revolutions and Arab Spring revolutions as Langley operations, lost concepts of capital formation and money itself, handouts for continued consumerism is not reform



June 11th: topics covered are the Deutsche Bank breakdown following the dismissal of its two CEOs who manage the commercial bank and derivative house, some details about the London Whale (Bruno Iksel of JPMorgan) with massively under-stated derivative losses, the positive motives of the Asian Elite to clean up the vile Western Elite and to restore the earth's environment with ended giant fraud and Agenda-21 destruction then to adopt the Gold Trade Standard that will end the global systemic fraud, the motivation and direction by China of the IMF to include the RMB currency in the Special Drawing Rights basket to seed RMB bonds across the global banking system, the sequence likely to occur for the introduction of Gold Trade Notes as Letters of Credit in trade payment and RMB bonds placed as banking reserves and RMB role as transitional tool and finally the BRICS gold & silver backed new table of currencies, the broken USTreasury Bonds and their several fracture symptoms like REPO and Dollar Swaps and negative rates, the debut of the BLICS nations for concealing poorly the USFed export of $818 billion in USTBonds as the central bank spews out unsterilized bond purchases with five helping hands, the Greek debt situation within the viewpoint of Germany managing to hold together the EU debt cables to Athens for the potential purpose eventually of bringing Central Europe and Southern Europe intact to the Eurasian Trade Zone managed and led by Russia & China with a massive flip east, the fascist corporate trade partnerships with Europe and Asia (TTIP & TPP) with attempts to seize control of patents, food, and internet



June 10th:  a very wide sequence of topics are covered



June 2nd: topics covered are resignation being past the point of no return for the collapse of global US$-based financial structures, the steps toward removal of the USDollar at the center and movement toward Gold into the core to the trade & finance systems, hidden exported QE using the BLICS nations to obscure the tremendous bond monetization volume, seizures and anomalies in the USTreasury Bond market breakdown, Chinese usage and exploitation of the empty IMF offices for the purpose of promoting global RMB usage, future role of Gold & Silver in currencies and commerce with Gold used at higher levels and Silver at lower levels, the many obstructions by the USGovt to interfere with the global movement in return to the Gold Standard which includes murder and gold thefts, personal dismay and disappointment in observing treason in high office and satanism in major corporations


"Exported QE Travesty: Meet the BLICS"

the USFed might wish to avoid further USTBond accumulation, its balance sheet is toxic at $4.5 trillion in size, the USFed has exploited Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman, Switzerland which compose the BLICS nations, meanwhile the BRICS nations in the East have essentially halted all USTBond purchases, but the BLICS are buying as much in USTreasurys as the USFed itself, behold a backdoor QE expansion, the system is fracturing even as the USTreasury Bond market undergoes seizure, many are the symptoms of a seized up bond market that lacks healthy liquidity, great danger awaits as we must beware that China just made a declaration of financial war, Shanghai will create a $100bn fund for converting sovereign debt to Gold bullion whose window many nations will surely use, witness GAME OVER as the vast diverse non-USD platforms are in place for a return to Gold Trade Standard



May 26th: topics covered are Reich Finance and fascist control of banking system, broken bond market and its many wrecked symptoms, cashless society failed last ditch effort, motive to impose tremendous controls, Keynesian refusal to recognize price inflation in bond & stock assets, the USFederal Reserve as the New American Politburo, the Chapwood CPI index indicates a minus 5% US GDP economic decline annually, evidence of QE being exposed as a colossal failure, corrupt economic statistical techniques used like double usage of seasonality adjustments, official gold reserves and inability to count private family holdings and sovereign wealth fund holdings, pathway for Chinese RMB currency to be introduced into global banking systems, China using the IMF SDR currency basket as a Trojan Horse, new government debt to be issued with RMB bonds, multi-step sequence to install the Gold Trade Standard which brings the Gold Currency Standard, the monetary policy QE exported by USFed to secondary nations as the New BLICS nations, the group of Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman Islands, and Switzerland have put on $818bn since June 2011, the QE to Infinity has gone to QE gone Global exported to conceal their hyper inflation, the unlikely war between US and China despite the desires of the vile criminal rabble rouser Soros, how China owns huge USGovt debt and controlling interest in USFed and JPMorgan bank, the coming Chinese Commercial Colonization of the United States, the bizarre candidacy of Hillary Clinton as proof that treason is the calling card for US presidency

(Burack Podcasts)



May 22nd: topics covered are the broken bond market with reference to QE destruction of capital, some of the many symptoms of the broken bond markets, factors behind the upside-down debt-based FOREX currency system, details on the recent bond market panic event, description of the BLIC deception to hide USTBond purchases with QE free money (i.e. Belgium, Luxembourg, Cayman, Ireland, Switzerland), the new Trojan Horse built by China on IMF inclusion of RMB currency in the SDR basket, the entire world banking systems will be buying RMB bonds while pushing out (diversification) USTreasurys, then Eastern banks and some Western banks will add Gold bullion to reserves, with extensive details on the sequence of events to bring return of the Gold Trade Standard... in the interview, the Shill Jim Rickards is basically torn a second anal pore since the serial propagandist needs detractors



May 20th: topics covered are the Gold Trade structures (central banks, corporate, retail), the Intl Monetary Fund with Chinese RMB currency acceptance and inclusion, the introduction of Gold & Silver backed currencies within the BRICS Alliance framework, some background of the IMF control elements with loan grants, the construction of the new Gold platforms that replace those USD-based, the impossible coexistence between paper money with Gold money, the credibility of conspiracy theories (a few cited), the Greek situation with open door to Russia & China for asset grabs, the building of new banking infrastructure, official surveillance threat to liberty and currency, goals of fair trade with legitimate banking, the great risk to the Average American with life savings, the great risk for United States falling into Third World, the many sources for hope personally, all through the discussion to bring in the angles with crypto-currency



May 4th:  topics covered are preface on narcotics and its role in spreading fascism and wrecking economies, the expansion to $200bn in planned trade between Russia & China, the spread of numerous platforms and agencies in further movement away from USDollar, the Chinese usage of Intl Monetary Fund in further movement away from USD, expect China cleverly to seed the entire global banking system with RMB bonds (to push out USTreasurys in reserves and invite Gold bullion additions), possible motive of Ukraine War to block inclusion of Gold/Silver in IMF SDR basket, Global Reset really as project to install the Gold Standard in trade corridors, USEconomy faltering badly as 6000 retail stores are announced for shutdown, no USEconomic recovery remotely in view, rather a wicked depression, the United States still with the highest retail space per capita in the world, the consumer economy structure as guarantee for systemic failure, while solutions lie in business investment, Gold trade settlement, and abandoning the USDollar


"U.S.A. Caught in Enormous Policy Vise"

preface on May Day and the advance of the police state, the monetary policy of QE with ZIRP has killed capital effectively which continues, the higher valued USDollar and lower Crude Oil price are wrecking the USEconomy, the combined four factors serve as a vise to squeeze the economy while capital is washed from it, the dismantled Petro-Dollar is having some devastating effects, together, the failed monetary policy with the dismantled global dollar role will result in systemic failure, the arrival of the Gold Standard awaits, after the Global Currency Reset is conducted, the negative developments certain to usher in truly exciting times, complete with a wrecked US nation



April 24th: topics covered are the fundamental ignorance of all matters pertaining to money & legal tender & and the dollar (even capitalism), the potential triggers for causing a systemic breakdown imminently, the impact of rising Emerging Market debt that is denominated in USDollars, the effects on big banks from debt failure event in Greece, but also somewhat Ukraine, the impact to the energy sector from lower oil prices with effect on financial firms, the impact to the USEconomy from lower oil prices on the labor market, the pathetic state of political leadership in the United States with lost hope  (part 1)  (part 2)



April 10th: cover a very wide variety of topics, with the main focus given to the Greek breakup, the Fall of Saudi regime, and the German flip eastward



April 8th: topics covered the personal psychological obstacles on accepting systemic breakdown, progress on the Global Paradigm Shift toward Eastern power centers, rise and replacement for the USDollar as floating gaseous corpse, financial insolvency of major Western banks, the ruse of bank bail-ins and real Cyprus story, the pension fund wreckage, the parade of nations behind the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank with consequences, the BRICS Parliament and SCO counter balance force to NATO, the new Chinese alternative banking transaction system to compete with SWIFT, the real activity of Russian President Putin during those ten days last month, the upcoming new military bases in Nicaragua and Cuba



April 4th: cover many topics, a running conversation that includes the usual wide range of themes related to the global systemic breakdown and rejection of the USDollar, but with some funny stuff as two guys carry on in a serious manner  (cut short)   (runs 90 min)



April 2nd:  topics covered are collapsing USDollar platforms, monetary policy QE as massive impetus for global USDollar rejection and lost central bank franchise system credibility, the coming deep isolation of the United States for a full generation of financial hegemony mixed with bond fraud, the powerful natural backfire of three decades of industrial outsourcing that has resulted in Emerging Market and Asian nations discarding the USDollar and its USTreasury Bond vehicle, the strategic importance of Greece & Turkey with angles on shipping ports and NATO and Bosporus Strait control, the rise of RMB Trading Hubs in the West that features a competition between London and Frankfurt which the Germans will easily win, the role of the Gold Trade Note to be used as Letter of Credit which will usher in the Gold Trade Standard and force the USGovt to launch a new Scheiss Dollar that will be repeatedly devalued and cause economic nightmare for the the USEconomy... (with a final few items of chatty conversation in the second segment that might be interesting, if  not intriguing)



March 28th: topics covered are 4 firm reasons why no USFed rate hike is remotely possible, as the USFed is stuck with 0% and bond monetization Third World style until the USGovt debt default, the growing impetus of Chinese-led financial platforms that render the USDollar obsolete, as Europe and Asia join without hesitation in stunning reaction to the strong-arm corporate power grabs in the US-led trade unions, the wreckage in the gold mine sector with vanished return on capital investment, whose supply deficit will enable a very rapid rise in the released Gold price, the wreckage in the marginal oil patch (namely shale oil) which exposes yet another subprime US bond market (along with home mortgages, car loans, and student loans), the entire US financial system having turned into subprime (the USTreasury Bond the king of subprimes), and an assessment that Germany has made movement 60% to 70% of the way toward full flip eastward


"Gold Effect on Mining & Shale Wasteland"

the gold mine decline will have a marked impact on the Gold price, shortage of supply is turning acute, Return on Investment in gold mine sector is near zero, meanwhile the South African output is down 87% in 25 years, but the flagship Rand Refinery in SAfrica enjoys a huge increase in output as it handles the African conflict zone output, the marginal oil patch sudden shutdown will have an impact also, it will be on the financial side with wrecked bonds, one gold mine firm has been bust, and one oil bond has entered default, the Subprime parade continues in the US with the nation a serial violator, the USFed will be forced to absorb some Oil Sector bonds, at the same time it will soon absorb foreign central bank dumping of USTBonds, the global rejection of the USDollar is gathering speed, as footnote ExxonMobil has increased its Russian investment 4-fold, as they have more claims in Russia than in the United States



March 24th: topics covered are development of Chinese led financial platforms outside the USDollar sphere, objection to US-led trade unions in Asia and Europe are widely disliked for corporate power grabs, true reasons for Ukraine War and Russian confrontation, breaking Europe & Russian in economic marriage as big motive, laying out farmland seeds with Monsanto for European food supply, majority of Western central bank gold might be from Czarist Russia, the Rothschilds supported Bolshevik Revolution with murder of Romanov family (war to cover up gold thefts by the Western central banks and eliminate claims by Kremlin??), the HSBC gold vault shutdown might have several motives, raids of GLD Fund gold and Shanghai Gold Fix are involved



March 6th:  on Russian sanctions since the Kremlin has no desire to use the USDollar in trade, QE suicidal monetary policy encourages global rejection of USDollar (from hyper inflation), the Ukraine deceitful bribery for war, Petro-Dollar breakdown, rising USDollar exchange rate from its demise, bank derivative dependence for bond market, bank carry trade income source, the justification for 0% rate forever, Greek exit dilemma for European bank, gradual German exit from the EU and entry into the Eurasian Trade Zone  (CHOOSE WHICH LINK MORE CONVENIENT)


"Strategic Backfire on USGovt Policy"  (editJon likes to alter the titles, an oddity)

as preface the global reaction to QE bond purchase programs is to reject the USDollar in global trade, and work on several supporting platforms... not a single foreign policy initiative has been successful in many years, yet they continue in the same belligerent manner, amplifying the movement to reject the USDollar... recent actions are working vigorously to break apart the European Union, as Germany & France will lead the member nations into the Eurasian Trade Zone being organized by Russia & China... the Iran sanctions fostered the Gold-Oil prototype for trade, in a monumental failure with backfire... several foreign policy sites are discussed, with the failed outcomes and backlash effects... the results will be extreme US isolation, rejection of the USDollar, discard of the USTreasury Bonds held in reserves, debt default with restructure, a new Scheiss Dollar launch to assure import supply, and Return of the Gold Standard



March 3rd: topics covered were over 100% of sovereign bonds being monetized by central banks, as the Industrialized Nations march with Third World monetary banners... the USTreasury Bond market liquidity drying up, as strong investors exit while handing over their bonds to the QE-driven central banks... many big Western banks are being downgraded to near junk, all deeply insolvent with dependence upon bond carry trade (capitalizing on the yield spread between short-term and long-term bonds) since legitimate commercial lending is vanishing... the Swiss banking system refusal to honor withdrawals on cash accounts... Greek imminent departure from European Union with debt default, with no good options from the banker perspective... progress toward Germany's monumentally important move to Eastern trade platforms, the nation having no desire to lose its decades of trade established with Russia... spliced in the discussion was mention of impact from the low crude oil price, which is a major anvil sending the USEconomy into the deep blue abyss  (part #1)  (part #2)


"Debt Heaven Fallacy, Not on Earth"

for the last generation debt has been used as solution, amplified with QE money creation... net sovereign debt issuance in 2014 went negative, an astonishing development... Ponzi has struck the USDollar, whose monetary aggregate data has turned vertical... global debt has risen by $57 trillion since the Lehman event six years ago... the USTreasury Bond market has become an empty room, the USFed driving all others out... the big British Banks are almost all on the edge of junk status, mere garbage can lids... even Canadian household debt has skyrocketed in recent years



Feb 16th:  important scoop on how Swiss banks are uniformly denying refusing withdrawals of cash accounts by clients whose account sizes are between hundreds of $millions and $4 to $5 billion, with clients coming mostly European and Swiss but also Asian, Latin American, even Russian, some of the accounts drug money, making evident a bankrupt Swiss banking system suffering the aftermath of the SWFranc de-peg three weeks ago... covered Greek debt default and exit from the European Union, with the banker elite showing desperation, extending from the defiant new Greek leadership... covered the developments toward truce in Ukraine according to the Minsk Treaty, with mention of the devastation at the Debaltseva Cauldrin hotspot, which will identify the United States as the rogue bellicose nation, resulting in extreme US isolation... covered the Western US Port stalled dock situation, lockouts versus union strikes, which might have an element of Chinese vengeance to strangle the USEconomy, seen soon in empty retail store shelves... covered the capture of Latin America, country by country, at the hands of Russia & China



Feb 13th: covered the Swiss Franc currency situation, the Ukraine War hidden motives, factors surrounding the death of the Petro-Dollar, and several questions from the audience   (JW at 49 minute mark)



Feb 3rd: ten powerful important signficant events took place in just the last three weeks, evidence of a quickening of events in the Global Paradigm Shift... normally an important event such as these would occur every two to four months, but an acceleration in the systemic breakdown and revolt against the USDollar is underway, precisely as the Jackass foretold in the final two months of 2014... the events are discussed in detail


"Acceleration of Events with Rising Chaos"

in just the last three weeks, ten major events have occurred which display a significant acceleration in events that center upon the global systemic failure... the acceleration of events was fully forecast in November and December, with timing toward the end of January leading into February... the King Dollar is dying, as it gradually suffers a global rejection in the trade arena, while the Petro-Dollar internal dynamics are fractured in the financial arena... thus the USD rises and rises, before rising to the point where it dies... the four legs of the USD are being dismantled, removed, even decaying... the Gold Standard will make a return, riding on an Eastern horse through the trade ramps, not the FOREX currency ramps



Jan 27th:  covered numerous topics in the widespread global systemic breakdown, including the fast rise of the broken dying USDollar, the death of the Petro-Dollar defacto standard, the rejection of the USDollar, the growth in RMB-based trade settlement, and the advent of the BRICS Alliance, which will launch the Gold Standard through the trade door... the argument is smashed that an inadequate amount of gold exists to give coverage backing for major currencies of the world, since the Gold price at 4-fold or 5-fold higher price will easily provide cover for major currencies, matching the similar toxic expansion of USFed balance sheet


Jan 18th: the Swiss are dumping the Euro currency in favor of Gold indirectly but clearly, as multi-hundred $billion trading losses will result in massive derivative losses and contagion, their actions having brought a huge acceleration of End Game events, like the potential end of the Euro currency, then the European Union, whose bust will be aggravated by the Greek Exit... in essence, Swiss have front-run the Global Currency Reset & Gold Revaluation... in the oil sector, the huge $2 trillion in sub-prime oil bonds are about to explode like a gusher, whose contagion will be bigger than sub-prime housing crash... conclude that the USFed has lost control of the USDollar, which is caught in a death spike, rising before its sudden death... the coming European bank failures will result in a stamped into Gold... the year 2015 will see a repeat of Lehman-type event, but larger, as several Western banks will go down... this is GAME OVER on implosion, while Putin can anytime flip the switch to make the USDollar dead. .. with the confluence of events, the Gold price will double


Jan 12th & Jan 15th: very similar topics as with the Sandhu interview from a few days earlier, but minor additions and spice with some updates  (part 1)    (part 2)


Jan 10th: lost control of the oil price, evidence of broken USDollar structure and dismantled Petro-Dollar linkage, with enormous imminent damage to the oil industry's subprime shale bonds with an estimated volume of $2 trillion (far bigger than the mortgage subprime bonds)... the Petro-Dollar is DEAD!!!... the damage to Russia is minimal with unchanged Ruble-based income stream but stress on import prices mitigated by USTBond reserve sales, not Gold reserve sales (blatant US propaganda)... support from Europe for the US-UK-EU fascists is fast eroding, as sanctions dole out deep damage to the European national economies, while the USGovt resorts to terror cells in Paris and elsewhere in response to objections to US sanctions policy like French President Hollande did two days before the Paris attack... the USGovt is trying to annex Europe during the militarized conditions from the Ukraine War, folding presidential offices under the NATO Supreme Commander, while forcing the onerous TTIP trade pact... the entire movement will backfire, with major member nations leaving the EU and common Euro union, possibly using a Greek debt default as a backdoor trigger to pull the rug out from the Anglo-American banker control room... the isolation of the United States ramps up with increasing non-USD trade settlement, while China develops the AIIB investment bank, the NDB development fund, the CRA crisis fund, and the Silk Road fund, which together will support a giant BRICS gold central bank... as Eastern nations under the BRICS movement follow the non-USD trade model, and adopt the Gold Trade Note model, the global banking systems will no longer require USTreasury Bonds in their reserves structure... they will diversify out of them, causing the USGovt to launch a new Scheiss Dollar (devalued heavily) in order to guarantee import supply flow, while amplifying the QE volume as the dumped USTBonds are soaked up... the result will be shortage, inflation, chaos... the USGovt betrayed the Global Currency Reset Accord in January 2014 by offering a Ukraine War, then stealing their 33 tons gold (watch for news of Western role in human organ trafficking out of Ukraine)... hence the Gold Standard will return through the trade doors, and not the currency doors... this is Game Over for the USDollar as the End Game is obvious in systemic breakdown


"Widespread Deceptions & Hall of Mirrors"

Countless deceptions, misdirections, distortions, fabrications, concoctions, falsehoods, and outright lies have become part & parcel of the USDollar defense mechanisms, executed by Wall Street, WashingtonDC, and Langley, with their London and Euro Central Bank outposts... the methods are in plain view with little masking anymore... the USDollar is being defended to the death with widespread corruption, profound fraud, diverse propaganda, violence (like in Paris yesterday), and war (like in Ukraine & Syria)... witness the climax of the Fascist Business Model and observe signals for the excruciating drawn out death of the USDollar and the collapse of the central bank franchise system... the Gold Standard awaits on the other side to the end to the fiat paper currency system... THE DOLLAR IS DYING LIKE A ROCKET, FALLING UP AS THE ENTIRE SYSTEM SUFFERS BREAKDOWN


Dec 31st: wide diverse topics covered... QE not ending as it spews toxic USDollars, forcing nations to pursue non-USD solutions, which will come from trade avenues rather than currency platforms... USDollar rising due to its imminent death & removal... major central banks print money simultaneously to protect entire fiat paper currency system... big climax battle between German Bundesbank (central bank) versus Euro Central Bank which pushes to run its own QE cancer bond game, certain to force Germany to leave the common Euro union... the Russian Economy is not in tatters, since Ruble based oil revenue is unchanged, but rather Russia is buying more gold and not selling its gold (selling USTreasurys, not gold)... witness climax to Fascist Business Model, as WW2 did not defeat them, and instead USGovt invited them into the country to run the banks and to manage foreign policy (see Operation Paperclip).. the fascists are identified by their MO of wrecking economies, engaging in bond fraud, stealing gold from central banks, waging wars... expect numerous destructive rivers to converge in 2015, with solutions pursued as Gold Trade Standard implementation led by Gold Trade Letters of Credit, the process sure to render USTreasury Bonds as useless, unwanted, toxic components to bank reserves... the United States will not succeed in producing and launching its own valid gold backed currency, and risks falling into the Third World


Dec 23rd: covered the collapse trigger theory from China no longer having access to gold, or else USTreasury Bond market breaks... also China using USTreasurys liberally in acquisitions, and the real big holders of USGovt debt... also all USDollar based financial markets are rigged and showing false value, most linked together... also lost linkage of the USDollar to crude oil, which is death of the Petro-Dollar... also global dumping of USTreasury Bonds, from Indirect Exchange on asset purchases... also master control room in the Exchange Stabilization Fund, gone from favorable to current rig device... also hacking of United States internet and banks done by Langley, and the counterfeiting patterns... in a unique interview where the host actually spoke for a couple minutes in an Indian dialect to his shared audience back in the homeland 


Dec 4th:  covered high level systemic failure of the United States, the failure and rejection of the USDollar, the betrayal by Wall Street banks in the reneged gold lease from China in return for Most Favored Nation status, and the IRS tax bond possible default that with high likelihood will make the US a colony to China... many are the breakdown events that plague the nation, from bad economic planning to forfeited industry to bond fraud and the frosting of endless war... the time has come for replacement of the charlatans and puppets in high office... (A VERY POWERFUL SHARP BROADCAST TO BE REMEMBERED)



Nov 28th: levers on oil price have led to a confusing mix of factors, with the US-based oil firms lined up as big victims... the rapid Petro-Dollar demise has Russia & China in principal roles and the pricing with RMB payment pattern... USDollar disruptive rise is shattering all major markets, while Global de-Dollarization continues with huge momentum... the Consequences of QE exported to Japan are vast, which should cause an East Asian currency war, some bank failures in Japan, followed by unified position in support of the Gold Standard... the RMB hubs and Swap Facilities have greatly undermined the USD trade payment systems, as China has them installed all across the world, including in the Western strongholds like London, Frankfurt Germany, Australia, Canada, and recently Los Angeles California


Nov 26th: four main global breakdown sites which have the Gold solution on the other side with a calamitous connected USDollar breakdown, namely Japan, Saudi, Russia, and Ukraine... lots of tangents on these breakdown sites with events and angles and dynamics are covered... the primary point of bust is the Japanese unlimited QE announcement to serve the USGovt debt machine, but another main point of bust is the demise of the Petro-Dollar... the Japanese actions will trigger an Asian currency war, followed by coordinated opposition to the USDollar... the Saudis are probably not following US orders to bring down the oil price, with several reasons given as China is a big beneficiary... the Jackass corrected a Yen Carry Trade error made during the Sandhu interview, as there is still profound carry trade risk, explained better after the admitted error... happy holidays to all in US with Thanksgiving (dont eat too much)



Nov 24th: focus on USFed exporting QE to Japan and extreme consequences, like trigger of Asian currency war, Japanese bank failures, wrecked carry trades, and contagion to the West... the United States has run out of nations to plunder, now hitting allies


"Stealth QE4: Operation Tokyo Twist"

the USGovt demanded the Japanese Govt pension fund worth $1.2 trillion... they argue the USTBonds offer higher yield and rising USD currency... the Japanese are a vassal state, which cannot say NO to the American uber-lords... the Bank of Japan just announced unlimited QE... the Japanese replace the seized pension funds with fresh unlimited QE... there are no $billion coincidences... the evidence is a fast falling Japanese Yen exchange rate... the JYen is down around 10% in a single month... big repercussions to the vast Japanese export trade and import costs... the USFed is once again proved to be liars, in a long string of big lies... the King Dollar is dying a horrible death... the Gold Standard is returning, from the eastern alliance initiative



Nov 10th:  GLD as device to supply Shanghai, along with its "Gold in Motion" aspect (rock bottom ~650mt)... Scotia Mocatta to be depleted, in service to Wall Street cabal, supplying the Big Four banks... comparison of Russia & China to US on gold, debt, resources shows US to be extremely weak... Gold to move toward $2500-$3000 when Shanghai resets the gold price... Gold to move toward $6000-$7000 so as to address the 4-fold increase in USD money supply... Gold to move toward $12,000 so as to achieve some sort of Supply-Demand equilibrium... Gold to move toward $18,000 when stolen Swiss allocated gold accounts are replaced... silly baseless vacant argument of not enough Gold to go around to cover all the paper money... a Gold price near $7000 will cover a lot more paper money... a Gold cover clause of 5% (partial redemption upon demand) might be implemented... evidence mounts that the USGovt might have defaulted on its debt in year 2013... China keeps the USGovt propped in order to convert more USTBond into hard assets which includes Gold and US commercial property (think the movie "Weekend at Bernie's")... China is a prime beneficiary of the Russian sanctions



Nov 5th: mixed effects of USFed QE policy which stimulates the financial sector but depresses the economy and business sector... the lies behind the supposed end to QE bond purchases, which follow the possible USGovt debt default (why else is debt limit not relevant?)... the American public is to blame for apathy, gullibility, stupidity but not for being overwhelmed by powerful corrupt organizations with deep pockets which arranged to treat the Occupy Wall Street movement as a terror group... the Chinese are controlling more of the US foreign policy than we know, and they might enjoy the Russian sanctions for the next purchases of large European agri-farm businesses  (full podcast)


Oct 24th:  the East has built a pipeline network to deliver Russian gas to nations in Europe, while the United States has built a pipeline network to deliver toxic money, tainted funds, and corrosive liquidity... preface on Rickards and his delusion of a $4 trillion rescue of the major central banks, as the BRICS will not touch any Intl Monetary Fund reformed super sovereign SDR basket... QE in place guarantees a systemic failure, which involves at least $100 billion in monthly monetized derivative coverage... USTreasury Bonds have no buyers and are supported by USFed usage of QE bond monetization, by JPMorguen management of Interest Rate derivatives, and by Bank reliance upon bond carry trade, which all rely upon 0% money that will continue forever... car loans form the next subprime credit event, which is laced through asset backed bond tranches... Big Banks have frequently suffered near death experiences, which could result in contagion except for the ample patches of new designer debt that include the Prince Draghi LTFO patches (attempt to create a super senior bond, challenged by the German high court)... Gold Market has a finite limited duration for paper mache applications, since physical gold is required to reinforce the paper gold vehicles, as over 100 oz in paper claims exist per actual physical oz of gold... End Game in Gold arena has been entered, since the West seems to have run out of gold, whereby the Chinese in Shanghai will double the Gold price and triple the Silver price, forcing the FOREX gold derivatives to be wrecked and the banks holding them to face immediate annihilation, thus unleashing a revival in the mining industry unless too many are gobbled up by the major firms... The Petro-Dollar is undergoing its death, and the Saudis are forcing the crude oil price down, which involves six identified angles to explain the various dynamics, which could easily result in the fracture of OPEC and the scattered nations no longer demanding USDollar in oil payments, while Russian income will be harmed but so will the US-based shale niche for its high costs as the Saudis work toward the Chinese marriage... the BRICS new gold-backed currency will feature linkage to oil & gas with gold & silver backbone


"QE Failure & Folly of Paper Mache"

the banking systems can be fixed repeatedly by paper mache applications, the USTreasurys can be propped regularly by elaborate paper mache machinery and pipelines, but the Gold market has limitations for paper suppression... the ratio of gold claims to physical gold is at least 100-to-1... a Grand Shock is coming from the East in the gold market. the West is out of Gold and can no longer suppress its price, as a climax comes



Oct 10th:  the Western financial system is undergoing a failure, the US nation is passed the point of rescue with tremendous downward momentum, the USDollar will rise and rise then suddenly die with its fast movement a sign of systemic failure, the QE bond purchases can cover the USGovt debt and foreign USTBond dumping but the US banksters cannot force foreign suppliers to accept more worthless USTreasurys in exchange for import supply, thus the USGovt must launch a New Scheiss Dollar or else face widespread shortages, effects of shortage are explained from the upcoming currency devaluation pressures which will force seizure of private pensions and redirect economic output overseas, the US is pushing down the crude oil price to attack Russia but China will double the Gold Price to disrupt the Wall Street and London entire FOREX derivative gaming, as the End Game has been entered



Oct 9th:  the assault on anything & everything to support the dying USDollar, stuck monetary policy with ZIRP Forever and QE to Infinity, smoking gun graphs of rising monetary aggregate versus falling money velocity, the logical conclusion of systemic failure marred by USGovt debt default, fractured USTreasury Bonds, and extraordinary USDollar defense... coming is a return of the Gold Trade Standard and consequences to diversify out of global banking system using USTBonds as reserves



Oct 8th:  the systemic breakdown and economic impact since 2008 with arrival of End Game finally, economic impact of Russian sanctions is devastating as Kiev Regime will soon fall (like before Christmas) but with a formal EU aid request of $20 to $30 billion, the nation Germany is critical as member of the European Union to turn toward the Eastern Alliance and BRICS nations, the broad usage of USDollar in trade is coming to an end which will force changes to ensure provision of imports to the USEconomy... as the USGovt courts the minor European nations like Estonia and Bulgaria, it risks losing the core nations like Germany and France, many are the key fracture points that break the European Union



Oct 6th: China plans to double gold price and disrupt FOREX derivatives in a nasty Eastern trigger event, ​German motive for repatriation gold request​, GLD Fund hitting rock bottom of reality, BIS appeals for role with BRICS as junior partners (possibly water boys), the Gold metals mining industry to begin going off-line, where finally Shock & Awe soon is to hit the Gold & Silver markets



Sept 30th: full cornucopia of topics, mostly ugly and important and controversial  (first 1 hour 1 min free)

***four little errors made by Jackass

1- Lehman event was 2008 (not 2006, oops)

2- Brittany Spears was interviewed by Diane Sawyer (not Barbara Walters)

3- Rothschilds funded the Bolsheviks in Russia (not Romanovs, oy oy oy)

4- reference to Russian industrial plants in Eastern Ukraine (not Eastern Russia)


"Monetary Policy Killing the System"

QE bond monetization kills capital while ZIRP (0% rate) distorts asset prices and leads to grotesque asset allocation... evidence of systemic failure is the fast falling Money Velocity (down 4-fold since 2008) and the fast growing Money Supply (up 3.5-fold since 2008)... the St.Louis Fed claims the citizens are hoarding cash, more total nonsense... look at the outcome in simplest terms, to see the systemic failure... return of the Gold Trade Standard is coming, led by the East... the USDollar rejection will gain traction each month



Sept 11th: US & European totalitarian state being pursued via destructive Ukraine War, as European nations will respond by working on alternative to USDollar, while grotesque isolation comes to the United States... Exxon, Shell, BP, Boeing had been exempt from sanctions (just changed after interview), which should put stress on the Fascist Business Model... key is Germany, the site of EU departure, where a very delicate game is being played out, since Merkel wants out... NATO is being deeply undermined by war and sanctions, since their economies are to be wrecked if they follow the USGovt lead... meanwhile the Russians & Chinese are banding together more firmly, enabling Russia to accept Yuan currency for energy sales... less USD usage means less need to hold USTreasurys in banking systems as reserves... USA is hurtling quickly to the Third World, but does not wish to be alone, since lost USD global reserve status means a new domestic Dollar to come with heavy devaluation to cause huge price inflation and nasty shortages  (part 1)  (part 2)


"NATO Dead, King Dollar Wrecked"

deep division within the European Union on troop deployment to Ukraine and Russian sanctions... the Petro-Dollar is near death, as Russian energy sales will begin in Chinese Yuan terms (correct Jackass forecast)... USGovt and USFed policies have amplified the global movement to remove the USDollar as global reserve currency



Sept 1st: Breaking News!! German, French, British, Dutch special forces have joined the Ukraine Freedom Fighter movement against the US-EU-NATO supported regime of Kiev Fascists... the fall of Kiev should take place before the Christmas Holidays, thus exposing the United States for its dastardly role as fascist puppet master and in war crimes... the imported mercenaries are being captured, along with NATO high ranking officers... the crippling upcoming blow will be the failure to bring the ample harvest to market, as starvation becomes widespread... Germany has already flipped Eastward, as this is Game Over for the USDollar



August 29th: Russian energy trade finally turns to Rubles and Yuan with no more USDollar involved, implications to banking system reserves management, discussion of sanctions imposed by Europe and backfire sanctions by Russia against European food suppliers... Germany holds the key, as they have identified four major violations against the United States Govt... Germany has two choices: 1) to continue the war, to suffer the sanctions backfire, to endure widespread economic damage at home, or 2) to work with Russia & China on a Gold Standard return, to install viable system with integrity, which will result in banking system deep damage in the multiple $trillions... Germany has chosen to permit enormous bank losses, which in my opinion will result in powerful derivative events and whiplash damage to cause failures in London and New York banks, the origin of the bond bank currency fraud, with a key turning point to be the USGovt hypocritical attacks against Deutsche bank upcoming which will push Germany over the edge in reaction... China has delayed their full convertibility of the Yuan currency, which is of little consequence, since they are avidly working on converting Yuan to Gold bullion (Gold Standard) with Gold Trade Notes to serve as Letters of Credit... Obama will go down in history as the US president who attended the most golf course outings and presided over the most fund raising events, a profound failure and embarrassment to the nation (he should be deported with the other illegal aliens holding falsified immigration papers)



August 15th: Identity of the Kiev Regime, strange sanctions against Russia, targeted sanctions by Russia to harm agriculture, backup foodstuff supply to Russia from South America, Europe as captive too with growing defiance, USEconomy going to hell in a hand basket with staggering isolation to come for the nation, watch out for the RMB Hub competition between London and Frankfurt Germany




August 6th: Derivatives explained for the novice (also the investor, the schooled, and the not so schooled), origins of the $1400 trillion bank derivative phony floating foundation of fraud toxin and nothingness which acts like a gigantic 200-story wobbly tower to conceal the vast insolvency of the entire US banking system (which forces QE to Infinity), several types of derivatives defined, the bank account element (yours savings are unsecured credit lent to banks that are subordinate to their derivatives), the Morgan Stanley role in false bond rallies, the extreme influence of Interest Rate Swaps to produce artificial bond demand from free 0% money source (Zero Interest Rate Policy), the Lehmann killjob and Goldman Sachs huge position of mortgages bonds rescued by the AIG derivative cesspool, the Chinese dumping of Fannie Mae bonds that triggered the US subprime bond crisis, the London Whale incident and more Interest Rate Swap losses (like over $100 billion covered up by murders), the QE role to hide the outsized derivative losses, the big US bank losses from derivatives masked by bond carry trade profits (which forces ZIRP Forever), the Euro Monetary Union and hidden debt exposure by means of derivative tools, and US universities neglect in teaching about crime in finance (regulators bought, bankruptcy averted, narco money dependence in big banks) 



August 2nd: Quantitative Easing  and the Interest Rate Swap control device, 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act and bank accounts subordinated beneath derivatives, serial asset bubble blowing in US back yard, common theme behind recent war zones (Cyprus, Syria, Ukraine) being attacks on Russia, steps toward USDollar removal and integration of Chinese Yuan with Gold Standard later, ultimatum given to US allies as war to defend the USDollar versus commercial trade and Gold Standard while cooperating with East 


"US Failure: Unintended Consequence"

destructive policies have resulted in systemic breakdown and war to defend USDollar



July 30th: Distinctions between UDollar vs Money vs Legal Tender



July 29th: Numerous major events in recent US financial and economic history are cited, analyzed, and reviewed, for their questionable motivation (to sustain a broken corrupt fraudulent USD-based system) and remarkably powerful negative outcomes with consistent unintended consequences, the main outcome being accelerated motivation by the entire world (including England to some extent) to develop a USDollar alternative for trade and banking centered upon the Gold Standard... grand US isolation comes



July 21-28th: Germany ready to flip East, BRICS currency developments with the two major new funds (Development Bank as a hidden Central Bank), Belgium Bulge of USTreasury Bond accumulation, evidence of dumping USTreasury Bonds, several big Western banks on verge of failure, as well as some fielded some online Questions submitted about land & property versus precious metals for investment, risks to pension funds in USTBond conversion, risk of direct confiscation of Gold & Silver, fate of Britain and RMB Hub developments, and prospects for a reformed IMF super sovereign basket of currencies with Gold & Silver

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


"Derivatives: Abuse, Props, Risks"

a thorough review of many aspects of derivatives as phony financial foundation



July 23rd: Germany plans to leave Euro and NATO (4 indictment charges identified) then work with Russia & China on the BRICS project of creating a gold-backed currency, false sham energy assurance offer given by US to EU, France will follow Germany, the dumping of USTreasury Bonds has already started with Belgium Bulge showing hidden QE volume and the BNP Paribas case obstructing the dumping of USTBonds, the USFed-sponsored QE feedback loop is destroying capital (free fall acceleration) by cutting jobs on higher cost factor which results in further destroyed capital, the USEconomy is dealing with chronic 4% to 5% recession levels that recently in Q1 went to minus 6% to minus 7% (depression), upcoming threat of urgent exports to win foreign currency (US supply shortages like any other Third World nation), the world is given two choices: Endless War to defend USDollar versus Turn East and work with Russia & China on Gold Standard Return (the major nations will choose Gold over USD)


"Germany Pivoting East"

severe consequences from 4 major violations committed by United States



July 6th:  Background of Statistical analysis from various industry projects in the Jackass career (with an overall perspective re Quality Control King Deming), a discussion of major breakdown events in the past few decades (in response to questions on when the collapse will actually occur), the Paradigm Shift with many steps toward the return of the Gold Standard, the alienation of the United States from its allies (earning harsh isolation), while the climax features defense of the USDollar through overt military means  (part 1)  (part 2)


"Hidden Factors to Systemic Failure"

many indications that systemic failure already has occurred, well disguised



July 4th: Iraq War with ISIS element, war to defend the USDollar as policy, hidden angles to USGovt legal prosecutions of foreign banks (protection against USTBond dumping), and numerous other assorted topics



July 2nd: Various topics of intrigue in a long conversation  (part 1 only, part 2 costs 95 cents)



June 27th: Ukraine confrontations with many angles at work from Gazprom pipelines on the chess board, military actions in Syria & Iraq with the US Pentagon Regulars possibly to face the US Langley Mercenaries, the PetroDollar demise in steps, the Saudi divorce from US relations and new embrace of China, the new Saudi sovereign wealth fund and its role to convert USTBonds to Gold bullion (possibly for all Persian Gulf nations), the lost Federal Reserve with JPMorgan & China as new owners from complex default sequence, and the hypothesis for the US national default that will force a new Scheiss Dollar launch



June 19th:  Global movement away from USDollar via alternative alliances, development of London and especially Frankfurt hubs for RMB (renminbi currency) trade, rising trend of US corporations paying in RMB for Chinese supply, Belgium Bulge meaning on bloated USTreasury Bond accounts toward gigantic BRICS Central Bank gold vault sourcing project, interpreted failure of central banks with EuroCB deciding on Negative Interest Rates, USDollar ready to die which has prompted the USGovt & USMilitary to attack any nation making moves away from the toxic USDollar, such as Libya, Syria (as Gazprom port), Ukraine, which will all result in the grotesque isolation of the United States as a nation... the proposed war against Russia is to oppose their lead role in disposing of the USDollar in trade and therefore banking reserves with China tied at their hip


"BRICS Gold Central Bank Outpost"

Saudis created an independent fund office, likely to dump USTBonds in favor of Gold


"BRICS Gold Source & Belgium Bulge"

the BRICS central bank requires clever sourcing for its mountain of gold



June 6th:  Development of the Eurasian Trade Zone run by the tag team of Russia & China (anger China & lose Russian gas) with rise of the German Frankfurt RMB Hub for service to Europe and Asia, the hidden element of the Belgium Bulge of USTreasury Bonds meaning BRICS Gold Central Bank massive sourcing (possible conversion of IMF commitments), the significance of the Swing States (Germany, Turkey, Saudi, Japan) in forming the meaty appendages to the Eurasian Trade Zone, and the recent acceleration of the USEconomy's chronic recession into a clearly identified depression as proof positive that ZIRP & QE have failed miserably  (part 1)

and  (part 2)



May 29th:  Absent solutions since the Lehman failure, the crime syndicate power base, the many steps to come for the return of the Gold Trade Standard, extreme futile measures taken to sustain the system  (part 1)  (part 2)  (part 3)



May 23rd:  Eurasian Trade Zone coming together, BRICS project developments, Interest Rate market and QE hidden volume, Zombie banks and Deutsche Bank role



May 20th:  Belgium angle of USTBond accumulation, Russia & China have movement away from the USDollar, economic development between R&C, work to split NATO support for the US action in Ukraine, drawing in SouthEast Asia into the R&C fold, all roads lead to the Eurasian Trade Zone


May 14th:  allocated gold accounts, fate of Canadian Dollar and economy, silver demand and hidden supply, Russian Economy with challenges, Ukraine as USD Waterloo, Attitude on Gold Stocks, gating factors (dependent events) on the Gold Price by year end

"Swing States & Event Schedule"


May 7th:  a wide variety of questions were fielded  (Jackass begins at 30-min mark)  


May 6th:  Ukraine situation, Gold-baked currencies, Critical Mass of swing states, chronic USEconomy recession

"Guide: Pathogenesis & Change Factors"


"Glaring Q.E. Failure Spotted" 


"Banker Liars, New Currency, Fatal Errors, Psycho War"


April 7th: on Japanese in a monetary vise, the Petro-Dollar demise in the face of tight Russian & Chinese teamwork, and the

dreadful importing of price inflation to the United States after 40 years of its export in the form of USTreasury Bonds 



April 6th: The Eastern Rebellion against the USDollar has begun in earnest and picks up speed, with a new Russia-Iran $20 oil for

products deal, with a Russian central bank Project Double Eagle to create a gold-backed Ruble currency (to complement the Chinese

Yuan gold-backed currency), sure to result in a parade of gold-backed currencies (Gulf Dinar, Nordic Euro, Panama Balboa) used

to kill off the fatally debased USDollar and toxic USTreasury Bond, during which limp-wristed Obama was rebuffed by the Saudis in

an abbreviated summit meeting amidst controversy and conflict... yet more backfire as the reckless USGovt attempts to isolate Russia,

but instead the United States finds itself isolated and its USD/USTBond quarantined, having learned the harsh geopolicial lesson

that the entire Eastern world will rally behind Russia & China  and form an important critical mass (called the Eurasian Trade Zone)...

the billboard sign reads GAME OVER -- THIRD WORLD DEAD AHEAD (exactly as the Jackass forecasted since 2009-2010) 


"Emerging Dynamics of Petro-Yuan Standard"



March 29th: financial and commercial responses from Russia & China, then other nations to play a supporting response role like

Germany, Saudi, Iran, then the detrimental effect on the USTreasury Bond, then intense pressures to launch the new Split Scheiss

Dollar, then the effect of the Shit Dollar on foreign suppliers and investors, then the new international barter system due to arrive soon,

then finally some miscellaneous tangents 

(link upgraded April 2nd)



March 14th: Events in Ukraine and behind scenes, immediate threats from Ukraine, strategic threats from Ukraine   (part 1) podcast/5576/et-tu-part-two  (part 2) 



March 9th: the numerous factors behind the Ukraine zone of chaos, the last defense of the USDollar, the desperate attempt

to halt the rising Eurasian Trade Zone, the implications to the United States with the death of the Petro-Dollar combined

with the upcoming massive wave of USTreasury Bond diversification sales from global banking reserves, as the pressures

mount to launch the New Scheiss Dollar for usage as a domestic only currency, subject to repeated devaluations... finally the

United States can have its own Third World currency to match its Third World finances, banking, crime, infrastructure, national

politics, and voter fraud... Russia will soon demand Gold for its crude oil sales, while China demands to pay in Yuan currency

for its crude oil purchases, in retaliation for US/EU interference and sanctions, which will kill the Petro-Dollar defacto standard


"Ukraine as the USDollar Waterloo" 


"Trashing Saudi Cutouts: Ransacking their Gold"



Feb 26th: unstable hot spot nations with US reflection (Syria and Ukraine with dabbling & Venezuela on future glimpse), breakdown

event triggers with indications for systemic failure, situation in China on banking system and excessive debt, with climax implications

of China acquiring the JPMorgan HQ in South Manhattan


"Ugly Scenario Epiphany & Forecast Formula" 


"The Split Birth of New Scheiss Dollar"



Feb 12th: USGovt confiscation of pensions, trigger events for further systemic breakdown 



Feb 7th: Petro-Dollar demise, rise of Petro-Yuan new defacto standard, price inflation arrival, turmoil in India, the critical Eastern

triangle of India & Iran & Turkey which developed the trade settlement prototype for gold transactions, China to take control of

central bank function for foreign held USDollars with the USDept Treasury launched the new Shit Dollar with Third World traits,

then comes its deep devaluation, launch of new gold-backed currencies, including the Panama Balboa


Jan 29th: discussion of the upcoming forced pension plans to invest in toxic USTreasury Bonds and more toxic USAgency Mortgage

Bonds, with tax leverage used on the government worker guinea pigs, then later on the private pension funds (IRA, 401k,  Keough),

with the grand target to be the corporate managed pension funds done last... the USGovt is under increasing pressure to end the QE

bond monetization initiatives (hyper monetary inflation) by finding true savings for funding the deficit and gargantuan debt that

requires on the order of $1 trillion per year... the federal vultures are eyeing the multi-$trillion pension funds with lust



Jan 27th: discussion of zombie banks, Syrian ulterior motive for war, US vulnerability to obstruct the war, the diverse events on

the Petro-Dollar demise with the Saudi transition to radical enemy foe but with the Iran transition to constructive cog in the Persian

Gulf, the ulterior motives for the Cyprus bank assault against Russia's Gazprom Bank, the ulterior motives for the Greek Govt bailouts

to block Russian control through liquidation asset purchase of the Greek energy pipelines, the many sides of Germany where half are

loyal to the Anglo bankers but half are commercially developed toward Russia where the NSA spy flap has taken a new side of

corporate trade secret thefts with blackmail, the Saudi terrorist element in association with Al-Qaeda versus Putin that will motivate

the Kremlin to put the end of the Petro-Dollar by pushing the Saudis into embracing Russian oil pricing in Chinese Yuan terms that

launch the Petro-Yuan, and the pair of defaults in the United States with the first being the actual USGovt debt default in progress

while the second possibly being the IRS tax secure stream derivative contract default that resulted in a forced JPMorgan HQ distressed

property sale, the climax event being the Chinese buyout of the USFed at the end of its 100-year contract, with a split of the USDollar

to occur where China becomes steward for the foreign USD but a new Shit Dollar run by the USDept Treasury is launched and then

repeatedly subjected to heavy devaluation, the final story given the Panama gold repository with a private side to handle European

bullion bank accounts and a public side to construct a gold-backed Balboa currency

ANY OF THESE LINKS  (Monday January 27)



Nov 13th: discussion of important events and factors leading to the Global Currency Reset, which has the USGovt forming the biggest

obstruction, but also recently France, Japan, and Saudi Arabia (all in line for severe disruption and bank failures)... the grand reset

involves more than the obvious currencies, sovereign bonds, and banking systems, but also nuclear protocols and pacts, which are also

in negotiation... pressures are strong for bringing about a 50% USDollar devaluation, except that all major currencies are likely to keep

their relative ratios, which means the USD is to be devalued against the Supreme Currency in Gold in order to restore the solvency of

the banking systems... the military element in the USDollar support structure is becoming very clear, with global resentment... a very

complex and delicate sequence is in progress to create a new financial structure globally, whereby the Eastern Hemisphere is driving

the process... since the West has refused to implement a solution in the five years of the endless global financial crisis, the East will do

so, which will be a comprehensive set of rules and guidelines better known as the Gold Trade Standard... the recent decision to permit

QE bond monetized purchases forever has prompted the Eastern nations led by the BRICS to force change, since the global currency

reserve suffers from official hyper inflation, as seen in the QE managed by the USFed


"Deflation Rebuttal & Reich Economics" -- to set the record straight and to explain a complex situation whereby the high pressure

zone with central bank monetary hyper inflation has met the low pressure zone with economic decay (from capital destructions) and

financial asset decay, which has produced a monster storm vortex to conclude with systemic failure... the Deflation Knuckleheads will

likely never comprehend the simultaneous nature of the inflation and deflation interaction with vicious feedback cycle... this article

attempts to set the record straight to the errant Deflation Crowd, who cannot grasp the Jackass position... furthermore, witness the

advance and promulgation of phony economics dogma reinforced by propaganda, lies on economic statistics, and twisted logic as to

the destructive USFed policy that will wreck the capitalist lattice of the entire USEconomy... the Grand Paradigm Shift ensures a big

sudden jolt to come in the Gold market, whose demand is inelastic, whose supply is inelastic, the result to be a double in the Gold Price



Nov 6th: discussion of a broad list of topics, such as the Petro-Dollar demise and the multitude of effects with grand impact to the

Banking System, the key Saudi partnership with USGovt for global USDollar reserve, some Middle East pipeline policy and the

geopolitical pressures, the new Gold Trade Standard being planned, the poor USDollar foundation and weak USGovt finances, the

USMilitary backing to the USDollar in practical effects, the Russian Sunburn Missile impact ahead of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile,

the issues on inability to inflate the USGovt debt away, the global USDollar devaluation and global currency reset discussed in vague

terms, the upcoming global dumping of USTreasury Bonds, the isolation to the US in the Eurasian Trade Zone, the raids on central

bank gold, in particular how gold factored in the Most Favored Nation status granted to China in 1999, and many issues surrounding

the Paradigm Shift with several other related topics 


"Huge Cracks in US Financial Fortress" -- to put on display a massive sequence of flaws that expose the USDollar & USTreasury

Bond flagship as a broken global currency reserve, the King Dollar on its death bed, the US leadership vanished, as the all important

Petro-Dollar faces a sudden demise, and the House of Saud is sure to court China... five years of extreme monetary inflation export has

caused a grand problem for the entire world, which seeks an alternative... the USGovt offices shutdown was a bizarre event, perhaps as

a staged trial default to note effects, as the REPO Market was broken, the result of then invalid USTBond collateral... behold the sale at

a pittance price the One Chase Plaza prized property, the HQ of JPMorgan, the operating arm of the US Federal Reserve, indicative of

deep JPM distress or hidden failure, enabling China to own the largest gold vault in the world, to be used as a Western outpost armory...

capital controls have begun at JPMorgan first, and followed by other big banks, as the big US Banks are suddenly illiquid, due to their

interest rate derivative losses and reversed bond carry trades losses... a systemic breakdown is imminent, with a new trade system

in the process of implementation, under agreement on a $7000/oz gold price and a $250/oz silver price... tremendous flows of gold

continue from London and Swiss to China, in the thousands of tons


"Gold Resurrection from Financial Disaster" -- to expose the central bank concept as the Matrix in embodiment (Bernanke being

the Architect), the Eastern nations led by BRICS and G-20 (key to unlock the USDollar), the Australian banking system revealed

as four global banks who own outsized portions (extended to the largest gold producer in Oz), the fast decline in Money Velocity as

the most convincing proof of the failure of monetary policy, the foreign dumping of USTreasury Bonds actually accelerated this past

summer (amidst the Taper Talk trial balloon), the COMEX being drained of gold in a final phase (the big bullion banks almost at

bone dry in gold inventory), while China continues on a tear for gold import through the Hong Kong window (grabs large portion of

annual mine output)... the climax event will be the return of the Gold Trade Standard, discarding the USTreasury Bonds, converting

them to Gold bullion, pushing the Gold price to $5000 and then $7000 per ounce



Oct 6th: discussion of breakdown in the USTreasury Bond asset bubble, the selling coming from foreign sources as well as

   the big New York & London banks which must unwind their leveraged carry trade, while the Interest Rate Swap machinery

   has clearly broken... many sides to the USTBond bubble bust from Taper Talk... the White House meeting with big bankers

   undoubtedly was about the lost control they suffered for the USTreasurys and probably massive losses to the IRSwaps that

   keep the false bond yield in place... the greatest asset bubble in history has been pinpricked, its collapse assured!!

   also, discussion of the Panama banking situation, where their government is working to abandon the USDollar, by setting

   up a gold depository to hold gold in support of a reverted Balboa currency (they might introduce the Euro)



Oct 2nd: extreme dependence of USTreasury Bonds upon Interest Rate Swaps from foreign dumping and Indirect Exchange

    interest rate derivative machinery might have been broken by the fast rise in bond yields since May (1.65% to 2.95%)

    Flash Trading appears to have hit the USTBond market, used to defend the 3.0% yield mark with urgency

    coordinated global movement to abandon the USDollar, but it must have critical mass unison, or else individual nations suffer

    example given of how Flash Trading (aka Algorithm Trading, High Frequency Trading) works, with reference to stocks

    a ripe 80% of NYSE stock volume is from Flash Trading by big Wall Street banks

    a ripe 80% of USGovt debt issuance is covered by phony USFed demand

    the USGovt and USFed and Wall Street dons are managing US financial market asset prices

    their machinery is breaking, and desperate measures are being used, to be revealed with more London Whale sighting

(part I)



Oct 5th: USTreasury Bond carry trade dynamics, abuse of leverage, ruined profits from replenished balance sheets

   Big US Banks thus join the Eastern nations (G-20, BRICS) in dumping USTBonds, but the US banks dump with leverage

   United States is vulnerable to Hot Money exit as USTBonds are being sold, dumped, exchanged on a uniform global basis

   USFed has two choices: Taper QE bond buying and lead to rapid global financial collapse (death by suffocation, plastic bag on head)

      or Continued QE bond buying, even ramping it up, and lead to gradual drowning in higher costs (death by drowning, head in toilet)

   the alternatives are rising interest rates (Tapered QE) or rising costs (QE to Infinity), two lousy alternatives

   USFed will clearly take the Continued QE route, following Rubin Doctrine, namely delay certain catastrophe even if a short while

   the United States is taking on more obvious Third World traits with deficits, inflation to cover debt, bank corruption

   situation in Panama is extreme with intrigue, as they work to remove the USDollar in economy and banking, a 1:1 Balboa peg

   Panama is where drug money from Colombia meets drug money from the USGovt security agencies

   many nations like Panama and Hong Kong will soon remove their 1:1 currency peg, as part of Global Currency Reset

(part II)


"Forecast Psychology & USTreasury Bond Bubble" -- to describe the USTBond asset bubble which disputes its integrity from

several fronts... the USTBond market is not a free market, nor are any major financial markets in the USDollar orbit and sphere, the

Flash Trading is not a legitimate trading tool or price determining mechanism, and the USTBond carry trade is highly vulnerable with

its mark to market feature surely to cause tremendous problems, forcing Wall Street and London big banks to join the major Eastern

entities in massive USTBond sales... the USFed is in a panic, the Interest Rate Swap machinery broken from the fast 130 basis point

rise in the 10-year (TNX) bond yield... the Jackass took this opportunity to present a link for correct forecasts over the last six or

seven years, many mega-change forecast successes like the Great Insolvency Forecasts and the Monetary Policy Forecasts...

some pending Jackass forecasts are cited, all a matter of public domain record... in conclusion, some interesting and clearly intriguing

and elucidating forecast psychology is discussed which is not flattering to the human makeup, often dominated by jealousy, denial,

anger, and deep delusion confronted... the people in general hate those who make correct forecasts, and hold them up to ridicule


"Flash Trading Hits USTreasury Bonds" -- for the last few years, the Flash Trading from computer Algorithm program schemes

has been publicized, where 80% of NYSE volume is from Wall Street firms trading among themselves... now the Flash Trading scheme

has arrived at the USTBond trading, as the USFed and big US banks are engaged in sales among themselves at artificially high prices

(and lower yields) in order to drive down the all-important bond yields... the entire USTBond complex is under heavy strain both from

big US banks reversing their leveraged carry trades (easy profits in 2011-2012 now oversized losses) and from foreign dumping of

USTBonds in diversification or Indirect Exchange... the United States financial system must next face the prospect of horrendous risk

from HOT MONEY EXIT from the US$-based system... the USFed is faced with gradual collapse (continued QE) or rapid aggravated

collapse (Tapered QE), and of course the once revered central bank will choose the gradual collapse alternative... as the Golden Pillars

are broken that support the USTreasury Bonds, new pillars are being erected to support the return of Gold Trade Settlement, which will

lead to the Price of Gold going to $3000/oz then $5000/oz then $7000/oz



Sept 12th: numerous questions from Gold Seek weblog contributors, lasting over 75 minutes

    note the Seabridge Gold company presentation at the beginning

    with the Jackass introduction at the 27-minute mark

    USDollar is backed by USMilitary might, a hidden major factor evident in Syria, soon to suffer from fall of Saudi regime



Sept 8th: on Syrian War factors, the rise of Energy Pipeline politics, the ascendance of Gazprom and eclipse of OPEC, the disastrous

USGovt policy toward breakaway energy commerce and trade settlement, the gradual inevitable painful disruptive decay demise and

death of the USDollar, the risk to the USEconomy of a split USDollar (domestic & foreign), and ongoing isolation of the United States

whose Ship of State has become a sinking derelict vessel without leadership or viable options


"Footnotes on Myths, Lies, Deceptions, and Millstones" -- to clarify the long list of total fabrications and delusional economic and

financial policy positions, starting with the USDollar being money (false), then the Zero Interest Rate Policy and Quantitative Easing

being stimulus (false)... the USFed monetary policy is killing the system through capital destruction and inadequate income from both

savings and capital, with grand distortions in all capital markets... the major US institutions have become a hornet's nest of harlots in

service to the American Crown, the big banks, which refuse to be liquidated as the first step toward a solution in the ongoing endless

financial crisis... so much political nonsense is disseminated, that the population is truly confused... a new Gold Standard is coming, led

by the Eastern Alliance, driven through trade among the BRICS nations, the G-20 members, where Russia and China provide the



"Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC and the USDollar" -- to reveal some extremely significant hidden forces at work behind the scenes

regarding Syria not reported on the news, and seemingly nowhere in analyst reviews... the conflict in Syria is about the last gasp for

the Petro-Dollar, the emergence of energy pipeline geopolitics, the rise of the Natural Gas Coop, the new dominance of Russian

Gazprom, the eclipse of OPEC, the fall of the house of Saud, and a grand adjustment process in global commerce and banking... also,

Syria represents the crossroads of many important shifting geopolitical roadways that pertain to the global financial structure and

commercial systems, a veritable tipping point for a Grand Global Paradigm Shift that leaves the United States more isolated, puts the

Russians in a powerful seat of power, and forces Western Europe to align with the East (abandoning the US ally)

N.B. the Anglo Nazis focus on military power, but ignore Sunburn missiles, the result to be a staggering commercial loss for USA

   and an embarrassing isolation of the United States from Western Europe and England (recall Nazi weakness of strategic intelligence)



August 30th: same topic as Syrian Pipeline Politics article (above)


"13 Reasons Why Gold Will Hit $5000/oz" -- a basic outline on how the world changed since the Lehman failure, as the crisis

became a regular landscape fixture, then turned into an elevated acute crisis in 2011 with the introduction of the QE bond purchase

program which is hyper monetary inflation by any other name, and lately in the last several months that crisis went critical when a

skein of extremely dangerous events occurred that make clear how the crisis is permanent without any solution, nor any attempt

at solution... the Gold price will rise dramatically in the future from numerous powerful forces and factors, 13 of which can be

identified, provided eyes are not fixated on the West as the majority of analysts are accustomed to doing... the Gold price will find

some degree of proper value at $5000 per ounce, and then work toward a higher equilibrium price, as the factors to force a price

surge are extraordinary, powerful, unprecedented, awesome, revolutionary, and part of a grand Paradigm Shift that has already begun

to manifest itself as the greatest movement of wealth in world history, in the midst of the greatest vanishing act of wealth at the same

time... the adjustment reset only requires a trigger, a spark, an accident to cause a global stampede



August 7th:  discussion of the USTreasury Bond market from two vantage points, the first under control with the powerful

Exchange Stabilization Fund at work from watchful hands by the USDept Treasury and the massive Interest Rate Swap derivative

devices, the second out of control with deep dependence in USFed bond monetization while big US banks surely reverse their

leveraged carry trade and foreign central banks sell USTBonds in disgust and foreign asset acquisitions execute the new game on

the global financial front, namely the Indirect Exchange where for instance China pays for Russian energy from pipeline delivery

in USTBonds or Rosneft gives the London banks USTBonds as payment for the British Petroleum stake in TNK-BP or buyouts

of the failed Brazilian OGX energy empire will see payments made in USTBonds, all all all returned to sender, during which the

USEconomy will suffer from fast rising price inflation due to the global USDollar rejection, along with shortages of food and fuel,

against a backdrop of civil disorder



August 13th:  preface of background on how the United States embarked on a disastrous path over the last 50 years, starting with

the Vietnam War, following with a departure from the Gold Standard, pushed along with labor unions and environmental standards

after price inflation struck hard... moved onto the topic of Bail-in confiscation at banks, which will not solve the bank insolvency

but will cause rampant poverty from vanished accounts... then ongoing Zero Percent Interest Policy forever and Quantitative Easing

to Infinity, both of which were forecasted in 2009 and 2010 (the forever and infinity parts)... finally the shock of the upcoming

USDollar rejection on a global basis, with the introduction of BRICS Bank, the continuation of Chinese Yuan Swap Facility to wean

off the USDollar, with a climax in the Gold Trade Settlement movement (unstoppable), using Gold Trade Notes as letters of credit...

expect the G-20 Meeting in Russia not to be interrupted this time by the G-8 Member fools, and the gold trade settlement nuts & bolts

to be worked on in Moscow and St.Petersburg, leading to a tumultuous end of year and following year trunews/2013/08/13/trunews- august-13-2013



August 7th:  discussion of real meaning of USFed Taper Talk, seeking political permission for QE to Infinity, concealing their

control of the long USTBond yields, but with severe ongoing damage from both capital destruction to the economies and from

lost faith in currency due to extreme debasement, having three major reasons why the USTreasury Bond yields cannot be permitted

to rise, each explained in a certain detail, while the supply removals and shortage have grown acute at the COMEX vaults, and

London LBMA delays on delivery are over 100 days, and the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD fund) suffers massive depletion from raids

by the big US banks, the mining firms reduce their output flow to the GLD Fund (better called Gold In Motion), with firm

recollection that the gold market and banking system is like a human body deprived of oxygen that is surely causing major organ

damage, soon to result in bigger convulsions, heart attacks, and death (COMEX shutdown)

Part 1 link

Part 2 link

Part 3 link



August 1st:  done in two parts, the first on Deutsche Bank and the contagion risk from a bank failure, fraudulent books exposed

for national debt qualification to the Euro Monetary Union, with related high failure risk for Barclays in London and Citibank in

New York, thus explaining that the FOREX swap derivatives are in focus which ironically consider Gold to be on equal footing

as the major currencies, while all major Western banks are interconnected, so any one giant bank failure would result in several

other banks falling quickly... the second on the grotesque lack of equilibrium in the Gold market, where demand exceeds the role

of clearing supply, and shortage cannot meet the demand, as the COMEX and big bank vault inventories are rapidly being depleted

and great efforts are being taken to locate gold at source to meet Delivery demands, while staggering demand is seen worldwide

like in US & Canada Mints with silver coin demand exceeding by 25 million ounces the annual mine output for the two nations jim-willie-everything-points- to-gold/


"Extreme Gold Market: Supply vs Demand" -- to elaborate on a broken gold market, where the price of Gold is often confused

with the true Gold price, defined as where demand clears supply while supply satisfies demand, neither of which is the case... deep

supply shortages encounter profound demand globally in a wrecked market, equally wrecked as the USTreasury Bond market, and

the USAgency Mortgage market, and the US Stock market... the ultimate irony is that USFed Chairman Bernanke does not know

much about money or wealth, as he sits during a foreign revolt to replace the USDollar in trade settlement... a few important Gold

inversion signals are flashing, like negative Gold Forward rates... a tremendous vanishing act is in progress with paper wealth in the

West, as the Paradigm Shift of power and wealth moves East, not stoppable... next up is vast vanish of private accounts from the

Bail-in confiscation plan that will assure poverty when the bankers attempt to establish a totalitarian state


"Signals for Breakdown on Numerous Fault Lines" -- to cite a laundry list of breakdown signals of definitive nature, difficult to

refute or deny, that indicate systemic breakdown is in progress on several fronts in a worsening situation... they pertain to banking

systems, financial markets, gold market, and vault systems... they are highlighted by gold future backwardation, by negative gold

forward rates, and by arbitrage between New York and Shanghai... common raids of GLD gold inventory match the volume almost

exactly for Deliveries at the COMEX... the global revolt against the USDollar continues apace, with the spread of the Chinese Yuan

Swap Facility gathering momentum in major Western centers... the London introduction to Yuan Swaps has been joined by a formal

Euro Central Bank request for a whopping $130 billion swap line... so add London and the EuroCB to Australia and Japan as the most

recent Yuan Swap line locations, which means the non-USDollar trade is gathering momentum... in fact, the Chinese Yuan Swaps

will serve as an intermediary step for Gold Trade Settlement, under facilitation by Turkey as gold bank intermediary... the Egypt coup

d'état was triggered not so much by politics, but by rising food prices as a result of three years of USFed hyper monetary inflation...

the pressure remains fierce, as the G-20 Meeting will continue in Russia in September, where interference by G-20 (seen in May) will

not be possible... the G-20 agenda is clear, to arrange the required platforms for Gold Trade Settlement, and to bring the BRICS

Development Fund into full gear... the fund will transform into a Gold Trade Central Bank, complete with Gold Trade Notes acting

as letters of credit in trade... the many breakdowns add up to a certain release of the gold price from the criminal strangehold, sure

to attain the $7000/oz price as part of Gold Trade Settlement when the USDollar is brushed aside... Silver to $200/oz also



July 1st:  USTreasury Bond market confusion, chaos, damage, Live Stress Test, fakeout by USFed as turns desperate, effect coming

with Interest Rate Swap derivative damage from fast moving bond yields, dependence of US financial & economic system upon the

USFed easy money accommodation with cheap rates (ZIRP) and bond purchases (QE) which must continue, the ugly Gold Market

ambushes which push the COMEX closer to a shutdown, the required event to bring about a true higher Gold price, and Shanghai

gold arbitrage with related GLD fund raids to buy in New York then sell in China... the COMEX has no gold, and cannot set the Gold

price, since the listed value has extreme disruptive shortage accompanied by enormous unmet demand



June 26th:  motive, need, developments, and hidden projects underway to bring the USDollar home for a significant devaluation

of 20% to start, with powerful consequences for the USEconomy like inflation & shortage & disorder, as the foreign held USDollars

refuse to cooperate, their banks and governments objecting to wealth tax, thus forcing a split into two different Dollars, the domestic

devaluated Dollar and a continued foreign held Dollar, with tremendous confusion and conflict and decline of the United States...

citizens must prepare for the introduction of the Third World as the United States loses the global reserve currency privilege

part 1

part 2 v=w9_tjYti-AQ 

part 3 v=PMWZ35pGBCQ 


"USTBonds: Return to Sender" -- to lay out the new vast channels for USTreasury Bond redemption by angry disappointed

and deceived USGovt creditors, who will convert them rapidly into Gold bullion... the USFed is stuck in the Matrix, but foreigner

creditors have begun executing on an Exit Strategy from the USDollar entirely, while the Petro-Dollar defacto standard is dying

with the living death of King Abdullah, the Natural Gas Coop led by Gazprom next to take control... the main channels have already

begun to form, with the BRICS Development Fund to convert to a Gold Trade Central Bank, with the Rosneft acquisition of British

Petroleum with nasty buyout terms, with payment by China for Russian pipeline energy supply, with rapid conversion of Russian

and Chinese FOREX reserves, with African resource deals paid by China, with Saudi conversion of recycled oil surpluses during

the Fall of the House of Saud, and with the calamity of the reversed big US bank carry trade... toxic USTBonds will be returned to

sender, the USGovt, in very large volume, which will surely overwhelm the Weimar press operated by a desperate Bernanke GoldenJackass/1370376300.php



June 7th:  (written interview on manipulation of the Gold market concerning its duration, the end events, signals, gradual nature of

   the turn, relevance of the COMEX price, and consequences when the Gold market becomes an honest arena)



May 24th:  (the April gold market ambush & huge global demand consequence, the G20 Meeting & dire outlook for USDollar,

   activity with the USTreasury Bond market & its artificial derivative props & Bernanke tests & big danger signals)



May 20th:  desperation among bankers to hold the broken financial system together as time between crisis events gets shorter,

   bank runs have started where the wealthy elite store $billions as they realize Allocated Gold Accounts have been raided,

   the G20 Meeting sequence offers clear evidence that Eastern nations are on a path to reject the USDollar in trade settlement

   and to favor gold trade settlement instead, using the BRICS Development Fund eventually as a Gold Trade Central Bank run-happening-in-bullion-jim- willie/



May 7th:  financial treachery, broad consequences for Fascist Business Model deeply rooted in the United States,

    whose permitted financial criminality has prompted a global reaction in defense to isolate and reject USDollar,

    being done by the Eastern nations utilizing the growing G20, BRICS, SCO organizations with alternative platforms

    to implement trade settlement for global trade... most importantly, each treacherous deed has a nasty consequence


"Financial Treachery & Harsh Consequences" -- to point out that every extremely devious deed by Wall Street banks and the

USGovt under its control spawns diverse powerful response in consequence, often in coordinated organized fashion... the common

denominator of corrupt US-based actions is the manifestation of the Fascist Business Model in full glory... the pursued anti-USDollar

alternative for trade is central to most foreign response, as the Gold Standard was broken in 1971, but a new Gold Trade Standard is

slowly emerging... the USFed bond monetization (aka hyper monetary inflation) at a 0% fixed rate has motivated the world to create

an alternative... foreign nations led by the emerging nations want an exit strategy from the USDollar & USTBond stranglehold, since

the USFed has no exit strategy itself, stuck in destructive gears... misused Allocated Gold Accounts and phony gold accounting have

invited a response to scrutinize accounts, as many nations have called gold home in formal repatriation demands... the mid-April gold

ambush attack has lit a fire on global physical gold demand, in reaction to the bankster criminals committing suicide on the global

stage... the important event has exposed the COMEX & LBMA as an empty room... the stated official Gold price is not where Supply

meets Demand to clear the market in an equilibrim state, which reveals that the COMEX posted entry for gold is not the gold price!!



April 15th:  (naked short Gold slam, huge global demand & great shortages, divergence in paper vs metal as Jackass forecasted)

http://sherriequestioningall. willie-interview-april-15- 2013-real.html



April 8th:  (global USDollar alternative, effect on USEconomy, progress on Eastern trade system, risk of US private accounts)


"ZIRP (0%) is not Stimulus, but Rather a Death Knell" -- to clarify that the ongoing 0% official rate is killing the USEconomy,

killing capital, and will force a systemic default... the ZIRP plus QE bond monetization is smothering the nation, offering nothing for

savers, forcing the institutions to join the moral hazard and seek yield with undue risks... the result of hedging against the powerful inflation is rising cost structure, which shrinks profitability, and an attack on capital... the money velocity is in steady unstoppable

decline, to highlight the deadly monetary policy... the assured continued course in USFed monetary policy that Bernanke guarantees

will ensure a systemic failure due to capital destruction, simply stated... the rising USGovt deficits will grow worse from economic

deterioration and increased taxes and decreased spending... Eastern nations will embark on an Exit Strategy from the USDollar, based

in a Gold Trade Standard (since the USFed cannot exit the corner)... the refusal to liquidate the big US banks has become the

quintessential error of our era... the entire American system is wealth is built upon debt, thus a debt writedown with widespread

destruction of wealth... the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Law and the Financial Regulatory Reform Bill outline the Bail-in for private

wealth removal and loss... the divergence in the Gold price (paper futures price versus physical metal price) indicates tremendous

strain on the big banks, but only with worse divergence will come the shutdown of the COMEX and a restored Gold price



April 1st:  (the Eurasian Trade Zone, the BRICS Development Fund, and blueprint for USDollar rejection process)

note: the rest of the world is planning an Exit Strategy from the USDollar, since the USFed does not and cannot have one

the Russia-China axis will eventually create a new Trade-based Gold Standard apart from the Anglo banker corrupt influence podcast/4611/tfmr-podcast-43- jim-willie-returns


"USDollar: Ring-Fenced & Checkmate" -- to outline the path for USDollar rejection ultimately, as the billboards and signposts

have been more clearly laid out... the establishment of the Eurasian Trade Zone has an energy foundation with firm pipelines from

Russia to China, whose financing will be done on the back of the USTBonds sent back to the Anglo bankers to choke on... also the

new BRICS Development Fund will have $100 billion with which to finance large projects like infrastructure and communications,

but its hidden role will be to facilitate the conversion of emerging market USTBonds held in reserve, to purchase Gold bullion which

will serve as the trade finance core... the fund will be a veritable central bank for Eastern & Asian trade setttlement... the enormous

loans are set with USTBonds as collateral, while Chinese payments for energy flow to Russia will be in USTBonds also, sent to the

London banks to pay off debt... a caravan of USTBonds will be sent to the Anglo bankers for retirement, which the London and New

York banks cannot refuse since it is their native currency... the USDollar is thus being ring-fenced, set up for isolation and rejection

as the Eurasian Trade Zone conducts trade in Gold settlement (not in US$ terms), using Gold Trade Notes with the BRICS Fund gold

core... numerous are the tipping point events, following the ugly Cyprus events, which might have had a hidden motive to interrupt

the Moscow Energy Summit held over the same weekend... the United States is locked out of the dominant Eurasian Trade Zone GoldenJackass/1364601600.php



March 27th:  (the complex situation in Cyprus, with Russian shadow, contagion threat, flash point event)



March 13th:  (the quickening pace of the financial collapse, as important events occur much more rapidly)



March 11th:  (reasons to invest in staggering Gold bull market, disputed US stock market highs, reality check on Jobs Report)


"Raging Gold Bull & Disputed Propaganda" -- to brush aside the absurd reports on US financial networks about a tarnished gold

market, where they claim better performing assets exist, better economic data has come, and tame price inflation prevails, all total

rubbish... the actual bubbles are the US Stock market and the USTreasury Bond market, each supported by Weimar printing press

output and massive props... the motives to invest in Gold are many (still in a strong bull market) such as the negative real interest

rates (saving yield minus CPI), competing currency wars, heavy central bank printing, busted sovereign bonds, insolvent big Western

banks, desperation to keep COMEX supplied, all against a corrupt backdrop of severe regular raids of the GLD and SLV precious

metal bullion bars held in inventory... massive demand exists in China through the Hong Kong gold window, and from minted coins

produced in the US, Canada, Austria, China, and elsewhere... the USFed has no exit strategy, and will find itself stuck in the Zero

Bound corner forever, whereby they cannot raise rates for a multitude of reasons... the upcoming Gold Trade Notes are ready for

implementation, to be led by China, Russia, and Germany as a very powerful and highly disruptive big Paradigm Shift is coming


"Gritty Questions on Unstoppable Collapse" -- to provide answers to numerous difficult questions... the collapse is certain, likely

from a midsized bank failing with a big bank tied around its neck, as too many fuses lie waiting to be lit... the Italian election has put

the system to the limit, with France and Spain vying for the distinction of first collapse trigger... the USDollar is the clearly defined

victim in the ongoing gold trade and other non-USD trade settlement movement, as nations struggle to find a viable solution to the

ongoing collapse that can no longer be labeled a basic crisis... the Iranian sanctions led by the USGovt have galvanized the progress

to adopt a USDollar alternative in a grand example of US leaders shooting themselves in the face and chest, as Turkey and India work

toward a gold trade intermediary role, which further the pioneer direction of the Chinese Yuan swap facilities (England a recent nation

to sign on)... the Gold supply exhibits strong inelastic traits, as lower mining output accompanies higher price... the aggravated global

competing currency war will motivate nations to abandon the USDollar as they seek a stable viable solution, since the US leaders have

failed to reform the global currency, partly out of profound corruption and desired fraud privileges, partly out of lack of global

jurisdiction in dictating contract alteration... expect the USGovt deficits to be covered by forced confiscation of private pension funds...

the Pope's resignation is a major important seminal signal of stormy winds and bright lights to shine on scummy bank activities



February 11th:  (Currency War & USDollar set up for rejection)



February 1st:  (USDollar slow inexorable death & demise, new global non-FOREX trade settlement system)



January 25th:  (new gold-based trade system to replace and isolate the toxic USDollar)   (under label of Golden Jackass website, click on blue arrow)


"Pitched Currency War & USDollar Rejection" -- to herald a new dangerous phase where major central banks indirectly attack

each other, defending their home nations and economies, rendering deep harm to managed reserves, disrupting international relations,

and inciting motivation for a non-USDollar alternative... the Swiss and Japanese are in opposition, as Tokyo has pushed down their

Yen currency severely, thus causing loss to the Swiss reserves... nations are turning desperate, and will next move to isolate the

USDollar... the year 2013 will be when the USDollar is set up for certain rejection, thus directing the US into the Third World...

events are gathering like a storm to bring the Gold Standard back, which will happen as a new trade settlement system finds roots,

but the devices being designed outside the currency world, founded in gold transactions... the key is the advent of widespread

non-USDollar trade settlement, which has a running start with Chinese Yuan bilateral swap facilities, too numerous to be ignored...

the US DX index appears calm, but it belies the extreme volatility and instability of many currencies, like the Yen Swiss Franc and

British Pound, as others are moving to defend economies... the Competing Currency War has turned nasty ugly dangerous, with

history pointing out how the entire global economy will suffer from its propagation... watch for a flash point at the Moscow G-20

Meeting, where the requiem for the US nation will be heard

"The Coming Isolation of USDollar" -- to outline the various aspects of the isolation, as foreign nations and trade partners seek

to isolate the toxic agent, to trap the infection, to remove the vermin from the system... a new Asian trade zone has been formed

which excludes the United States, a likely consequence of constant hegemony, profound bond fraud, and outrageous drainage of

Eastern capital, the trade zone to extend to Eurasia in time... the broken US system cannot and will not correct itself, since no

dysfunctional system has the capacity to bring about internal change, the trend instead to be further deeper corruption and desperate

action to preserve the system where criminality runs rampant... hope for a righted ship is misplaced, or enforcement by regulatory

bodies, or even a revival in mining stock valuations... expect the Gold paper price to fall while Gold metal (preferred bars & coins)

price to rise in divergence, as well as expect mining firms to produce lower output under cost pressures, share dilution, jurisdiction

threats, and labor strikes... a new non-FOREX trade settlement system is in development, pushed since the Lehmann events in 2008,

given powerful thrust since the Iranian sanctions were imposed, which galvanized foreign trade participants... new element in the

Shanghai Gold Exchange price differential versus the corrupt COMEX, inviting arbitrage and more rapid NY/London drainage...

watch a sunset of the Petro-Dollar defacto standard, as the Saudis soon will accept non-US$ payments, the final doorway for the

Third World setting in the United States, to be marred by price inflation, supply shortage, deep isolation, and a vast police state


December 7th: (ZIRP & QE destructive effect, pervasive financial fraud, Gold Standard, impact on Gold Price)


December 4th: (Gold Standard, Lack of Solutions, USDollar Rejection, New Trade Settlement System)


part 1 ** November 29th: (Gold Standard, Zero Percent Interest Rate, Quantitative Easing)

part 2 ** November 29th: (major currencies transformed, gold price breakout scenarios)

part 3 ** November 29th: (response to banker criminality, selection of next Treasury Secretary)

"Immutable Gold Laws" -- to forewarn of many developments on course without reversal, as the Gold Standard will return since

Gold will be the last asset standing to hold value in a solution... the ZIRP (0%) and QE (bond monetization) asssure a continuous

unending Gold Bull Market with rising cost structure, which together assure a economic decline with capital destruction that leads

to a USGovt debt default and systemic failure climax event... deep criminal activity fortifies the system, from bond fraud and market

interventions, but the recent wave of demanded repatriation of official gold accounts will work toward the Allocated Gold Account

scandal, the greatest of all banker scandals in modern history... with the enormous movement of gold from London to points East

comes a corresponding shift in geopolitical power, a Paradigm Shift... the advent of the Gold Wars has arrived, which will take a

difficult turn since the Saudi King Abdullah is clinically dead and succession will be potentially chaotic... the primary victim will be

the defacto Petro-Dollar standard, thus delivering a crippling blow to the USDollar... the Gold price will soon break out in all major

world currencies


part 1 ** November 6th: (economic consequences of ZIRP & QE)

part 2 ** November 8th: (gold market revving up, urgency in supply chain)


** November 9th: (covered topics on election post-mortem, QE scummy details, surplus recycle patterns)


"Golden Haarp & Allocated Gold Exposure"

-- to expose the extremely dangerous new twist whereby several governments,

led by Germany, are demanding full accounting and in some cases return of their official gold accounts held in London, where they

have most likely vanished... the distrust is thick, the recent events steeped in banker corruption and account thefts ripe, with a strong

undercurrent of Swiss allocated account class action lawsuits (kept out of news), added atop constant desperate attempts to backstop

gold & silver supply to avoid depletion and defaults, the source being London and Swiss castle fortresses... the global financial crisis

is wrongly named, since more a global monetary war to preserve the USDollar corrupt regime, full of bond fraud, bank pressures, and

money laundering... no stimulus will come from Hurricane Sandy, despite stupid pronouncements... the Gold War is fast entering a

new brisk phase, with wars to gut nations of their gold treasure (Iraq, Libya), which could reach climax with the fall of the House of

Saud and a backfire of lost Petro-Dollar defacto standard... the permanent central bank 0% policy plus unlimited bond monetization

known as QE have brought questions on the integrity of the global monetary system and forced a scurry to locate national gold

treasures, their only remaining asset of true quality... the ZIRP & QE will assure the Gold price surpasses the $2000 mark, but the

Allocated Gold Account scandal will sure the Gold price surpasses the $5000 mark GoldenJackass/1351713600.php

"Extreme Symptoms & Hidden Menace" -- to review the many anomalies that persist in the financial and economic landscape,

as QE3 has been announced, complete with its deception on motive (to cover mortgage fraud) and volume (to be at least triple)...

the failed central bank franchise system can be seen, along with deep dependence upon bond monetization to handle USGovt deficits

in unsterilized form (fresh money infusions) as credibility on producing solutions is long gone... the motive of QE3 is to clear the

housing market of multi-$trillion in fraud that clogs the banks and obstructs foreign investment... the jobless report is a blatant sham

in reporting, as millions fall off the 99-week caravan of coverage, and the Birth-Death Model is the main fudge factor which the

NFIB small business surveys contradict... the USDollar global reserve currency will be lost from the QE abuses and hyper monetary

inflation channeled dependence... the Gold price is consolidating at the 1710-1750 support, sure to explode north to 1990

"Death Knells to USDollar" -- to give fair warning of the twilight to the USDollar as global reserve currency, which is fast losing

its strong Petro-Dollar belt from global crude oil sales... the recent QE3 decision by the USFed was a glaring admission of their

failure, since bond monetization will be permanent but hidden will be the unsterilized manner of the bond buys, the most virulent

action to debase money in the American Weimar final chapter, a parade joined by all major central banks... the money velocity has

fallen dangerously even as money supply has tripled since August 2008, the gears of the USEconomy stripped, lacking industry from

which to gain traction... watch the House of Saud, as the desert kingdom could be seeing the final months of the regime, after the

assassination of Prince Bandar, minister of security, the fallout being the Petro-Dollar itself... the Chinese have announced a new role

as intermediary in Yuan-based oil sales, a direct attack against the King Dollar, followed by an announcement by Mexico that it also

will be selling oil to China outside the King Dollar's shadow... the Untied States is at high risk as the USDollar loses its global reserve

status, from the price inflation and acute shortages, the result of which will be a sudden slide into the Third World... the Gold price

is fighting a consolidation battle on the right side of a powerful reversal pattern, in the mid-$1700/oz range, given some thrust by the

broad Gold mining supply obstructions starting in South Africa but extending to South America... the Gold price will go past the

$1800 resistance level soon, in a powerful move

"No CB Solutions: Insolvency vs Illiquidity" -- to emphasize the Jackson Hole was a conference for losers to apologize for their

failures, a gathering of empty echos from Davos, since the central bankers are not even attempting to move toward remedy, but

rather to retain power... they have nutball monetary policies in place, like the USFed to continue 0% until the USEconomy reaches

a certain GDP growth threshold, except that the 0% policy is a giant wet blanket on the economy that slows it down and kills the

capital base slowly... like the Euro Central Bank deciding to provide infinite bond purchases in order to prevent a bond yield threshold

from being reached, but always pressured... a real viable meaningful remedy toward recovery must involve liquidation of the big

banks, liquidation of the housing market, and return of industry from Asia, none of which is even discussed... the non-solutions to

date all are based upon amplified liquidity to treat grotesque insolvency, which fails as non-starter... beware of the Morgan Stanley

upcoming death event, as its firm failure will likely result in a few hundred thousand private stock accounts vanishing, since the

progression from futures account vanishing acts will move to stock accounts vanishing acts... the Gold & Silver markets have begun

to perk up with important breakouts in early movements toward significant reversals, onward & upward


** August 31: (covered many topics in the Firestorm article below)

"Firestorms & Currency Twists" -- to survey the charred currency landscape, with a lead of a warning of an imminent bust of

Morgan Stanley, where over 300 thousand private stock accounts might be at risk of theft, enabled by the US court system by virtue

of their sanctioned rulings in favor of MFGlobal and JPMorgan, but watch the evidence of scummy ooze to the surface from the

$8 trillion in Interest Rate Swaps from the House of MS in order to create a false flight to USTBond safety... the major central banks

are scrambling in a panic to hide their failures, as their arsenals are empty... the Chinese Yuan is being prepared for convertible status

while the Swiss Franc plays a loser's game, but the USDollar lies at risk from the tumult in the Arab world as Saudi Prince Bandar

appears to have been assassinated... the Petro-Dollar could be collateral damage in the fall of the House of Saud... a Jackass epiphany

on the gold front is that if cartel banks are forced to relinquish gold from margin calls (cash dont work), then one could deduce that

Allocated Gold accounts were improperly used by the big Western banks in their deadly leverage game, resulting in wrecked positions

and the urgent need to locate sourced gold bullion before the next scandal erupts... IT WILL ERUPT, THE ALLOCATED GOLD

ACCOUNT RAID SCANDAL, resulting in a gigantic sustained gold rally that will make history books

"Conflicts & Pressure Points" -- to ponder on resolution toward greater randomness and lower potential energy like in financial

markets... the conflicts and pressure have built to great levels with major central banks, with European political entities, and with

LIBOR prosecution bearing lawsuit trim which have pitted the banks of New York, London, and Western Europe against each other...

JPMorgan is under siege in the Interest Rate Swap gaming of USTBonds, and in the gold intervention game, while Eastern players

take aim and band together against the toxic corrupted USDollar... the USGovt information merchants struggle to promote the best

propaganda after their story of USEconomic recovery was shattered by reality... the forces of upheaval are erupting from all corners,

as the forces of entropy & enthalpy do their work to produce change you can believe in

"Banker Brushfires Risk Jumps" -- to preview the many jumps in the growing forest fires from the LIBOR region into several

other regions, the first being narco money laundering... the USTBond 10-year has rallied as forecasted, but the move under 1.5%

signals an early warning for economic devastation and USGovt debt default (all in time)... the next big jump could be into the

Interest Rate Swap arena to reveal the phony powerpack that produces false USTBond rallies, or to reveal the internal recognition

of grotesque bank insolvency as they exploit the FASB corrupted accounting rules, or a wild card to reveal US banks making plans

to diversify away from the USTBond as trade is to be settled increasingly outside the toxic USDollar... the grand-daddy risk is for

a jump into the Allocated Gold account exploitation, where well over 40 thousand tons of privately held supposed secure gold bars

with known serial numbers have been seized, leased, sold, and replaced with paper certificates in very illegal manner... blowing the

top off the Allocated frauds could come sooner than we realize... the US banks, London banks, and European banks are set to attack

each other in an extension to the Competing Currency Wars, as the banker wars have arrived, which will bring about mutually assured

destruction of faith and confidence under the dome of fiat currency and monetary system... GOLD IS THE ONLY SAFE HAVEN

"Extreme Danger Signposts" -- to alert the investment community to unusually dangerous times, as the USDollar is being pushed

off its pedestal... gasoline usage in the US is down 50% since year 2007 as the recession gathers force... the labor force is in tatters

as the Birth-Death Model is the giant fudge factor... the Gold price had over a 90% correlation with the USGovt total debt until

powerful intervention came... a rebellion grows among nations with Chinese swap deals to bypass the USDollar, even as major

central banks are stuck in the 0% corner, with massive toxic balance sheets... the LIBOR damage lawsuits will make a spectacle

as hundreds of thousands will enter class action lawsuits along with municipalities, as potential awards could hit $trillions... the last

great scandal will be the Allocated Gold account raids, since well over 20 thousand tons have been illegally taken, replaced with

paper gold certificates... when the music stops, the Gold price will rise past $5000 per oz

"Outline on Collapse Endgame" -- to give emphasis to a long list of truly dangerous deadly symptoms that loudly signal an end

game chapter is upon us, hardly your garden variety crisis in its sixth year since the subprime eruption occurred (supposedly contained)... Operation Twist is nothing but pure QE with deception; bank recapitalization is coming, but until they talk about $10

trillion injected, nothing will change; new Basel III rules might elevate gold to a Tier-1 level, possibly forcing widespread bank

purchases; absent gold in big Western banks might actually hasten a string a bank failure events; an army of 900 expert accountant

types are rummaging through a big dead Wall Street bank to check for life signs; China is recasting large gold bars into 1-kg bars,

in preparation for a new trade system (also to check for tungsten formally?); new money and new debt are both failing, in midst of

massive slippage on desired effects; Operation Twist is actually buying all the 30-year USTBonds ever issued; beware of a perverse

USDollar backwardation, as paper is given a premium over contracts and electronic forms; the Draghi LTRO funds turned out to be

a stillborn baby that further infected the European banks; bank runs are spreading slowly but in a recognizable manner in Italy, Spain,

France, and Britain; the Greek Govt debt default is the unavoidable inevitable event upcoming, to act like a lit fuse; debt is being

widely contradicted as wealth, in all forms of assets; Gold will be the last asset standing, despite a wave of criminal activity within



** June 14 (systemic failure reset Q&A, and Black Hole from the USTreasury Bond collapsing tower)

** May 25: (Interest Rate Swaps, JPMorgan losses, ties to Europe & Deutsche Bank, Black Hole created by USTBonds)

** May 11: (JPMorgan false statement on $2 billion loss, more like $18B from Interest Rate Swaps to defend official 0% rate )

"USTBonds: Black Hole Dynamics" -- to describe a powerful upcoming phenomenon as the USTreasury Bonds implode, sure

to produce a gigantic black hole that sucks in all manner of asset classes, the process already having begun with the shedding of

junk bonds in favor of the only successful asset in USTBonds... the 0% policy produces poor consumer decisions, impaired business

decisions from CAPEX purchases, while significant capital destruction occurs, while all financial markets are deeply distorted...

a nasty vicious cycle is underway, wherein the ZIRP takes business capital offline, weakening the USEconomy in a series of waves...

if the USGovt decides to force private pension funds like 401k and IRAs into USTBonds, then tremendous momentum will be given

to the destructive process... the Zero Percent Interest Policy is the calling card for the Gold Bull Market, resulting in chronic negative

real interest rates (yield minus price inflation)... paradoxically, the USTBonds will fail by virtue of their own success, which will

unleash the fury of a Gold price explosion upward after much volatility

"USTBond Tower of Babel" -- to bring light to the ultimate problem, that 0% is untenable when USGovt deficits are $1.5 trillion

each year (higher tower) as the USTreasury Bond creditors have abandoned them, sickened by unilateral central bank decisions

to monetize debt and hand out lavish grants to bankers... the USTBond market is held together by the hidden Interest Rate Swap

contracts managed by JPMorgan Chase, which secretively applies grand 50:1 leverage, in addition to the USFed, which is the only

remaining reliable buyer in a display of pure hyper monetary inflation... the unstable tower is reacting badly to high winds from the

European sovereign debt crisis but also to the stupid attempt to talk through an Exit Strategy... recent JPMorgue losses will total far

more than the $3 to $5 admitted to date, since a chain reaction has been triggered deep within the system that cannot be stopped,

and will continue until the USTBond market asset bubble is broken and the USDollar trade vehicle is abandoned on the road side...

the pure fuel of negative interest rates continues to power the Gold Bull market, which will continue to benefit from the permanent

0% official rate... the USFed is stuck at 0% forever, tragically, and they know it... the Gold price will skyrocket when the full

extent of JPMorgue damage is properly estimated and comprehended... their losses will be in the hundreds of $billions by next year

"Gold Cover Clause Guidance" -- to propose the gold cover clause whereby a new currency can be backed by a proportion

of gold upon demand, in contradiction to the vacant baseless claim by cross-eyed analysts such as Jim Rickards who claim not

enough gold exists to return to the Gold Standard... furthermore, the additional umpteen $billion in cash injections into the Western

Economies in just the last several years would dictate a 3-fold to 5-fold increase in the prevailing Gold price... the other propaganda

centers on the tapering jewelry demand, which any decent student of gold market knows to confirm the Gold bull market, as

investment demand in bullion bars vastly overwhelms the reduced jewelry demand... also, look for a simultaneous launch of up to

four new gold-backed currencies (Germany, Russia, China, Persian Gulf) since if done together, the risk of harm to export trade

is minimized or eliminated, as they would command the majority of global trade, leaving the US-UK along with Western Europe

PIIGS outside the arena looking in, forced to bid down their wrecked fiat paper garbage currencies

"USDollar vs Gold: Epic Money Battle" -- to inform that the trigger has been hit, as an avalanche of events will come in rapid

fashion, beginning with France being expelled from the Euro... look for Italy and Spain to be kicked out next, as the Germans define

a possible new Euro by virtue of remaining at its strong core along with other surplus nations like the Netherlands... the entire world

is moving fast into an anti-USDollar position, as the global USGovt creditors object to unilateral central bank debasement, to profound

multi-$trillion bond fraud, and to unchecked war with ulterior motive... the abuse of the SWIFT code bank weapon by the USGovt

has enormous irreversible consequences and damage... an alternative SWIFT is imminent, coming from the East, likely led by China

in a great big schism in global banking... don't be surprised if the new trade settlement system has a whiff of gold... the USDollar is

going to walk the plank toward its final chapter in the deep blue sea... as if not enough, Germany stands at the center of a major split

as Europe will turn toward Russia and China for trade, for economics, and for leadership which the US & UK tagteam has failed...

witness the birth of EURASIA


** April 18: (False Calm in the Gold Market hides extreme punishment to Gold Cartel in forced huge physical orders)

** January 16: (Global Avoidance of the USDollar in trade settlement gathers momentum)

"Golden Eye of Hurricane" -- to expose the false calm where the sovereign bond market faces broad ruin, while Germany prepares

to take the Euro away from the PIGS... the gold market is stuck but enormous pressures persist to wreck gold cartel member banks, as

huge orders must be filled with vulnerable bad guy banks being gutted of their gold bullion (like UBS)... the USEconomy has found

lift from a renewed round of subprime lending, this time in cars, while the junk bonds flash more warnings... the anti-USDollar forces

are forming in broad strength, as their volleys will include a new rival SWIFT banking system and possibly China wresting control of

the USDollar piles that lie outside the US borders, an unprecedented step in history... look for the Petro-Dollar to suffer a sudden death,

sufficient to push the United States on a path to the Third World where price inflation and supply shortages are the billboard signs

"The Gold Groundhog Grind" --  to point out the new important gold market shift, whereby the fluctuating gold price hits the

resistance, pushed down by the cartel, but kept down by its strong opponents for the purpose of draining another cartel bank after

each major naked short pounce... the Eastern Coalition is determined, well funded, and intolerant of the ambush game played enough

so that with each turn in the revolving door, the gold cartel is bled of more physical gold... the mine output supply has not kept pace

with a rising gold price, in particular in Australia and South Africa (deep decline), while the supplies in GLD & SLV inventory

continue to be raided... the gold price pattern shows a vivid Head & Shoulders reversal at work, while the big wild card remains

Germany, which has made preparations in bank rescue funds to depart the Euro (done deal before long)

"Handicapping the Collapse" -- to describe the litany of disastrous events, starting with the Greek debt default that dominates the

news, followed by the Leap Day gold ambush with 22 million naked shorted gold ounces whose main effect is a massive drain of

physical bullion from LBMA and COMEX inventory... the USGovt gaping deficits assure an official 0% forever, complete with

horrendous capital destruction from rising costs and shrinking profit margins... the government debt is financed almost totally by

monetary inflation, which pushes the overall sovereign debt structure toward breakdown, as the Petro-Dollar standard gradually

works toward global rejection... almost no US-based financial market has any legitimacy anymore, while Goldman Sachs is on the

extreme defensive in Europe (hidden) from currency swap fraud and in the US (public) from the case... a worldwide

USDollar revolt is underway, unstoppable, sure to reach a climax, as the global trade system is heading toward a fair barter system

already agreed upon, which awaits the collapse for its launch

"Herding Greek Cats from Bondage" -- to lay out many risks associated with the upcoming unavoidable Greek Govt debt default,

which has must be carefully planned and executed... the unintended consequences are as looming as the expected collateral damage...

look for big impact to the big European banks, the central bank balance sheets, even banks outside Europe (London & New York),

Credit Default Swap payouts, exposure of yet more profound fraud, more reliance upon Interest Rate Swaps (to keep down USTBond

yields), Western economic slowdown, the requisite recapitalization of the banking system, while influence from the debt rating

agencies will be worth watching along with amplified price inflation... the zinger will be the initial $1 trillion required to recapitalize

the banking system, then $2 trillion, and later $3 trillion, the impact on the Gold price to take it past the $2000 level... analysts will

claim a great reset, but it will ignite the next Gold rally

"The High Cost of 0% Rate" -- to debunk the notion that the entrenched 0% interest rate is stimulative, when it is extremely

destructive to working capital since it encourages asset speculation over business investment while equipment (capital) is gradually

retired from the ongoing stress of rising costs... the 0% rate is an obnoxious banner of central bank failure, since the rate is stuck

without exit, and worse, it will result in systemic failure since the US has more huge disadvantages than Japan, which clearly

demonstrates how 0% very permanent... the ZIRP struggle represents the nemesis in opposition to the austerity bitter poison pills in

Europe, as the US depends upon the monetary press to cover debts, while Europe attempts to restore credit confidence during budget

cuts that make worse the deficits... meantime, the high negative real rate of interest (between minus 5% and minus 7%) is a powerful

impetus for the gold price rise, to be present until 2014 as idiot Bernanke promises

"Corruption in Fascist Business Model" -- to instruct as to the dire effect of deeply engrained sponsored nurtured corruption as

the tight relationship develops between the state and big corporations, undetected by the mainstream, destructive to the system... the

corrupted systems are the big insolvent US banks, the secretive USFed central bank, the obedient regulators (SEC, CFTC, ISDA), the

wrenching mortgage business with its MERS title database, the endless costly undeclared wars that result in stolen gold bullion, the

vile shell game Exchange Traded Funds with important backdoor access given to the COMEX, itself a hotbed of naked shorting, and

the raft of phony USEconomic data led by the GDP, CPI, and Jobs... in the midst of the unstoppable deterioration where foreign

entities defend against the falling USDollar and its badly engrained corruption, the Gold haven will continue to look more attractive

and eventually skyrocket

"Tail Events, Isolation, New Normal" -- to warn that rare tail events await on the horizon, with great upcoming damage, as

contagion will spread from Europe to London and New York... a trigger seems to be the Iran sanctions imposed by the USGovt, which

have galvanized the Eastern forces in opposition against USDollar usage in trade settlement, a potential climax being Indian payments

for Iranian oil in gold bars... the New Normal is thin cover to apologize for the engrained hyper monetary inflation, complete with the

0% rate that assures continued capital destruction, as incompetent US economists remain unaware... the Gold price has overrun the

critical heavily defended 1650 level, and the Silver price has overrun the critical heavily defended 32 level, as an important coalition

has taken aim at the Anglo banker gold pillbox

"Inflation: The Only Tool Left" -- to expose the USFed as crippled and desperate, with only monetary inflation left to be used in the

repair of the financial structures, as a Greek planned default is prepared potentially, sure to provide unintended consequences galore...

the global financial crisis continues without a solution, the patchwork of solutions doled in moderation, no effort to seek a solution

since none exists within the current system... the US housing market is broken, the hidden home inventory out of control... the US GDP

calculations are a total fabrication and farce, built upon hedonic adjustments and imputed income that total one third of the entire

economic size... meanwhile, the MFGlobal fallout damage is severe, as it has driven honest businesses away from the COMEX, a dried

hag arena... the SLV i-Trust has been exposed as corrupt to the extreme, as May 5th demonstrated 100% of its entire share volume sold

(single day) which points the finger at leveraged arbitrage games using the futures arena in the COMEX

"The USDollar Paper Tiger" -- to reveal the motive and nature of the Iran conflict, a late defense of the USDollar since Iran is

working on several bilateral fronts to bypass it in trade settlement... China, Russia, Japan, and India are all actively trading with Iran

and employing workarounds to USGovt sanctions, as global trade is increasingly settled outside the USDollar domain... the USDollar

is gradually being removed from its global reserve perch due to financial instability, unilateral inflation, and massive fraud... behind

the scenes the Shanghai Coop Organization is flexing muscles, bypassing the US$, building gold reserves, and forming alliances

"COMEX: March to Irrelevance" -- to explain how powerful forces at are work to bring a separation between the corrupt paper

COMEX gold price and the honest physical cash gold price in a weird inelastic market... theft of segregated client funds at MFGlobal

has resulted in private accounts closing and brokerages exiting, thus COMEX isolation... the arbitrage lever is kicking in, pulling

COMEX apart, as trust in the delivery mechanism is fast vanishing... suppliers among mining firms are bypassing the COMEX, going

directly to the investment funds, who pay an honest higher price... a very big set of orders by Good Guyz must be filled at $1600/oz,

to be sold on the physical market at $1900/oz, which will drain Bad Boyz of gold inventory and place it among the new wealth centers,

told by my reliable source, verified by the London Trader... the divergence between paper gold and physical gold is widening in a

grand historically unprecedented divergence

"Perpetual QE Without the Billboard" -- to expose the obvious continuation of massive money growth which is intended to monetize the bonds of various type, all toxic... the USFed never stopped printing money to cover bond debt, since they only stopped talking about it, and Operation Twist was just a big deception to hide the redemption of foreign creditors dumping USTBonds... extreme measures are preventing the implosion of the entire stage, like another recent spurt of derivatives put on... the bad economic policy persists in causing ruin, destruction of capital, and improper pricing of most assets... profound unintended consequences have occurred (a list given), beyond the radar of most dim economists... the news centers have distorted most of the failing systemic planks, painting over the rot... a great divergence is underway, as the paper gold price is much higher than the physical gold price

"Gold & Whirlwind Crisis" -- to survey the vast killing field during the blossoming crisis, as Spain and France enter the focus and the sovereign debt crisis seems totally unfixable... the only treatment (not solution) will be massive monetary inflation to paper over the debts and to recapitalize the big banks which the power centers refuse to liquidate... redefinition of a debt default has hurt market confidence in hidden ways, forcing more govt bond dumping... the MF Global thefts prevented JPMorgan presiding over a COMEX default handily, causing a cancer of confidence... the inevitable event is a string of bank failures on two continents... the Gold price smells $2000 with the hyper monetary inflation but it must shrug off the unfettered attacks on gold when client accounts are frozen or being stolen... how safe can brokerage accounts and bank savings accounts be next?? witness a climax of fraud in the US financial system

"Gold & Fraudulent Traps" -- to explain the powerful diverse crippling cancerous capital investment behind the fraudulent system, as capital is co-opted, intelligence diverted, and growth focused overseas even for US firms... see the NYSE and CNBC buildings and equipment, where respect, genuflexion, worship of paper merchants is routine... almost every Exchange Trade Fund is corrupt and works against the unwitting lazy investor, like the USO oil fund that has lost over 60% value versus crude oil (supposedly tracks it)... then take the big US banks which just posted fraudulent earnings, including $10 billion in Debt Value Adjustments, those handy devices that fabricate accounting profits from gradually ruined corporate bonds... the dead Bank of America even went so far as to dump a derivative book on their depositors and the FDIC, the same thing Lehman Brothers did before their death event... Gold & Silver have hit a high gear in their reversals as forecasted

"Euroland & the Gold Rebound" -- to bring attention to the reversal in progress for the Euro currency, whose decline in September was predicated upon an official EuroCB rate cut that did NOT happen... Gold had fallen with the Euro and the stock markets, largely due to margin hikes during a falling market (unprecedented), but the precious metals are rebounding as major central banks have amplified the monetary growth in response to crisis on multiple fronts... they are attempting to harm economies enough to dampen demand and calm commodity prices, a highly dangerous reckless maneuver since they risk bank failures... Operation Twist is designed to conceal massive foreign dumping of USTreasury Bonds o:p>

"USTBonds: the Monster Spleen" -- to describe the USTreasury Bond market as a strong signal of both financial market ruin and economic deterioration, since no assets are favorable except pure money, Gold & Silver... the USGovt bond market is the sanctioned asset bubble (grossly enlarged spleen), lifted when urgent by the Interest Rate Swap, the rally for bonds giving aid to the expanding federal deficits, producing strong bond demand and keeping rates low... the improperly priced cost of money is a cancer for the USEconomy, which also fails to reward productive elements like savers... as interbank lending dries up from distrust of toxic assets, the USTBond market dominates... watch the Morgan Stanley stock and debt insurance, which show a repeat warning just like Lehman Brothers did in summer 2008

"Billboard Signals of Collapse" -- to expose the marquee signals as the collapse enters a late stage, with bank runs in progress, widespread bank and sovereign debt downgrades, after three years of 0% stimulus, $2.5 trillion in new money put to work, truckloads of toxic bonds redeemed, several dumb stimulus plans enacted, but recession again in the USEconomy... the competing currency war heats up, the USFed declares the white flag of helplessness, and a $2 trillion USGovt deficit next year looms... the global banking system has revealed its interwoven structure, as contagion is to occur universally

"False Comparisons to 2008" -- to eliminate any attempt to compare 2008 and the imminent repeated breakdown today, as the entire system is prepared for more convulsions... nothing was remedied after three years of 0% resulting in no benefit, $4.7 billion wasted, inflation stoked by QE, big banks again teetering, sovereign debt in midst of ruin, as the entire landscape has degraded badly... enter the panic phase, as countless factors signal a far worse situation than three years ago... the new rounds of fiscal stimulus to ward off galloping recession and renewed debt monetization will thrust Gold & Silver much higher in the next few months to record breath-taking high levels

"Illusion of Stable Currency Vortex" -- to explain that major currencies can appear stable as they all are being ruined, while US$ managers hope for Euro ruin to aid the process... USFed Chairman Bernanke admitted to the bankers and the world that monetary policy has failed, his tools exhausted... both 0% rates and QE debt purchases have failed to fix the USEconomy or the US financial industry, as a recession is obvious, placing the USDollar at new risk... the embattled US$ will fall from either recession or monetary expansion... watch the big banks keep recommending their dead brethren, as the fiat paper money fails, making the big beneficiary in the next round silver

"Panic & Anxiety Swirl in a Storm" -- to echo the perceived rising panic from the early stages of comprehension that a systemic failure is in progress, as the Panhandle & Parasite Doctrines dominate to wreck the US economy and financial sector, with rampant capital destruction from ruinous policy all... the enormous extraordinary treatment for the national ills has fixed nothing, noticed by the citizenry, which is increasingly alarmed about a broken system... the panic has begun and the last open door is given to Gold & Silver before a big runup into January

"Gold & Silver: Full Spectrum Dominance" -- to boast that Gold is burying the Bank stock index (zombies amok), and Gold outperforms the HUI mining stock index (metal over paper), while Silver leads the pack of commodities, and Silver even outpaces copper to dispute the claim that silver is just an industrial metal... expect profits from Gold positions to respond to the higher COMEX margin requirements, and move into fresh Silver positions... meanwhile the bubblicious USTreasury Bonds have not been slapped with any margin increases, only blessings and powerful Interest Rate Swap leveraged backing

"Inflation & Deflation in a Storm" -- to show that inflation wins in finances and deflation wins in commercials seen in the Gold/Oil ratio, while the S&P500/Gold ratio shows the USEconomy in recession, suffering from the stuck 0% badge of dishonor worn by the USFed... central banks will continue to heavily debase the major currencies, the US with more QE and Stimulus but Europe with EUR 850 billion to bail out Italy & Spain (the next basket cases) which will erupt soon... money is being ruined in the Currency War, seen in Japan with failed intervention, seen in Switzerland to stall a rising Franc... Gold is being seen as the true safe haven, as sovereign bonds ruined at the periphery move to the core

"License to Debase USDollar Further" -- to describe the vacant debt & budget deal that gives license to debase the USDollar further, while the Interst Rate Swap device is used to engineer false USTreasury demand (TNX < 2.6%) as the USEconomy recession enters its 4th year... the USFed has been chronically left without monetary policy options, as the plague of insolvency rots the nation, untreatable by amplified liquidity... Gold has broken out again, rising from low rates, sovereign bond wreckage, and price inflation... watch the wild card Italy, which must finance a mountain of debt by the end of this year... expect big Euro bank failures, at least 20 European Lehmans waiting in the weeds... the Gold price will respond to the crisis

"Conscience of a Gold Investor" -- to reveal the dilemma within the gold investor who must put aside thoughts of taking opposition against the nation, since the leaders have loyalty to the syndicate, and not to the Constitution... the gold investor must consider survival and preservation of wealth as the systemic failure and financial implosion is guaranteed, more visible lately... the entire US economy and financial system is insolvent and entering the abyss, leaving the people with few options remaining, the Gold & Silver ones last... those taking the G&S reins will survive, the rest to become debt slaves guest-post-conscience-gold- investor

"Supply, Demand & USDollar" -- to explain how the dynamics of supply meeting demand must adapt to an unstable currency in which the item is priced in equilibrium... the Deflationist Knuckleheads are confused by the sliding scale in the fluctuating (declining) USDollar... the constant is Gold, not the global reserve currency... a story is told of an exchange with a Deflationist misguided fool that reveals the flawed thinking and shallow mental capacity... monetary inflation destroys capital, and raises the cost structure not to where people can afford products but rather to where the dying USDollar dictates... bear in mind that Silver has been in deep deficit for well over a decade, heading past $100

"Hidden Yen Signal & Gold Breakout" -- to bring attention to the Yen currency breakout above 125 as forecasted, which in April ushered a Global QE event to soak of USTBonds sold by Japan... the European sovereign debt crisis has seen contagion reach Italy, where bonds and bank stocks are being slammed... the impact will be huge, since Italy's economy is bigger (#8 in world) than triple the size of Greece, Portugal, and Ireland combined... Gold has broken out in US$ terms, Euro terms, and BPound terms, sure to be the sole safehaven as the monetary system collapses... the second half recovery will be in Gold & Silver

"The Silver Platter Opportunity" -- an extreme bullish BUY signal is flashing from the Commitment of Traders report on commercial short/long ratio... the last two such extreme signals preceded big runups in the silver price, the latter signal in October 2008 which was followed by a 4-fold silver price gain in under 3 years... let the pictures tell the story, while the sovereign debt continues to turn into junk, while the major currencies continue to be debased in grand style, while the USGovt dithers on the budget amidst a debt limit, while the USEconomy falters badly, while price inflation picks up... nothing is being fixed or even attempted for remedy & solution, as the Too Big To Fail mantra serves as an epitaph on the US economic and financial system

"The Great Misdiagnosis" -- to expose prescribed treatment of vast liquidity for the patient suffering widespread systemic insolvency, which will not cure anything but will ruin money at a tragic speed... no true solution will come since those in power will not order their own liquidation, but instead continue to order heavy doses of liquidity and credit... notice the lousy week of USTreasury auctions and the S&P500 stock index rebound, which signal that the risk trade is coming back and the QE bluff is over... it will continue by whatever name

"Black Swans From New Normal" -- to identify several regiments of black swans from an armada, each an extreme warning signal, as the new normal has massaged crisis to be regarded as normalcy in a perversion of perception... QE to Infinity is certain to turn into Global QE, due to USFed actions, USTBond revulsion, USGovt finances, US banks sinking, COMEX distortions, European breakdown, as the Chinese take control of the G-20, own $3 trillion reserves, and buy discounted Euro PIGS debt... the Gold price has broken out in BPound terms, soon to do the same in Euros, Yen, and lastly USDollars

"US Hurtles Toward Systemic Failure" -- to diagnose the nation as suffering from gross insolvency, relying upon monetary inflation to finance debt, while much innovation derives from financial fraud and military weaponry... the banks have at least $3 trillion less in assets than claimed, while they hold Loan Loss Reserves with the USFed, don't lend because they are insolvent, and keep foreign cash outside the US where growth prospects are more favorable... the USGovt meanwhile is grabbing G-Fund and Civil Service pensions funds to keep going, as it presides over a Graveyard strategy to prevent wage gains required to pay for higher costs... obviously QE3 will occur, perhaps even Global QE, as the USFed plays a clear bluff with a bad poker hand, and the USDollar enters a death spiral

"Green Shoots, Exit Strategy, No QE3" -- to expose the deep deception in series that poses as USFed transparency, as the actual monetary policy goes directly opposite to their public pronouncements (due to incompetence or no integrity)... both 0% (ZIRP) and heavy debt monetization (QE) will not only continue, but they will intensify and grow as the entire world participates, especially after the Japanese sales of USTBonds resume, marking Global QE... the European sovereign bonds are fracturing again, while the USGovt dilly dallies with a debt limit and small cuts and huge protected spending... the key is that nothing has been remotely fixed during the global financial crisis, least of all inside the United States, which assures the continued aggravated ruin of money

"Currency Deadend Paradoxes" -- to reveal some curious phenomena about the major currencies, beginning with an exposure of the bogus IMF basket plan as an exchange rate price fixing ploy... the US exporters will not realize any advantage from a lower USDollar, since they will deal with much higher cost increases than rivals... the Japanese Yen will continue to march upward, because of the growing trade deficit, since they cannot purchase foreign assets but must sell them instead... the Gold and Silver corrections are almost over, signaled by the absence of any rise in the USDollar, a mortally wounded vehicle

"50 Factors Launching Gold" -- to rebutt the shallow drivel by Larry Fink of Blackstone, who claims gold rises just from world instability and not from inflation... numerous factors are presented in an orderly flow that en todo appear overwhelming and compelling except to the devotees of paper money and related securities based on trust (fast eroding or vanished)... the global monetary system is crumbling undeniably, sovereign debt is fracturing visibly, government debt is accumulating dangerously, and central banks have begun to coordinate their USTreasury Bond buying... soon QE will become universal, standardized, and hidden, even after it is denied on continuance... watch for the Saudis to part ways with the American protectors of their national pillage, watch for the new gold-backed Nordic Euro to pull the rug out from the dying USDollar, watch the shallow sham IMF plan to attempt a currency exchange price fix in the papyrus basket (sure to cause a uniform gold bull)

"Deflationists & Blind Eyes" -- to expose the Deflationist Knuckleheads for their blindness, numerous wrong calls, inability to perceive the monetary inflation effects, and lack of insight of the entire pathogenesis that unfolds... they miss the complexity of high pressure zones (from monetary inflation) colliding with low pressure zones (from falling asset prices)... investment funds are running full speed away from the crippled corrupted USDollar, lifting up commodities of all types, soon to hit end products, and leading to urgent demands for wage hikes... they cannot recognize even the source of hyper-inflation which comes, the printing of money in the $trillions... they are an ignorant eloquent corrosive bunch, a laughing stock... the US is being isolated with its monetary machinery, inducing powerful price inflation

"Surf Warning: Tsunami to Lift Gold" -- to describe the many financial effects of the Japanese disaster (apart from nuclear issues), with colossal monetary inflation endorsed by major central banks in an event in no way a repeat of the 2008 events... the combined effects for reconstruction & relief efforts are incredibly bullish for commodities (steel, cement, lumber, fuel) and Gold & Silver, and despite coordinated CB action the USDollar continues to decline... witness a GLOBAL QE to help the USFed to purchase the USTBonds sold by Japan to pay for costs, as Japan must sell foreign assets in order to avoid domestic price inflation... observe the desperate attempt to stem the unwind closeout for the Yen Carry Trade, which will persistently lift the Yen currency, aggravated by a new upcoming trade deficit for Japan in a paradox, as the electronic supply chain will be disrupted badly, making certain a global inflationary recession... their new trade deficit will LIFT the Yen more, as most analysts will get this wrong... add it up and $2000 Gold, $70 Silver

"QE: Hyper-Inflation to Oblivion" -- to forecast that the Quantitative Easing programs will continue without end, since each QE round causes great damage in multiple ways, assuring the next round, which has put the USDollar in great danger of falling below recent historical critical support... each new QE round will send the st1:place w:st="on"> US$ currency to lower ground, since the stuck 0% official rate actually slows the USEconomy, while the integrity of the entire USGovt financial prestige is gradually eroded... QE provides the needed infinite funds to keep the USTBond bubble alive, an urgent requirement, but it cannot succeed

"Bang Bang Maxwell Silver Hammer" -- to pound home the explosive silver price breakout that comes exactly as forecasted, amidst grotesque global shortages, seen at the COMEX (where contracts are coerced in cash settlement with at least 25% bonus), seen at several major mints (vacant of silver supply), and seen in funds attempting to source silver (like at Sprott Fund)... the silver price paused at 28-31 en route to 40, as gold finally has confirmed, a backfire effect of the reckless QE2 money printing and bond purchase initiative in the US Weimar event that has set off global hyper price inflation in full blown spillover

"QE2: The Road to a Gold Standard" -- to announced raging food price inflation, a consequence of the reckless QE2 monetary inflation committed by the USFed, despite their shallow shrug of responsibility or connection... the cost squeeze is intense, soon to worsen, as businesses and households feel the pinch, and the USEconomy will suffer massive job losses... QE2 has put forth the threat of both price hyper-inflation and USTreasury Bond default, as the smothering systemic effects are felt from bailouts of criminal large banks... a Gold Standard has been discussed on a widening basis, which would enforce discipline and prevent runaway national deficits... notice silver in a breakout (target: $50/oz), leading gold, which will soon confirm

"Mythology & Official Nonsense" -- to list and refute the many elaborate absurd notions put forth by the USGovt, USFed, and Wall Street that testify to continued mythology and provide political cover for the highly destructive monetary inflation ordered within the QE2 program... numerous falsities are promoted, despite almost all past falsities having been totally discredited like Green Shoots and an Exit Strategy... the powerful side effect of QE2 is powerful global price inflation as a cost to support elite bankers and dead banks... while the US has lost its way with capitalism, China grabs the mantle while it accumulates gold & silver in various avenues... notice the strong silver rebound

"China Plays Europe Card" -- to describe the powerful new channel with numerous important side effects, as the Chinese dump USTBonds by buying PIGS sovereign debt at discount, enlist Europe as trade partner ally, isolate the USGovt on its trade war, secure German technology (gratitude for taking over the welfare costs), and convert quietly their toxic EuroBonds with PIGS-kin markings to gold bullion with the aid of harlot IMFund... given the prospect of heavily discounted gold purchases from the back door, the Chinese have eased their demand from the COMEX front door

"Long Shadows Cast Over USEconomy" -- to describe numerous dark shadows lurking over the nation, as bond outflows match the stock outflows, the fascist USGovt battles to preserve the heavy war spending (revealed priorities), the shadow home inventory serves as huge supply in waiting, multitudes take lesser jobs with lesser incomes, and retail leaders are on the ropes (like Sears), as the complex society exhausts its reserves and corrupts its regulatory bodies... gold rises from the mammoth debasement of money itself, urged along by the debt writedowns forced upon foreign creditors, the United States being the world's most egregious currency manipulator

"The Ultimate Cost of 0% Money" -- to broadcast that putting money almost free has contributed to widespread capital destruction in the USEconomy, as 0% usury is the root cause, since asset speculation led to neglect of working capital in industry... the 0% usury required extreme leverage with Interest Rate Swaps to enforce over two decades, resulting in extreme distortion of every financiall market, and granting license for massive fraud... so perverse is the capital destruction, that vehicles like home equity extraction accelerated the process, gutting homes and setting up owners for foreclosure... negative real rate of interest and crumbling monetary system are 2 of 4 major factors lighting a fire under the Gold & Silver price, as US economists remain ignorant of both the fire and the capital ruin

"Chinese Take-Out (of USEconomy)" -- to trace the stages of the utterly disastrous relationship between China and the US, beginning with Most Favored Nation status, then the dispatch of a large segment of the US mfg base, the insane Low Cost Solution movement to feed the neurotic US consumer, then grand accumulation of USTBonds in Chinese reserves, lost US sovereignty to the creditor, then accusations of Yuan currency manipulation (not a problem before), outright trade war, while the US become dependent upon asset bubbles and clean financial engineering... the USEconomy suffered a broad insolvent event that is leading to a certain USTreasury debt default, since its economic base has inadequate legitimate income potential to repay escalating debt... the death is happening now, as Chinese convert USTBonds to Gold, and leak plans to London brokers in braggadocio

"QE2 & The Great Misdiagnosis" -- to explain how the USFed is treating a broad national insolvency problem as though it were an illiquidity problem, working the monetary firehose when the building is collapsing, as global leaders realize no liquidity strains exist whatsoever, having lost respect for the US bankers... the COMEX raised margin requirements in a limp weak gesture, with only a stall as a result, the Asian silver buyers undeterred and determined to take down the corrupt Anglo bankers... observe the silver breakout in Europe and the imminent gold breakout... the Irish Bank problem has been pushed forward in order to deflect attention from the death of Bank of America

"The Silver Alpha" -- to explain the unique Silver asset, with inelastic supply & demand, with strong Beta volatility, with strong Alpha from gradual release from corrupt clutches in price suppression, whose mine output is meager but investment demand is powerful... the details of QE2 cancer have been laid out at $600 billion in USTBonds, but expect a TARP-2 to be wrapped in the additional $300 billion in mortgage assets... both figures will double as the chaos is unleashed and the cost structure of the USEconomy rises in ugly reckless dangerous fashion while mortgage lawsuits mushroom in a cavalcade of fraud on stage in full view... Silver over $25!!

"Imminent Big Bank Death Spiral" -- to warn that the mortgage foreclosure scandal poses a grand threat to big banks (watch the BKX stock index), ripe for huge new losses, as MERS & REMIC stand as twin RICO pillars of corruption... the Put-Back of bonds to issuing banks could make another $500 billion in losses, whose rescue might require a hidden TARP-2 rolled into the QE2, urged to be smaller than planned by G-20 ministers... bond monetization will happen to defy foreign creditors, since big banks urgently need it, but it will lift further the cost structure of the USEconomy when income engines are corroded further... Gold is seen as the safer haven during the worsening storm, in consolidation before a move to $1400

"The Greek Dollar Swap Window" -- to describe a clever conduit for China to dump USTBonds as they purchase discounted European Govt debt, with much more volume to come, which explains in part the Euro surge... the USDollar integrity is challenged by QE2, pervasive mortgage fraud (including securities), and an upcoming TARP-2 bank bailout... the Competing Currency War heats up bigtime with open hostility, as OPEC discusses discontinued US$ usage in oil sales and China pursues global resource properties

"Thoreau, RICO & Mortgage Fraud" -- to warn that legal prosecution of home foreclosures from fraudulent titles has caused a freeze in a few states, which could spawn much broader voluntary defaults with challenges, and declaration of the MERS title database being a RICO racketeering tool... civil disobedience could push the big crooked banks over the edge, even cause a systemic failure... witness the climax of the Fascist Business Model urged by a macro credit cycle liquidation process... Gold & Silver are in strong breakout mode, the hedge against monetary system breakdown, currency debasement, and banking system shutdown potential

"Competing Currency War in View" -- to herald the war to devalue currencies heating up, as economies and export trade are defended in the race to the bottom... delayed QE2 will act like a cancer, pushing Europe to undermine its currency, while several nations have joined the destructive fray... the breakdown in the monetary system is accelerating, and the Gold & Silver prices have registered record highs, but watch their ratio, now favoring Silver

"Permanent 0% on Road to Ruin" -- to explain why the USFed cannot hike interest rates, since doing so would kill the US in five clear loud ways... the march to ruin continues unabated as heavy monetary growth must be sustained also, assuring the total undermine of the USDollar, a shared condition with other currencies that are fast losing confidence... Sept 21st will be a watershed date, the endorsement of endless QE inflation to monetize debt, a lock for the Gold price to reach the moon, as the guaranteed USGovt debt bubble is fed... a harsh critique is offered of two block-headed forecasts by Nouriel Roubini, who has become a propaganda mouthpiece and purveyor of economic and financial stupidity

"The Ominous Silent Canary" -- to identify the Greenspan betrayal to his own held gold theories, his role of building the housing & mortgage bubbles, his role in serial bubble blowing, and the final USTreasury Bond asset bubble with his fingerprints... the mainstream begins to understand gold, but at a shallow level without benefit of the full implications, meaning, and repercussions, since they do not realize the system cannot be fixed, as all misguided attempts add $1000 more potential to the gold price and add $20 to silver, in a price explosion that is still very early

"Gold & Investment in Failure" -- to point out the impact of USGovt deep investment in failure, fraud, and banker welfare, as the monetary system corrodes, big zombie banks suffer constipation... actual recovery is not remotely possible without a liquidation of big bank assets, but they control the USGovt, hence much more wasted and pilfered money will erode the monetary pillars much more, lift the gold price toward $3000, and lead to ruin for the US Federal Reserve, assuring a USTreasury default, the path built, the signposts not yet written... the true stories about the major failed firms is full of intrigue and gold angles, thus preventing meltdowns GoldenJackass/1283372764.php

"Cancer & Desperation of QE2" -- to warn that the next monetization phase shows desperation, as No Exit Strategy ever was available, and the housing renewed decline will cause a clear recession in the US, forcing cancerous measures and perverse programs, like diverse bonds being covered by printed money, like a Fannie Mae grab of all under-water mortgages... the risk of QE2 is direct huge loss of credibility for the USFed, lost faith in the USDollar... witness silver has separated from the commodities (weak metals & energy, strong gold & silver), taking its place as a monetary asset, as September is the strongest month for precious metals